Ducati Press Release: Cal Crutchlow Signs With Ducati For Two Seasons

The long-awaited press release from Ducati has finally arrived, announcing Cal Crutchlow has signed a two-year deal with the Italian factory. A Yamaha press release is expected shortly, announcing that Pol Espargaro has been signed by the factory to take the place of Crutchlow in the Monster Tech 3 team:

Cal Crutchlow with Ducati beginning next season

Ducati has reached an agreement with Cal Crutchlow that will have the Briton campaigning the 2014 and 2015 MotoGP race seasons with the Ducati Team. Crutchlow will race alongside Andrea Dovizioso. The British rider and the Italian, who were team-mates in 2012, will work on developing the Desmosedici and growing Ducati’s MotoGP project.

The 2009 World Supersport champion and 2011 MotoGP Rookie of the Year, Crutchlow is presently enjoying his strongest GP season to date, sitting fifth in the championship points standings. He has posted four podium finishes in the first nine races, and he earned his first MotoGP pole position at the Dutch TT.

The end of the 2013 season will also mark the completion of Nicky Hayden’s five-year professional relationship with the Ducati Team. Ducati would like to thank Nicky for his contributions during that time, and everyone on the team and at Ducati Corse looks forward to giving him and Andrea their full support over the second half of the 2013 season.

Cal Crutchlow

Race number: 35
Age: 27 (born in Coventry, UK, on 29 October 1985)
Height: 1.68 metres (5’6”)
Weight: 66.68 kg (147 lbs.)
GP starts: 43 (all in MotoGP class)
First GP: Qatar GP, 2011 (MotoGP)
GP podiums: 6 (all in MotoGP class)
First GP Pole: Dutch TT, 2013 (MotoGP)
World SBK starts: 30
World SBK wins: 3
World SBK podiums: 11
World SBK poles: 6
World Supersport starts: 17
World Supersport titles: 1
World Supersport wins: 5
World Supersport podiums: 10
World Supersport poles: 10

Notable Achievements:

  • 2011: MotoGP Rookie of the Year (Tech3 Yamaha)
  • 2009: Supersport World Champion (Yamaha)
  • 2006: British Supersport Champion
  • 2001: Aprilia RS 125 Challenge Champion

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Do we (you) have any idea as to when this and Pol's Yamaha contract were actually agreed?

I hope it's enough for him to retire (sigh). Why am I getting that Hopper to Kawasaki feeling?

I thought Cal would pull off a win at Laguna Seca. Damn it didn't work out.
Why would he leave Tech 3, a bike he put on poll and a bike he's running up front with to go to crazy Duc land? Probably the same reason people in all walks of life move jobs, more money, bigger sponsor deals, etc. I don't know the difference in paychecks between factory and satellite but it must be substantial. In US hockey, the differemces between being on the B teams or getting called up to the show is $10,000 compared to $100,000 or more. How much more do the engineers listen to Rossi & Jorge then Cal and Smith? It seems in the satellite team you ride the bike they give you and on the factory team they give you the bike you want to ride.
I'd feel bad for Cal but he does have a bike for 2014/2015, he is riding in MotoGP and since Ducati must have taken him into the back room and shown him the can of magic dust they're going to sprinkle on next years bike, I'm sure he'll be just fine.
If they can borrow a seamless gearbox from Honda

Were any trick parts unbolted from his bike at Laguna, co-incidence that Jarvis would have known by then that Cal was Ducati bound?

Cal has stated loudly and clearly that he wants factory support.
I guess Ducati are supporting his cheque book just fine.

I like cheering for the under dog, but a dead dog?

Oh well, can't say I blame him.
Take the money and run - in the middle of the pack, somewhere.

Disappointment at this news will only be topped by the actual disappointment of seeing him waste his time on the heap. Just when he becomes the first genuine British podium challenger since Sheene he goes and signs for a proven career wrecker. I wish him luck, he will surely need it.

..that was expected. Sad to see such harsh words for Cal. Reality is, none of us are Cal, but all of us have probably been in a position where work or a job decision needs to be made. Typically, you have only the options in front of you and must weigh them accordingly for their current value, and their future value. Cal knows what's best for Cal and we should support him. For all we know, things may work out after all and Ducati could improve and he'll be challenging much the same for wins and podiums in times to come. Such is life, don't think that GP racers are exempt from this.

So how does Monster fit into all of this? Are they going to follow Crutchlow to Ducati, leaving Tech 3 without their main sponsor?

Good luck Cal! Hope you making lotsa money with Ducati. The bike would make you earn every bit of it though. If Bradley Smith does not perform well in 2014 then Aleix could be recruited by Tech 3 as well. Monster Tech E Yamaha!