2013 Sachsenring Moto2 And Moto3 Sunday Post-Race Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the German Grand Prix at the Sachsenring:

Alex Rins decisive for victory

Repsol rider passes Salom on penultimate corner and takes win. Marquez places fifth in another excellent race.

Alex Rins took his second win of the season today and kept his chances of fighting for the title alive. The young protegé of Emilio Alzamora overcame an adverse situation on the last three laps, in which Luis Salom took command of the race and pulled four tenths ahead. His teammate Alex Marquez, in the latest showing of his great ability to adapt to unfamiliar circuits, finished fifth, just over 5 seconds back on Rins after riding most of the race fourth.

At the start of the race, Rins took the lead and started to pull away hard. Viñales and Salom closely followed him as they broke free, with Miller, Marquez and Folger a little further back. Folger dropped off, whilst Marquez lost contact with the top three later on.

Rins remained ahead of the pack throughout the race, except at the end when, with three laps remaining, Salom took the lead and opened up a small gap over him and Viñales. During the last lap, with everything seemingly settled, Rins decided not to give up. Thanks to a masterful braking move on the penultimate corner on the descent, he passed Salom. Rins crossed the finish line victorious, followed by Salom and Viñales. Behind them Marquez fought for fourth position with Vazquez and Oliveira, with the latter relegating him to fifth on the penultimate lap.

Following the German GP, Rins maintains third in the overall standings, behind Salom and Viñales. He is 30 points off Salom. Marquez is fifth overall.

Alex Rins

1st - 39:34.735

"I'm very happy. At the beginning of the race I tried to pull away a bit, to see if it could narrow down the lead group, but past the halfway point the difference was still less than half a second, so I have decided to let Viñales or Salom pass in order to study them for a bit. Viñales could not go as fast and I again got ahead, until on the final laps Luis attacked me and pushed hard. That motivated me to keep going and never give up in order to achieve victory. On the penultimate corner I could pass him and take the win. The truth is that I didn’t think about the move much and just went for it, avoiding my mistakes at previous races.”

Alex Marquez

5th at 5.201 sec.

"The truth is that we knew that today we would have to get a very good start, if we were to try to sneak into the lead group. I did so and moved up several positions in the run to the first corner, but then Folger and Miller held me up and those ahead could break away. When Maverick [Viñales] took the lead they recovered ground a bit, but with Rins in front the distance was stretched. Finally, in the fight with Oliveira, I made a small mistake on the last lap and I could not overtake him. I have to be happy, because I gave 100% every lap. I started tenth and finished fifth at a new track for me, five seconds off the win, so I’m content going into the break.”

Kornfeil and Iwema happy with race, not with result

Jakub Kornfeil and Jasper Iwema entered the last corner of the Sachsenring in the lead of their respective groups, but finished at the tail. Both RW Racing GP riders were therefore a bit fed up with their final results in the GP of Germany, finishing in 11th (Kornfeil) and 14th (Iwema), knowing there was more in it.

After finishing a few races in a row empty-handed both RW Racing GP riders were looking for a good result in Germany. A good qualification (ninth) gave Iwema high hopes. But after a good start, keeping his position, he dropped back to 17th place due to a lack of grip. After five laps he recovered well and fought himself back to a group that was battling for ninth place.

Kornfeil was fighting in the same group, coming from 18th place on the starting grid. The Czech didn’t have such a good qualification, partly because of an injured leg. The team decided to go back to the initial setting of his Kalex KTM which gave Kornfeil more confidence.

From lap 12 on the two RW Racing GP riders were tailing each other in the lead of the group, with an eye on two top 10 finishes. But five laps before the end Jasper Iwema had to save a potential highsider and lost the connection with the trio Kornfeil, Sissis and Binder. He managed to stay on the bike and fight for position 12 with Romano Fenati and Isaac Viñales.

Kornfeil entered the last corner leading the trio, but was robbed from 9th on the finish line and had to settle for 11th. The same happened to Iwema who saw 12th place slip away in the final corner and finished 14th.

Except for the final result team manager Jarno Janssen was satisfied with the race both riders had. "They have been fighting from start to finish. I think the bad results from the last few races gave a bit too much pressure on both to at least stay on the bike and bring it to the finish. Both would have deserved more if you look at the race.’’

The Moto3 doesn’t race in Laguna Seca next week. The next race for RW Racing GP is Indianapolis in five weeks (August 16-18).

Jakub Kornfeil (11): "Two times before I fell in the last corner and in Assen I just missed 15th place. Maybe I was just a little bit too careful today, entering the last corner with a group of three. But finishing 11th is much better than crashing out. My pace was good enough to fight in the group for 5th, but I had to start from too far back on the grid to get there. I know I have to be happy with this result, but for now I’m just disappointed.’’

Jasper Iwema (14): "I was too eager in the last corner. I was on the gas too early and ran wide, giving Fenati and Viñales the chance to overtake me. It was my own mistake and that makes me even more sick. I know I could have been fighting with Jakub for 9th or 10th. On the other hand: I almost highsided twice – five laps before the end and in the last corner – and I saved it both times. I’m happy when I look at the weekend as a whole, with a good qualification and a good fight in the race, but the result could have been much better. Looking at where I am in the championship I’m not satisfied. I am too far off 12th place, which was my goal for this season. I wouldn’t mind racing again next week or in two weeks. On the contrary: I rather keep the rhythm I am in now than having these five weeks off.’’

Salom second place extends Championship lead

Red Bull KTM Ajo rider takes eighth consecutive podium and extends his lead in the Moto3 World Championship standings to 14 points. Top ten for Arthur Sissis and sixteenth position for Zulfahmi Khairuddin at Sachsenring.

14/07/2013 - Sachsenring

In a spectacular eighth Moto3 race of the season, Luis Salom took second place for the Red Bull KTM Ajo team. The Spanish rider goes into the summer break with a perfect podium record so far this season, and with a 14 point lead over second-placed Maverick Viñales in the overall standings. Arthur Sissis, tenth, achieved his third consecutive top ten finish, whilst Zulfahmi Khairuddin —sixteenth— came close to the points.

The current World Championship leader held his starting position —second— on the first lap of the race. Patient, the Red Bull KTM Ajo rider rounded off the leading group, joining Alex Rins and Viñales as he decided upon his strategy. With four laps remaining, Salom launched a strong attack on Rins, although on the on the penultimate corner of the race his rival got past him for the victory.

Arthur Sissis and Zulfahmi Khairuddin had a good first leg of the race, riding in the third group. A pack of up to eight riders battled over the course of 27 laps for ninth place. After intense riding and hard overtaking, Sissis repeated his top ten finishes from Catalunya and Assen, adding six points to his tally. Meanwhile, Zulfahmi Khairuddin came home in sixteenth position.

After this race, the Moto3 World Championship takes a summer break of almost five weeks —with Luis Salom leading the class with 4 wins and a total of 8 podiums and 172 points. Zulfahmi Khairuddin, eleventh, has 40 points, one more than teammate Arthur Sissis in twelfth.

Results (Race)

1. Alex Rins (KTM) 39:34.735

2. Luis Salom (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +0.232

3. Maverick Viñales (KTM) +0.248

4. Miguel Oliveira (Mahindra) +4.982

5. Alex Marquez (KTM) +5.201

10. Arthur Sissis (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +18.447

16. Zulfahmi Khairuddin (Red Bull KTM Ajo) +23.845

Moto3 World Championship

1. Luis Salom (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 172 points

2. Maverick Viñales (KTM) 158 points

3. Alex Rins (KTM) 142 points

4. Jonas Folger (Kalex KTM) 81 points

5. Alex Marquez (KTM) 70 points

11. Zulfahmi Khairuddin (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 40 points

12. Arthur Sissis (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 39 points

Luis Salom

"I think we can be very happy, because we have eight podium finishes from eight races and four wins. It was a shame not to win today, but I still think I have to improve as a rider from here to the end of the season, because today it was my fault that I lost the race. I never fully got used to the first sector, which needed improvement.

In this category all victories are tight and your strategy does not always work. Today it was like that, so I'll have to think a little more in the following races. All three of us have the same bike and are very fast, so it's hard trying to escape. I thought I could save the tyres a little, but they ended up very similar to those of the others."

Arthur Sissis

"It was not a bad race, but the problem is that starting from the fifteenth position really was a handicap. The opening laps did not go quite right, I lost a lot of time, but when I caught the group I I felt better and I rode pretty well after that. Folger was not far away from us and when I caught him I tried to pass —but it was not possible. I believe that if we had started from a better grid position, I could fight to finish higher up. Now I have to fight to get a better qualifying spot for the next race."

Zulfahmi Khairuddin

"Early in the race I rode pretty well in the group, but from mid-race onwards I started to have some problems on the slow corners. Many riders overtook me and I had to stay with them, because I could not keep my pace up. I ended up losing touch of the group and I am disappointed with this result, but I want to stay positive and I am sure that after the summer break, on our return for the Indianapolis Grand Prix, we will be back with the front riders."

Aki Ajo

"Again it was a great Moto3 race and also a great performance by Luis [Salom]. We must be very grateful and happy to be once again on the podium. Eight podiums and four wins —you cannot ask for more. When it seems that your goal is winning, a second position is not sufficient, but we must be very satisfied with the result today and learn from it. For the championship this has been a good race, since we leave Germany in better shape than before arriving here. Now have before us a lot of work in this summer break, to try to be even stronger in Indianapolis.

I am very happy with Arthur [Sissis] because this weekend, and in recent races, we have made an important step forward. He is consistent, with a good pace. The first laps were difficult, but when he caught the group he was fast. Arthur just has to be concentrate on qualifying better and starting better. If he does that, he’ll be up at the front.

Fahmi [Zulfahmi Khairuddin] has also turned things around, after a heavy crash and difficult weekend in Assen. He has improved a lot and I'm happy with his start. Something happened as the laps went on, which we need to analyse. He had some good lap times, but not for the whole race. We will try to improve that."

Niklas Ajo suffers but finishes race

Avant Tecno KTM rider completes German GP in eighteenth after 27 laps of intense pain.

14/07/2013 - Sachsenring

Never has a summer break been so welcome for Niklas Ajo, meaning that he can rest and recover from a right wrist injury before the next round. A small fracture forced him to make an extra effort to finish a demanding race. After 27 intense laps, the Avant Tecno KTM rider completed the eighth race of the year in eighteenth position.

The young Finn gained as many as seven places on the opening lap of the German Grand Prix. Starting from twenty-fifth position, Niklas tried to forget about the damage to his right wrist and try to take the best possible result. The Avant Tecno KTM rider was part of a fourth group with whom he stuck for the entire race. His pain increased as the race went on, but he was still able to hold his position.

Niklas Ajo will now have four and a half weeks in which to recover before the next round of the Moto3 World Championship, in Indianapolis. He goes into the break with 32 points and occupying fourteenth position overall.

Results (Race)

1. Alex Rins (KTM) 39:34.735

2. Luis Salom (KTM) +0.232

3. Maverick Viñales (KTM) +0.248

4. Miguel Oliveira (Mahindra) +4.982

5. Alex Marquez (KTM) +5.201

18. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno KTM) +36.968

Moto3 World Championship

1. Luis Salom (KTM) 172 points

2. Maverick Viñales (KTM) 158 points

3. Alex Rins (KTM) 142 points

4. Jonas Folger (Kalex KTM) 81 points

5. Alex Marquez (KTM) 70 points

14. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno KTM) 32 points

Niklas Ajo

"It was the hardest race of my life. I had an injection in my wrist, which is probably one of the most delicate places to have one. Sensitivity is needed to ride fast, so I had to find a balance between easing the pain and keeping feeling. On the first five laps I felt good, the pain was not very strong, but from then on I suffered again and the feeling deteriorated gradually.

Today my only goal was to finish the race and I did that, but obviously I'm disappointed because I did not take any points. It was definitely not my weekend; now it’s time to rest and prepare for the next race, the Grand Prix of Indianapolis."


MAPFRE Aspar rider has difficulties on second sector of Sachsenring and rides solo for eighth place. Eric Granado falls on lap three after collision with rival rider

Today’s German Grand Prix saw the leading riders break away immediately and the podium decided almost after just a solitary lap, as Rins, Salom and Viñales ride on their own from the early stages onwards. Rins led the way with a pace that varied from the low 1.27s to the high 1.28s. Viñales led for a few laps, then Salom decided to take control shortly before the end. However, Rins regained the lead on the penultimate corner to take the win, ahead of Salom and Viñales. The Moto3 World Championship now takes a break, resuming after the summer rest at Indianapolis.

MAPFRE Aspar rider Jonas Folger was riding at his home race today, and eventually placed eighth. He set off quickly at the start, but on the first corner he went wide and dropped down to fourth. He tried to keep up with the leading group in the German GP, but on every lap he experienced a lack of grip on the second sector that cost him a few tenths of a second. He ended up riding solo for the majority of the race, managing the grip issue to finish eighth at Sachsenring.

MAPFRE Aspar teammate Eric Granado had a premature conclusion to the race. Yesterday he suffered two crashes, hurting his little finger on his right hand in the second fall. He was out of luck in Germany, as on the third lap of the race he was hit by another rider and was unable to complete the contest.

8th Jonas Folger: "I started quite well, but I went wide on the first corner. I don’t think I could have kept up with the leaders anyway, because I had a hard time through the second sector. The bike was sliding too much and I was not able to keep up my pace on the corners. Every lap I tried to change my style and negotiate the corners in various ways, but my feelings in the second section today were not good. I'm disappointed, as I’d expected more from this weekend. In fact the practice sessions were positive, but in the race we were missing something. Now we have time to determine what happened, and see how we can be in good shape when we return to work at Indianapolis after the holidays."

Eric Granado (DNF): "This weekend has been tough for us, because we never found a good pace. Yesterday I crashed and it seemed serious, but I broke my right little finger and it hurt quite a lot in the race. In any case, this is no excuse. My comeback did not last long, because on the third lap another rider knocked me to the ground. During the holidays I will return to Brazil to see my family, I will work hard to recover fully from the finger injury and I will prepare myself physically and mentally to be on top in Indianapolis. It is the race that starts the second half of the season and I want to get a good result."

Rossi gains vital experience in German Moto2 race

Tech 3 Racing Team’s Louis Rossi raced to the chequered flag for the sixth time in eight races this season to gain more priceless Moto2 experience in the eni Motorrad Grand Prix Deutschland.

A 22nd place finish wasn’t the result Rossi had anticipated but there were still plenty of positives to draw from a demanding 29-lap race at the Sachsenring, which took place in pleasantly warm and bright conditions.

For the majority of the race Rossi was engaged in a close battle involving five riders, the Frenchman able to learn more about his riding technique against some of the most experienced opponents in the fiercely fought Moto2 category.

Inaugural Moto2 World Champion Toni Elias and ex-125cc World Champion Mike di Meglio were two of the pack Rossi was able to battle closely with and he eventually crossed the line in 22nd position.

Danny Kent’s impressive 100% finishing record in 2013 unfortunately came to an end today while the British rider was pushing hard in the early stages to break into the top 20 and push on for a points scoring result.

Kent was optimistic that a third top 15 finish was within his grasp this afternoon but a crash on the third lap at the fourth corner ended his challenge in premature fashion. He was uninjured in the fall.

The Tech 3 Racing Team now heads off a well deserved summer break, with Rossi and Kent determined to bounce back strongly at the next round in Indianapolis on August 18.

Louis Rossi 22th - 4 points :Louis Rossi

“The most important thing was to finish the race while giving my maximum and I managed to do that. The final result was not what I had hoped for but I gained plenty of experience in the race. The biggest thing I picked up was that I am not consistent with my body position and riding style and my lines change more than those I was battling with. This is something I will need to work on in the second half of the season but today was a shame because I came to this race full of confidence after a very positive result in Assen. But this weekend was much more complicated. I need to find the key to be faster even when the set-up of the bike is not perfect and I don’t have full confidence. Now I will enjoy the summer break and come back full of determination to do better in Indianapolis.”

Danny Kent DNF – 3 points :Danny Kent

“I am really disappointed. I was really happy with how the bike felt although I was a little bit nervous because all weekend I’d struggled on brand new tyres in the first three laps. Unfortunately that was the problem in the race and I crashed but there are a lot of positives to take out of this weekend. Now I will go and train hard and focus on how I can improve in the summer break before going to Indianapolis where I am sure I can be battling for the points.”

Herve Poncharal – Team Manager :

“It would have been much better to go into the summer break on the back of two positive results today but ultimately this afternoon was a frustrating race for the Tech 3 Racing Team. The positive point for Louis is that he finished the race and the experience he gained by being in such a hard fight for so long will certainly benefit him in the future. It is a pity that he crashed late in qualifying yesterday because I am sure he could have been fighting further up the field and that would have give him a better chance in the race. I was expecting a positive result from Danny because he had looked strong through the weekend and the gap to the front was not so big. We told him to take his time and build up his pace but unfortunately he crashed very early. This cost him the chance to learn many things, which is vital when you need to build up experience as a rookie. Hopefully the break will give the whole team the opportunity to recharge their batteries and come back positive for Indianapolis.”


Niccolò Antonelli's weekend finished with the bonus of an unexpected championship point following a difficult German Grand Prix. The Italian youngster struggled in the early stages of the race but foug ht back well and showed his potential to fight closer to the front in the coming races. Lorenzo Baldassarri crashed out of the race but his practice performances here were positive enough to suggest good times are ahead for him too after the summer break.

Niccolò Antonelli (15th) “I struggled a lot today in the first part of the race and had a lot of pain in my left shoulder in the last few laps. I was able to set faster times in the second half of the race but it wasn't enough to make up for the time we lost in the early laps with a full fuel tank. We have to work on this aspect in the future because I need to get on the pace immediately and I am sure we can do much better in the next race at Indianapolis. ”

Lorenzo Baldassarri (DNF) “After a good start I was able to get in with the second group but I was pushing too hard to stay with them and I collided with Iwema and went down. Anyway I am glad I tried, this is race and sometimes having crashes is all part of gathering experience.”

Fausto Gresini “Niccolò had a good race considering the pain in his shoulder. It has been a difficult weekend for him but he partly made up for it in the race. Unfortunately he lost too much ground at the start and then struggled to make it but it was important for him to finish the race and now he has something to build on in the next races. I am sorry for Baldassarri because he was having a good race and he was on course for his best result of the season. This is racing and it was the right thing to do for him to try his best.”

Tyre problems cost Redding and Kallio dear in Germany

Sachsenring, Germany - 14 July 2013: Scott Redding saw his lead in the FIM Moto2 World Championship cut by seven points, after severe tyre issues saw him struggle to a seventh place finish in today's German Moto2 Grand Prix at the Sachsenring.

Mika Kallio showed strongly at the start of today's 29-lap race, but slipped down the order to eventually finish 13th, after experiencing the same tyre problems as his Marc VDS teammate.

Redding got a good start from eighth position on the grid, but was unable to make contact with the leading group as rear grip dropped off sharply in the early stages of the race. Despite a rapidly deteriorating rear tyre, the 20-year-old Briton was initially involved in the battle for fourth place, but dropped back when the tyre started tearing at the midpoint of the race and eventually finished seventh.

For Kallio the tyre issues started almost immediately, as he experienced a severe drop off in rear grip from lap six onwards. The 30-year-old Finn managed to hold on to fifth place for two more laps, before rapidly dropping down the order as the rear tyre continued to deteriorate, to eventually finish a disappointing 13th.

Livio Loi banked a season's worth of race experience in one day at the Sachsenring, as the 16-year-old Belgian overcame his own rear tyre issue to head a race long, seven-way battle in today's German Moto3 Grand Prix. Loi made up two places from the start and then spent the remainder of the race battling for position in a closely matched group of seven riders. In the final stages of the race Loi broke away from his pursuers and was closing rapidly on Toni Finsterbusch in 21st, but ran out of laps and had to settle for 22nd at the line.

Scott Redding #45: 7th

"What can I say; from the lap two or three I was struggling with rear grip from the left hand side of the tyre. In the right-handers and through the first sector I was catching hand over fist, but when it came to the left-hand corners I had virtually no edge grip on entry or exit. From halfway onwards the tyre started to tear, which reduced grip even further and also caused pretty bad chatter. I was disappointed not to finish in front of Lüthi and De Angelis, because with Pol only third here today, a fifth place finish would have seen me go into the summer break with more than a 25 point lead in the championship standings. I need to come back strong in Indianapolis, to start the second half of the season in the same way I started the first half."

Mika Kallio #36: 13th

"It's difficult to understand the tyre problem we had today. In practice yesterday I completed two race distance runs of 27 or 28 laps on the same tyre, with the same settings in the bike, in almost identical conditions and there was no problem. Today, after just six laps, the rear grip dropped off massively while I was running fifth and I couldn't maintain the lap time. As the race progressed and the rear continued to deteriorate it started inducing chatter, which was causing a lot of problems on corner entry. I'm really disappointed, as I thought we'd done everything right this weekend, but today was a disaster."

Livio Loi #11: 22nd

"For the first time I got a good start, making up a couple of places, but straight away I had a problem with the tyres. I felt directly that the rear was sliding as soon as I got on the gas and I was struggling to make my lap times. It meant I spent the whole race trying to adapt my riding style to compensate, whilst involved in a big battle with six or seven other riders. Eventually I managed to pull away from the chasing group and started to close the gap to Finsterbusch, but I ran out of laps. The result is not what I was looking for, but I learnt a lot out there today."

Michael Bartholemy: Team Principal

"We are lucky to leave the Sachsenring with Scott still leading the championship by 23 points after the tyre problems he and Mika experienced today. We know tyres are an issue here, especially the left hand side of the rear, but we weren't expecting such a rapid deterioration. During free practice we ran more than one race simulation on the tyres we used today in the race, in very similar conditions, with no problems at all. But then, today, it's like we'd used a completely different tyre. It's a similar situation to that which we experienced in Austin and, to be honest, it's something that needs to be addressed as a matter of safety. Scott and Mika did well not to crash today, never mind finish in the points, but both are bitterly disappointed with the results. I know Livio is also a little disappointed, but this is a learning year for him and he learnt a lot today in the race, probably more than he's learnt in all the previous races put together. He did well to overcome an issue with the rear tyre and he came very close to achieving his target of a top 20 finish, only to run out of time right at the end."


Jordi Torres caps off perfect weekend with first Grand Prix victory. Nico Terol forced to retire due to mechanical problem

The Moto2 race unfolded as expected at the Sachsenring on Sunday, as poleman Pol Espargaró took charge in the opening laps and looked to extend a gap over Jordi Torres, Simone Corsi and Julián Simón. He was unable to break free, and the lead was assumed by Jordi Torres on lap nineteen. Torres came in two seconds clear, for his first win in the World Championship. Corsi and Espargaró completed the podium at round eight of the campaign.

MAPFRE Aspar rider Jordi Torres took his first ever Grand Prix victory today at the Sachsenring, rewarding his hard work in the first half of the season. The hardworking Spaniard was close to pole position yesterday, and he stalked the leader of the race for some nineteen laps before making a definitive move. He made the overtake at Turn 12 and never looked back, keeping a steady advantage until the chequered flag. Upon crossing the line, Torres paid tribute to his late brother, Rubén, who died in a crash at Montmeló in 2006. With 25 points added to his tally and up into eighth in the overall standings, it was a successful day for a rider in his first full season in the World Championship.

Teammate Nico Terol was waiting for Torres underneath the podium to congratulate him, although his own race was not so positive. The Spanish rider had been making a comeback through the field from fourteenth to ninth, riding as part of the chasing group. However, an engine problem forced him to lower his pace and eventually forced him back to the pits with four laps remaining.

1st Jordi Torres: "After all our work over the weekend I knew I had pace, so at the beginning of the race I thought that I could take and hold the lead. After the first laps behind Pol I saw that in some sections I was closer to him and was riding comfortably. I was just thinking about saving my tyres for the end of the race. Having familiarised ourselves with the chatter in practice, we were able to have confidence when overtaking Pol and trying to extend a gap. I saw the opportunity and I took advantage of it, as I did not want to bet it all on the last lap with veteran riders like Corsi and Espargaròin contention. I am very happy with my first win, now I have all of the summer break to take it in. Is an honour for me to win a GP. I had a chance, coming from the CEV, and I have taken it, I hope to continue in this way. Although today I learned a lot, especially to believe in myself, I still have to continue to accumulate experience. We must continue demanding more of ourselves every day. When I crossed the finish line I was overcome with emotion; this victory is dedicated to my brother Ruben and my whole family."

Nico Terol (DNF): "At the start I lost some positions, but then I began to climb back up through the field. Today I had a great pace thanks to the work we had done this weekend. I was gradually gaining ground and I was closing in on the frontrunners, but as the laps went by engine temperature rose very high and I kept losing power. I did not think about it, I just wanted to continue moving up, but the engine performance declined sharply eventually the bike broke down completely. It was a shame, because I could not complete the race. Anyway, at least this weekend we have rediscovered our best riding. I want to congratulate my teammate Jordi for his first win -he deserves it. He came to me on the podium at Mugello and I wanted to repay him the gesture here at Sachsenring. We have a great relationship and I am delighted for him."


Doni Tata Pradita was glad to see the back of the Sachsenring circuit this evening after a nightmare weekend trying to adapt to the German track. The Indonesian Moto2 rookie was never able to find his best pace around this notoriou sly technical layout but he now has plenty of time to recover his strength and morale ahead of the next round of the season at Indianapolis in August.

Doni Tata Pradita (27th) “Unfortunately I really struggled all weekend with this track. I just couldn't get to grips with the layout and I was always up against it in the race.”

Fausto Gresini “Thanks to Doni's determination he has made small but constant progress here at Sachsenring this weekend and it certainly wasn't from a lack of effort that he didn't do better. He just hasn't found a good feeling for this track from the first day here.”


After another untimely crash in this morning's warm-up Ratthapark Wilairot bravely picked himself up to contest the Moto2 race at Sachsenring this afternoon, battling to finish the race albeit out of the points to rou nd off an unlucky first half of the season for the Thai rider.

Ratthapark Wilairot (23rd) “I don't really know what to say other than that I am bitterly disappointed with our season so far. Again this weekend I wasn't able to stay concentrated and show what I am capable of so I am very disappointed with that.”

Fausto Gresini “It is a real shame that in the first half of the season Wilairot has not been able to show his true potential. The crash this morning clearly affected his condition for the race and that's disappointing.”

MotoGP Moto3 - Generous but unlucky race for San Carlo Team Italia FMI in Sachsenring

Fenati fights in the second group and finishes 13th and first of the Italians. Bagnaia is penalized by a runoff in the first corner

After showing a strong pace throughout the week-end, San Carlo Team Italia FMI riders fought until the end in Sachsenring despite some grip issue. Romano Fenati (San Carlo Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#5) didn't hold back in the chasers' group and stayed in the Top 10 for most of the race to close in 13th position, + 20.151 behind the winner Rins.

Francesco Bagnaia (San Carlo Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#4) faced an uphill race after running wide in turn one during lap 13, but showed a pace similar to that of his teammate to end in 30th position.

Romano Fenati (San Carlo Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#5), 13º, 39'54.886

"I fought until the end but unfortunately suffered some grip issues since the very beginning. It's a shame, but it happens and I couldn't have done more today. That said, the team and I worked at our best, so overall it was definitely a positive week-end."

Francesco Bagnaia (San Carlo Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#4), 30º, 40'26.216

"The choice of a hard compound for the front turned out to be wrong and I lacked grip during the race. Lesson learned, and I'm positive since my pace was similar to Romano's, who fought much closer to the front. Next time we will improve."

Roberto Locatelli (FMI Technical Coordinator)

"Unfortunately we struggled with the tires today. Both Romano and Pecco were having problems in corner entry, and this track penalized even more. Both held tight and did a strong race, and we are ready to restart with the confidence coming from the steps forward we made in QP. After the summer break we will be back even stronger."

Top Ten for Brad Binder in nail biting finish

It all came together for Brad Binder on race day after suffering through a weekend of ups and downs. An average start left the South African with a lot of work to do, and in typical Moto3 style a big group emerged fighting for 9th through to 16th. Brad chose to play it safe and stick to the back of the group for the first part of the race, wishing to avoid any racing incidents around the tight and twisty Sachsenring circuit. In the last ten laps however, Brad pulled the pin and began to cut his way through the KTMs of Iwema, Kornfeil and Sissis. Putting in a stunning lap of 1.28.436, .3 faster than Sissis behind him, Brad was able to secure a stunning 9th position in the final lap of the race.

This has pushed Brad into 8th in the championship overall with 46 points, just one point behind top Honda Jack Miller.

“That was a tough race, especially towards the end. We had a great pace through the corners but we’d just drop any advantage down the straight and up the hill. It’s so frustrating to be right behind one of the KTMs and not be able to overtake them even with a slipstream. But overall I’m really happy, top ten is a very solid result and our championship position is great. I’m looking forward to being able to go back to South Africa during the break and relaxing a bit. Thanks to the team and my sponsors for the season so far, it’s been tricky but we’ve shown what we can do.” Brad Binder

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Darryn Binder

A very tough weeked at the eni Motorrad Grand Prix Deutchland with the Red Bull Rookies Cup has left Darryn ’Daz’ Binder more determined than ever for the rounds ahead.

Race one was a long tough race for the youngest Binder brother after running on at turn one on the second lap. Daz collected himself and pushed hard, fighting up into 14th place and collecting two more championship points.

Race two was a much shorter affair as Darryn crashed in the early laps and was unable to rejoin the race.

“This wasn’t my best weekend. In every other weekend I’ve been able to fight really strong in the race but it wasn’t like that. There’s a long break now before the next race in Brno so I’ll be going back to South Africa with Brad to relax. I know I can do much better in these last rounds.” Darryn Binder

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... the on-board camera showed that Espagaro was losing lumps of rubber from half-race distance onwards - that he still managed to podium with tyres in this condition is testament to his skill, speed and ability.

Redding has now lost 50% of his once-large points lead, and Pol is finally getting-up to speed and consistency - there must be some very worried VDS brows going into the summer break.