Almeria Moto2 & Moto3 Test Press Releases

Press releases from select Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the test at Almeria:


MAPFRE Aspar rider completes seventy laps of the Spanish circuit as he build up data with Suter's latest chassis

It seems that many of the Moto2 and Moto3 riders are not quite ready to take a well-earned break just yet and after recent tests at Jerez and Valencia many of them were back on track today at Almería. The final session of the 2013 calendar is taking place over two days, with more than fifteen riders today making the most of four eighty-minute sessions, with twenty minutes rest between each. Even though the sun was shining, temperatures were quite low today at Almería.

MAPFRE Aspar rider Jordi Torres racked up no fewer than seventy laps, using the new chassis from Suter for next season. As well as testing the new Swiss frame Torres also completed a variety of swingarm and suspension tests as the team continue to work alongside Suter on eliminating some of the vibration issues that they suffered with last season. A best lap of 1'37.10 is some way off the circuit record, held by Torres. Nico Terol is happy with the work completed in the previous tests and has decided to sit this final test of 2013 out.

Jordi Torres 1.37.10 (70 vueltas): “Even though the tests we had done before today had been useful we still needed some more data with the new chassis that we will use next year so we came here to Almería. We worked all day with the new Suter frame and did some experiments with different swingarms and shocks, playing around with the stiffness of the bike and trying to get it to turn better and eliminate some of the vibrations we had this season. After seventy laps we had built up a lot of information and tomorrow we will compare it with the old chassis. We are doing a lot of important work so that we can give Suter as much information as possible for them to work with over the winter.”


After two days of testing at Jerez in mid-November, Xavier Siméon and Lorenzo Baldassari were back in the saddle today in Almeria, completing respectively 70 and 63 laps, with a best time of 1’37”2 for the young belgian, and 1’38”7 for the italian, whose experience with the more powerful Moto2 is limited to the recent test held in Jerez.

Baldassarri tried for the first time the 2014 Suter chassis, that Siméon will test tomorrow.

Xavier Simeon “The last time I rode at Almeria was 5 years ago, so I decided to start the first day of testing with calm, still using the 2013 bike. I am pleased because I got a good rhythm since the beginning and I did a very good lap time. Now I’m ready to test the 2014 chassis for a first in-depth comparison, but i can already say that I’m really satisfied”.

Lorenzo Baldassarri “It has been a very positive first day of testing: my feeling with the new bike was immediately very good. Unfortunately my left shoulder is still not OK: at the end of the day began to bother me, especially when braking. Tomorrow i will try to make shorter runs to avoid to fatigue it. I still have to work a little bit on my riding style, but I’m happy because today i felt very comfortable riding the bike”.

Fausto Gresini “Like it happened in Jerez, Siméon was again very fast today, despite he was still using the 2013 bike. Baldassarri was slowed by his injured shoulder, but he managed to complete a lot of laps, trying for the first time the new 2014 chassis and doing a very good job, considering that is a rookie. We are very happy and we hope to continue like this for the next two days of testing, although the weather forecasts are not the best”.


After a sunny even if cold first day of test, the Federal Oil Gresini Moto2 riders were back in action today on a wet track at Almeria, due to the rain fell during the night. Xavier Siméon got his first chance to ride the 2014 Suter chassis, even though he was only able to complete a handful of laps, while Lorenzo Baldassarri did just 20 laps in order to gain some experience with his Moto2 machine in rainy conditions.

All the other riders present at the test opted to not head out on track considering the unfavourable conditions. The work will resume tomorrow for the third and final day of testing.

Xavier Siméon “Unfortunately today was impossible to make any evaluation on the new bike. We will try to do the scheduled tests tomorrow, hoping for better track conditions. It will be important to be able to make a comparison with the 2013 bike before the winter break, in order to give our important contribution to the Suter engineers".

Lorenzo Baldassarri “Today, I took the opportunity to gain experience in the wet with the Moto2: it’s better start now to understand how to ride this bike in these particular conditions, rather than during a race weekend. I'm happy, although I hope for good weather tomorrow to put in a lot of laps”.

Fausto Gresini “It’s a pity, because in these conditions it was not possible to do the work we had planned. It was, however, a useful day for Baldassari, especially to better understand the behaviour of Moto2 in wet conditions. Let's hope for better weather conditions tomorrow, in order to make the most of the final day of testing before the winter break”.


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