Yamaha Press Release: Pol Espargaro Signs Two-Year MotoGP Contract With Yamaha

After the Ducati announcement comes the press release from Yamaha. Yamaha announce a two-year deal with Pol Espargaro, who will race for Yamaha in the Monster Tech 3 team, taking Cal Crutchlow's place:


Gerno di Lesmo (Milan, Italy), 2nd August 2013

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd is delighted to be able to announce that it has concluded a two-year agreement with current Spanish Moto2 rider Pol Espargaró. As a result of this contract the 22-year-old will make his MotoGP debut in 2014 with the Monster Yamaha Tech3 Team and will ride the Yamaha YZR-M1.

Pol Espargaró is enjoying his third season as a key protagonist in the Moto2 Class and is currently lying second in the Championship standings.


POL ESPARGARÓ VILLÁ – Biography & Racing Career

Born in Granollers (Spain) on 10th June 1991.

Pol Espargaró made his World Championship debut in 2006, riding seven races in total, the first of which at Catalunya made him the youngest ever points scorer in a Grand Prix with 13th place. That year he was also crowned Spanish National 125 Champion, second youngest ever behind his brother Aleix.

Pol’s first full season in 2007 delivered a podium, a series of strong results and the Rookie of the Year award. The 2008 campaign was one which brought further impressive results but was also marked by a collarbone injury, he went on to take a first victory in 2009 at Indianapolis and place fourth overall in the standings.

In 2010, Pol Espargaró was involved in a three-way season-long battle for the title with eventual winner Marc Márquez and runner-up Nico Terol, and in 2011 he stepped up to Moto2. Two podiums and a respectable 13th overall in the final standings laid the foundations for a promising season in 2012, for which Espargaró joined the Pons Racing team and made a huge impact. Tough battles, four wins, eight pole positions and a few controversies led to him taking runner-up spot to Márquez, making him the favorite for the 2013 title, for which he will fight with the same team.

This year, after a complicated start of the season, he arrives at the middle second overall with three victories and five podium appearances.





First Grand Prix

2011 - QAT

2006 - CAT

First pole position

2012 - GBR

2008 - CAT

First race fastest lap

2011 - NED

2008 - FRA

First podium

2011 - INP

2007 - POR

First Grand Prix victory

2012 - SPA

2009 - IND

Grand Prix victories




2nd Positions




3rd Positions












Race fastest lap




World Championship wins







Category Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Tot. Poles Bike Points



Moto2 8 3 0 2 5 3 Kalex 120 2


Moto2 17 4 5 2 11 8 Kalex 268 2
2011 Moto2 17 0 1 1 2 0 FTR 75



125cc 17 3 5 4 12 0 Derbi 281 3


125cc 16 2 0 3 5 1 Derbi 174



125cc 14 0 2 1 3 2 Derbi 124


2007 125cc 17 0 0 1 1 0 Aprilia 110



125cc 7 0 0 0 0 0 Derbi 19




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No offense to Pol, who is a fantastic rider and all, but really Yamaha, you push out a top rider who is consistently vying for top three positions and is British no less (certainly there is a little money in that market?) on second-tier equipment just to get another Spanish rider?

Oh wait, Yamaha (probably) promised this offer to Pol before the season ever started. Sorry. Have to honor that obligation.

Just another example of head-up-the-butt syndrome at the management level. It is comforting to know that the same level of idiocy that I encounter every day is also fully supported in professional motorsports.

Wild riding over ambitious Spanish loose cannon on the grid to torpedo Rossi, Pedrosa and Lorenzo on the first lap just like Elias, Barbera and Bautista before him! Nothing against Pol personally (Jarvis on the other hand) but of the seven Japanese works spec bikes on the grid next year only Rossi and Bradl are not from Spain. Thats just not good for a World Championship. In that context a top six finish on a Ducati is a pretty good result which is particularly galling if you are Nicky Hayden. I just hope Cal doesn't badly injure himself trying next year.

... that this about grooming a rider for the future (in the factory team) not about the results either could score for Tech3.

...he was the only rider in Moto2 to be able to fight, and beat Marquez, no one else even came close.

I find this disappointing. Pol seems a lot like many of the 'second tier' Spanish riders of recernt decades - unpredictable other than at contract time. If anything, the ride should have gone to Aliex.

More manufacturers please! Oh, what's that? There's 2 on the sidelines who can't commit due to the fuel rules? Grrrr....

Yamaha continues the disturbing trend they started with Spies / Rossi last year - rumors that they're talking to another rider early in the season (Rossi last year, Pol this year) which Yamaha denies, then says they're doing everything they can, and their preference is to, keep the current rider, then the current rider announces their departure so that Yamaha can sign the guy they were rumored to want from the beginning. I don't get all the subterfuge.

Isn't it strange that Ducati is the only factory without a Spanish rider?

As far as I can tell, it is Crutchlow who vacated the place. It's only after he announced to go to Ducati that Tech3 signed up Pol.
Or was there something written in between the lines that I didn't pick up?

8 Factory Bikes (Ducati don't count) ridden by 5 Spaniards. Could MotoGP get any more ridiculous?

Maybe they should just start a Spanish MotoGP Championship and then let the rest of the world have their own MotoGP Championship. Ezpeleta can run the Spanish one with the current rules package and then someone with a clue, pick anyone with an I.Q above 80, can run the World one with a decent rules package. Once again any one with an I.Q of more than 80 can determine that.

Espargaro was Yamaha's pick. Carmelo Ezpeleta did all he could to dissuade Yamaha, but Yamaha decided they wanted Espargaro.

But did they pick the right Espargaro? What will happen to all the charming brotherly vinaigrettes once the two are in the same series & riding for competing teams & factories?

It does seem that Aleix would be the logical choice as he is older, more experienced and proven himself over the last 2 seasons. He's also the fastest CRT rider by a long shot. The only thing he doesn't have is much success in the lower formulas, which Pol does.

... he's older. He has also been on a prototype in MotoGP was unspectacular. Don't get me wrong he's riding his (own spec) Aprilia brilliantly but for the future one would have to choose the brother whom has consistently recently been fighting for championhips rather than the mid pack-er.

You can only compare riders competing in the same category. Aleix was faster than Pol when they were both in Moto2. Aleix has dominated the category that he has been racing in for these last two seasons where Pol has been a contender in his class, but overshadowed by Marquez last year & Redding this year. Aleix has put his team mate DePuniet firmly in the shade this year after a very competitive struggle last year plus Aleix has two years experience on Bridgestones, carbon brakes & the MotoGP way that may take Pol 2 years to master, nullifying the age difference. If I was Yamaha Aleix would have the Tech3 ride, but what do I know - I'm just a keyboard pundit.

I love your commitment to conspiracy theory. Excellent!