2013 Austin Moto2 And Moto3 Sunday Post-Race Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the races at Austin, Texas:

Iwema ok after big highsider

Jasper Iwema is ok after a heavy and nasty crash. RW Racing GP’s rider lost the front in the exit of Turn 17 and was thrown off his bike at 160 km/h. He landed on his head and was unconscious for 2 minutes. Doctors decided therefore to take him to a hospital for an extra check and a CT-scan of his head. According to RW’s team manager Jarno Janssen Iwema was ok and has nothing broken.

Jasper Iwema had a good start in the Moto3 race at the circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Overnight changes on the bike seemed to be working well and the Dutchman gained a lot of confidence in the warming up. Thanks to this he was able to gain positions in the first few laps of the race.

In lap 3 he was almost caught in the crash of Tonucci which cost him the positions he had gained. He came back on track in 24th but fought himself back to 18th.

‘Then we saw a red flag and immediately after we saw Jasper lying there knock out,’ team manager Jarno Janssen explains. ‘He was unconscious for 2 minutes. To be sure the doctors stabilized his neck and didn’t take off his helmet, but we could see him moving his arms and legs.’

In the medical center at the circuit doctors found no serious injuries but decided to send Iwema to a hospital anyway for an extra examination and a CT-scan of the head. ‘Jasper refused to go to hospital, because he was feeling fine,’ according to Janssen. ‘But the doctors insisted.’

Iwema’s team mate Jakub Kornfeil meanwhile had a good start as well and was on his way to 7th position when the race was red flagged because of the crash. Kornfeil restarted the five remaining laps of the race in 9th, but didn’t have a very good start. He dropped back to 12th but fought his way back to finish in 10th.

Jakub Kornfeil (10): ‘I’m happy with my first championship points of this season, but I realize I could have won more. I just needed some time to get the adrenaline and the aggression back. In a normal race you have the time for that, but not in a five lap sprint race.’

Alex Rins wins GP of The Americas

Repsol rider takes first Grand Prix victory in a race interrupted by an accident and subsequently restarted. Alex Marquez crashes in second part of the race, after placing fifth before the red flag.

Repsol Media Service - United States, Circuit of The Americas - Sunday 21/04/2013

Alex Rins took a thrilling victory in the Grand Prix of the Americas today. After dominating practice and much of the race, the Repsol rider achieved the win after a restarted contest of just five laps in duration –after the interruption of the race due to a Jasper Iwema accident. Alex Marquez, who had completed the “first race” in fifth position, crashed on the second lap of the restart while fighting for sixth. The wrong choice of rear tyre, going with one that was too soft, was the cause of the fall.

Starting from pole position, Rins dominated the race from the opening lap as part of a group containing Maverick Viñales and Luis Salom –who gradually lost ground as the laps went by. Rins’ work in breaking away was cancelled out on lap twelve, when a nasty crash for Jasper Iwema brought out the red flag. The race resumed half-an-hour later, with a five-lap shootout. Rins faced off against a resurgent Salom and again had Viñales alongside him, but an impeccable final lap gave him the win.

With this result, the Repsol rider becomes the championship leader with 41 points, tied with Salom and 1 point ahead of Viñales. The next destination is the Circuito de Jerez, where the action resumes within a fortnight at the Grand Prix of Spain.

1st - 11:26.535

“I'm super happy about the victory today. Since Friday the team and I worked very hard to pick up the pace and be able escape at the beginning of the race. We tried to do that, but Viñales stuck with me at all times. When the red flag was shown, I thought that the race was over. I celebrated, then when I reached the pits I was told that there was going to be a restart. It was not easy to think that, for the sake of a single lap, we had to get back on track. At first I worried a bit, because I know that Salom and Viñales are very strong over the distance of a few laps, but everything went well. At the end of the second race, when Luis Salom caught up to me, I thought that there was still another twist in the story, but when I saw the chequered flag I opened the throttle like crazy to overtake and get past him.”


“During the first part of the race I was not entirely comfortable on the bike. It was hard for me to pick up the pace, but from the middle of the race I started to feel good and even started to lower my times. Unfortunately we had to stop and have a new start. This is where we made a bad decision to mount a soft rear tyre, which pushed the front too hard. Apart from this we can take away some positives, which is that during the race we got up to fifth and set a good pace. Now we go to Jerez, which is a circuit I know, convinced and motivated –knowing that we can go as fast as we did in the IRTA test."

Race of contrasts for Niklas Ajo

Avant Tecno KTM rider finishes fifteenth, as excellent performance at the Grand Prix of The Americas is marred by an unfortunate final lap.

21/04/13 - Circuit of The Americas

The Circuit of The Americas hosted a crash-filled Moto3 race this morning, in which Niklas Ajo finished in fifteenth place. A crash for Jasper Iwema forced the suspension of the race and a restart five laps in duration. The Avant Tecno KTM rider, who maintained sixth position for the majority of laps, had a last lap problem which dropped him down the order.

Before this “sprint” race, the young Finn had completed ten laps in sixth place at the head of a group of up to eight riders. After the break, Niklas Ajo went up to second on the first lap, but could not keep the same pace as his rivals. He continued in sixth place, until a rival made contact with him on one of the last corners and demoted him to fifteenth.

With this result, Niklas Ajo adds a new point to his tally in the overall standings of the Moto3 World Championship, where he holds thirteenth position. The series begins a run of six consecutive events in Europe after leaving the USA, and the first will be the Grand Prix of Spain on May 5th.

"Both parts of the race were good, but in the second one I was taken off track by another rider and we weren't able to finish high up. We didn't get fifth place, but our speed and pace were good throughout the contest. The bike responded very well, so I am a little angry with how things turned out in the end —but satisfied with our work."

Salom takes podium in five-lap sprint

Red Bull KTM Ajo rider places on the rostrum for second race in a row in a restarted race. Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Arthur Sissis finish seventh and twelfth, respectively.

21/04/13 - Circuit of The Americas

A crash-filled Grand Prix of The Americas saw Luis Salom finish third, taking another Moto3 podium. The final part of the race was a restarted sprint of five laps in duration, following a red flag for a crash suffered by Jasper Iwema. Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Arthur Sissis were seventh and twelfth in the inaugural race at the Texan track.

A big crash by Dutchman Jasper Iwema after twelve completed laps forced the organisers to stop the race. The Grand Prix resumed later with a second starting grid and only five laps on the board. Salom, who started third, made an excellent start that placed him at the head of the race. After leading two of the five laps, the Red Bull KTM Ajo rider battled for the win with Alex Rins and Maverick Viñales. Finally, Salom crossed the finish line in third place, 0.547 behind eventual winner Rins.

His Red Bull KTM Ajo teammates had different races. Zulfahmi Khairuddin finished seventh and was very competitive throughout. Both in the opening part of the race and in the second, the Malaysian was part of the trailing group and was able to pick up nine World Championship points.

Australian Arthur Sissis had difficulties in the opening part of the race and, taking off from seventeenth after the red flag, had to recover positions for a points finish. The Red Bull KTM Ajo rider overtook five rivals and placed twelfth.

After two races, Luis Salom leads the Moto3 standings, level on points with Rins on 41. Zulfahmi Khairuddin is sixth with 19 points, and Arthur Sissis is eighth with 12. The next round takes place on May 5th –the Spanish Grand Prix.

Luis Salom

"It was a fun race and we fought until the end. Most importantly, what we take home is that we have some issues we have identified and will try to solve for the next Grand Prix in Jerez. I think both parts of the race were very good. In the first half of the first part I couldn’t have gone faster. I was losing the front and could not corner well. When I stopped I saw the tyre was destroyed, but I knew that in the second part we had to push hard. Alex [Rins] passed me on the brakes, because I could not brake late. I tried on the last corner, but it was clear to me that it would not be possible."

Arthur Sissis

"The race was very difficult. During the first part I didn't feel great on the bike and was really slow. But in the second part we returned to the setup that we had for the qualifying session and I felt better about the bike. Finally I finished in twelfth place and, although not the best, we'll see if we can best that at Jerez."

Zulfahmi Khairuddin

"It was a very difficult weekend for me, in which I suffered greatly with the setup of the bike. Neither was it easy to learn the layout of this circuit. In the race I started well and overtook many riders in the early laps, but after six laps I had a problem my front tyre. Shortly after, the race was stopped and I was able to put a new one on the bike for the 'second round.' I was able to push right through to the end of the five laps. I'm happy with this result, but hopefully we can improve more at Jerez."

Aki Ajo

"It was a bit of a special day, because we had two different ‘races,’ but in the end we can say we were lucky, especially with Luis [Salom] getting a second chance. His front tyre was completely destroyed in the first part and he had to slow down. For the second part we changed the tyres and had the chance to fight for the victory –in fact he was not too far off. Salom did his best but it was not enough. We can be happy, because we took points with all our riders. Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Arthur Sissis improved at the end and did a good job."

MotoGP Moto3 - Unlucky race for San Carlo Team Italia FMI in Texas

Fenati suffered technical issues after the red flag, 22nd position for Bagnaia.

San Carlo Team Italia FMI struggled against luck during the Moto3 race at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. Romano Fenati (San Carlo Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#5) fought hard to score points keeping a strong pace and posting his fastest lap with a 2'18.1. With 8 laps to go the race was red-flagged after a crash by Iwema. Unfortunately, in the new sighting lap Fenati was stopped by technical issues and could not restart the race.

Rookie Francesco Bagnaia (San Carlo Team Italia FMI FTR Honda#4) managed to end the race in 22nd position and struggled with his relative lack of experience. His growth continues and he is optimistic about facing next race on a "friendly" track such as Jerez.

Romano Fenati, NC

"Early on I was doing a lot better than in Qatar, I made some good passes, came back from the grid and had fun. Unfortunately I had to stop after the red flag. These things happen in racing. The team worked hard and this is what matters. We'll be ready in Jerez, a track that I really enjoy. Last year I won and I hope to fight at the front."

Francesco Bagnaia, 22nd, 11'57.500

"We still have some setup problems and we hope to solve them as soon as possible. I can improve a lot and everybody is working toward this goal. It was fantastic to ride on such a wonderful track. I can't be happy about the result but in Spain my goal is to fight against the fastest riders."

Roberto Locatelli (FMI Technical Coordinator)

"The weekend got off a good start but ended badly. Everybody put up a great effort, keeping the morale high. Luck defeated us more than our opponents, so we stay positive, ready to bounce back in Jerez. Romano can fight against the best riders, Pecco just need to focus on his growth. We believe in both riders, and are ready to tackle this challenge together."


German rider places fourth and takes thirteen points. Teammate Eric Granado finishes twenty-third after a late crash.

Today saw the first ever Moto3 race at the Circuit of the Americas, and it was split into two parts thanks to a red flag. An interval was called with 8 laps to go, due to a crash by Jasper Iwema. The first part of the race had seen few surprises, with Rins, Salom and Viñales at the front from the first row of the grid. The trio had been fastest in practice and in the race, but the stoppage caused the field to bunch up again. In a five-lap shootout, Salom and Rins fought for the win, whilst Viñales and Folger were slightly further back. In the end, Rins took the victory after a thrilling final lap, whilst Viñales and Salom completed a second all-Spanish podium of the Moto3 season.

It is no secret that MAPFRE Aspar rider Jonas Folger had esperienced a tough weekend at the Circuit of the Americas, but despite this he was still able to put in a great performance. Yesterday he managed to qualify fifth, overcoming a lack of confidence with the front end. Today in the first part of the race he rode solo in fourth place. He was able to improve his front end issue in the break and was ready to consolidate fourth position when the Moto3 field set off again. The German rider was just one place off a podium finish, again taking valuable points for his World Championship tally.

Teammate Eric Granado also had some fortune with the appearance of the red flag. The Brazilian had started poorly in the first part of the race, but found a good pace early on after the restart. His day was soured by a crash on the final corner of the race, which dropped him from a fight for points to 23rd place.

4th Jonas Folger: "During the weekend we found it quite hard to adapt to the Circuit of the Americas. Despite this, we never stopped fighting in any of the practice sessions -nor in the race today. I have to admit that the break in the race benefitted us, because it allowed me to give some useful information to my team to make chances. With that, we took a step forward. In the end I finished fourth, and it was a shame I could not fight for the podium. We must be satisfied that we again took a lot of points, despite our problems. At the end of the weekend we improved our performance. I tried to give my best in both of the two parts, but perhaps in the second part I made a few mistakes when trying to stop the group from breaking away. That meant I couldn't stick with Viñales until the final lap. Obviously we would have liked to have fought for the podium, but in Jerez I am sure that we will have a better weekend."

23rd Eric Granado: "The first part of the race was difficult for me, mainly because I started badly. When I saw the red flag I felt fortunate, because it gave me a second chance. I started the second race with good pace and got up to sixteenth position. On the last lap, a rider went off track and then I clipped him as he came back on. That ran me onto the dirty part of the asphalt. I knew that my tyre rubber was dirty on the way onto the home straight, so I tried to brake as little as possible. Nonetheless, I still lost the front. It is a shame, because I think that I could have taken points today. After this performance I have to think positive and believe that the next race in Jerez will see us finish higher up. Despite the crash, I am satisfied that we improved our times."


The Grand Prix of the Americas ended with a very positive result in Moto2 for the Came Iodaracing Team. Johann Zarco, who started from the seventeenth position on the grid made a great race proving to have the pace of the best. Zarco has redeemed not positive practice days in Austin, by the loss of feeling due to excessive clutch slippering of his Suter. At the start of the race in Austin, Zarco could make good use of his pace although it is not easy to overtake on the new American track. At the end of the race, won by Nicolas Terol (Suter) with Esteve Rabat (Kalex) second and Mika Kallio (Kalex) third, Zarco managed to finish in the ten, in sixth position by gaining also the ninth position in the overall standings with 14 points.

JOHANN ZARCO - MOTO2 RIDER - 6th PLACE "I'm very happy with today's result because I started really behind on this track and it is not easy to overtake many riders together because there are very slow corners and this allows you to make mistakes. I had to wait a little behind the others, but when I picked up my pace I saw that I could turn strong and in fact I came also to make 2.12.3, an excellent result that I could not do in the practices. When I could to pass through the first group of riders in front of me, I came out of Anthony West at seven laps from the end. I waited a bit 'and at the end I was able to beat him and take his place. I'm happy but I saw that it was Terol the winner and this motivates me even more to go fast. With Nico we spent a lot of time battling in 125 and last year I did better than him in Moto2. This year he got his first win, and for me this is one stimulus. I'm also happy for the position in the standings.I'm in the ten and that's fine in such a long season. The next race will be at Jerez where we did a very good test. My strategy will be to push from the beginning to get better in the race. "

Day to forget for the Came Iodaracing Team in the premier class. Danilo Petrucci and Lukas Pesek, in fact, did not finished the Grand Prix of the Americas. For the Italian rider, after the breakup of the engine of his bike in Qatar, in Texas he suffered for another techniques issue, than Pesek crashed hitting the rear wheel of his teammate, just as the engine of Petrucci's Ioda-Suter-BMW fell silent.

DANILO PETRUCCI - MOTOGP RIDER - DNF "Although I begin the race in the best way, starting well and slipping between the MotoGP, I could not get to the checkered flag for the second time. The start I was in good shape, but I was a little slower than the prototype riders. For a while I resisted then I struggled with the group of good CRT, but the engine of my bike suddenly fell silent. The real unlucky is that when my my bike goes off, Lukas, that was behind me, hit me and fell. I'm so sorry I ruined his race also but I could not do anything. After two races so black, I hope my season start again the next race in Jerez de la Frontera " .

LUKAS PESEK - MOTOGP RIDER - DNF "I was behind Danilo studying the moment were I could pass him. I wanted to overcome it after a couple of corners, but his bike stopped suddenly and I hit them. It was a shame because race was going well, better than practice. The weekend despite this episode, however, has not gone bad. I continued to gain experience in MotoGP and here we were able to get a good set up for the race. The next race, the Jerez de la Frontera will certainly be better. I know the track well, I like it and we did quite good test. We leave USA thinking that the next time will be better. "

The Came Iodaracing Team will be on track again May 2 to 5 for the next Grand Prix of Spain, which will take place at Jerez de la Frontera.


The inaugural Grand Prix of the Americas will not go down in the memory banks of Team GO&FUN Gresini Moto3 pair Niccolò Antonelli and Lorenzo Baldassarri. Niccolò's race got off to a bad start when he was forced to run wide to avoid the stricken Alessandro Tonucci before colliding with another rider and returning to the pit. Baldassarri crashed after a close battle with another rider and now both riders will be hoping for better fortune in the next round at Jerez.

Niccolò Antonelli (DNF ) “Unfortunately the crash was a consequence of qualifying so far back down the grid and we need to do everything we can to make sure that doesn't happen again in future. Contact can happen in a situation like this and you are always at risk of your race being spoiled. It's a shame but we will try and make up for it next time at Jerez, a circuit I really like.”

Lorenzo Baldass arri (DNF) “Unfortunately the race interruption and restart made me a little nervous and it got the better of me in the race. I had a nice fight with Granado but crashed shortly after passing him because I suddenly got nervous. I need to learn from the experience and try to make sure this kind of mistake doesn't happen again.”


Ratthapark Wilairot was hoping for a better result in the inaugural Grand Prix of Americas than 22nd place but that's the way it turned out for the Thai rider, who struggled with tyre troubles in a hot and demanding race and was unable to score the points that he was hoping for in the second round of the Moto2 season.

Ratthapark Wilairot (22nd) “I am really disappointed and this time it is not my fault or the fault of the bike but of the tyre, which was giving me trouble from the second lap. I lost positions after making contact with another rider at the start and when the vibrations started I struggled right to the end. It's a real shame!”

Fausto Gresini “I am sorry for Feem because he was really unlucky today. He had everything in place to score points today and didn't manage it because of something stupid. He will have chance to make up for it soon at Jerez.”


After showing positive signs in the warm-up this morning Doni Tata Pradita was unable to take full advantage in this afternoon's Grand Prix of the Americas, the Indonesian rider struggling with vibrations from his tyre and only able to finish down in 30th place.

Doni Tata Pradita (30th 2’ 17” 227 ) “I am not happy because after the warm-up this morning I was sure I could have a good race but I really struggled with vibrations coming from the tyre. I am really trying my best to learn and improve and after the positive signs this morning it is really disappointing that this happened in the race.”

Fausto Gresini “It's a shame that because of a tyre we have not been able to see Pradita's full potential, which we could see from the warm-up was good today. These things happen in racing and he now has to pick himself up for the next race at Jerez.”

NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team – Down to the last lap

The Austin Grand Prix at the Circuit Of The Americas comes to an end for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing riders and their SpeedUp bikes.

Great comeback from Mattia Pasini and Alex De Angelis, who started the race from the back of the grid on twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth position and ended the race in the Top10, with three of the NGM Mobile Forward Racing Team bikes fighting on the last few laps.

A satisfied Ricky Cardús that after crashing during the last Qatar GP, manages to finish the race and takes his first point of the season. On the other hand we have Simone Corsi, who started the race from the second row of the starting grid and was fighting in the front group for the top positions but crashed due to defective tires.

The overall analysis for the first US race for the NGM Mobile Forward Racing riders is positive, they take the first points of the season, very important in terms of the championship.

Mattia Pasini – 8th

"I am very happy about how the race turned out. I needed this good result for team morale and also for the people that have always believed in me. At Qatar we had several problems, we decided to start the weekend with a different working methodology on the SpeedUp by following the technical indications provided by the manufacturer. Step by step we have improved. We go to Jerez knowing that the track is particularly difficult for us but look forward after this considerable improvement, to improve also at Jerez. I would like to thank Giovanni (Cuzari, Team Owner), my team and bike manufacturer, who provides us with highly competitive racing material.”

Alex De Angelis – 9th

"I am obviously satisfied with the race result. We were able to have a good pace and my team, as always, has believed in me until the very last lap. We found a good solution during the warm up session this morning that translated into a pre race modification that

worked just great. I would like to thank all my team, I am convinced that we are competitive but we still have to work in order to get to the level of the fastest riders specially during qualifying. The race pace is good, as it was already the case in Qatar but we still have room for improvement. On the straight the bike is fast, the aerodynamic is perfect and the tires hold up great but we have to improve the fast lap time. I believe this will be a great season.”

Ricky Cardús – 15 th

“After what happened in Qatar it was important for me to finish the race. I had a good start and was fast during the first laps. On lap ten I started having problems with the tires, I tried to stay close to Mattia and Alex but I could ride the bike as I would have wanted and lost them. I have taken my first point of the season while not being physically at my best and I am satisfied because I have gotten in the points zone helped by a very competitive bike. I am very hopeful for the rest of the season."

Simone Corsi – 16 th

“We have used up a race in which we could have had a good result. I started the race form the second row. I preserved the tires as much as I could because I knew it was important but had big chatter problems on the front of the bike, making it hard for me to ride as I would have liked to and ended up sliding and crashing.”

Tough Texas debut for Tech 3 Racing Team

The Tech 3 Racing Team’s first visit to the spectacular Circuit of the Americas (COTA) proved to be a challenging affair, with Danny Kent and Louis Rossi finishing in 18th and 24th respectively.

Kent was unable to capitalise on an encouraging 13th position on the grid because of a small gearbox issue, but he did brilliantly to fight his way back through from outside of the top 20 in the early laps to claim a respectable 18th place finish at the chequered flag.

With 19 more competitive race laps under his belt, the British rider gained more valuable experience on the Mistral 610 machine and he is confident when the World Championship moves to Europe for the next race in Jerez that he will be able to battle for his first points scoring finish.

Today’s second round of the 2013 Moto2 World Championship at the long and technical COTA track was a big learning experience for Frenchman Louis Rossi.

Despite the best efforts of his Tech 3 Racing crew to improve his feeling and confidence with the Mistral 610 machine, Rossi never felt comfortable to push close to his normal potential and he finished in 24th position.

Danny Kent 18th:

“I am a little bit disappointed with the outcome of the race, particularly after such a positive qualifying that put me 13th on the grid. I had a problem with the gearbox going from second to first and it was creating a big problem for me entering the corner. I think that’s what put Nakagami out of the race too, so we weren’t the only one with a problem. Unfortunately it meant we finished the race with no points and that’s a shame because I am sure I could have been in the top 15 today. I am still learning so much with every lap I complete and I am looking forward to going to Jerez and fighting for my first points there.”

Louis Rossi 24th:

“It was a really difficult weekend for me because right from the first practice I didn't have a lot of confidence on the bike. I just couldn’t push with any confidence at all and we have to try and understand why it turned out to be such a difficult weekend. I want to thank my Tech 3 Racing Team because the bike was the best it has been all weekend in the race and I had slightly more confidence than on Friday and Saturday. Until about six laps from the end I could push harder but then the end of the race I had to slow down a lot. We have collected a lot of useful data during this weekend in Texas and we need to analyse it all in detail to make sure we have a better performance in the next races because where I finished today was nothing like I know what my full potential is. We tested in Jerez in the winter and I am looking forward to going there and being much more competitive.”

Herve Poncharal - Team Manager:

"We were confident we could score our first points with Danny here in Texas today because qualifying went well and he had a good feeling with the bike. But after a bad start and a few first laps where he struggled to find the right rhythm because of the gearbox problem it put him too far behind to reach the points. That's a pity and disappointing but he still showed great fighting spirit with a good recovery during the second part of the race. It was a bit like in Qatar where he was very fast in the second part of the race and easily good enough to see him battling around 10th to 15th. But by that time the gap was already too big. He is gaining experience and that is the most important thing and i am sure it won't be long before he is a consistent challenger in the points. Louis had a very tough weekend but at least he managed to finish the race and gain some experience. Both of them are learning a lot and are now ready for the first European race in Jerez where both have good track knowledge and where Danny in particular made a good job during the test one month ago."

Double joy for Marc VDS Racing Team in Texas

Austin, Texas - 21 April 2013: The Marc VDS Racing Team had double reason to celebrate at the end of the inaugural Grand Prix of the Americas today, with Mika Kallio storming to a brilliant third place and Scott Redding seizing the Moto2 World Championship points lead with a hard earned fifth.

A lightning start from ninth on the grid and a super aggressive first two laps immediately thrust Kallio into podium contention where he remained to the chequered flag after a pulsating fight with Dominique Aegerter and Esteve Rabat.

Using all his experience to try and protect second position at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA), he was fortunate not to crash on the final lap when Aegerter clipped the back of his Kalex machine. Kallio expertly kept control of his bike and he missed out on securing second place by just 0.050s.

His third Moto2 podium though moved him into a three-way tie for second position in the overall World Championship rankings.

Starting from pole position for the first time in his 86-race World Championship career, Redding went straight into full attack mode to try and put clear air between him and the pursuing pack.

But rapidly deteriorating front and rear grip, which Redding had expressed concerns about in advance of the 19-lap clash, meant he was unable to sustain his blistering early pace.

Rather than take unnecessary risks to force his way back into the podium hunt, Redding rode the remainder of the race with precious World Championship points in mind after Pol Espargaro's unfortunate early crash.

The 11-points secured for a battling fifth position gives Redding a four-point cushion at the top of the World Championship standings heading to the start of the European phase of the 2013 World Championship in Jerez next month.

Mika Kallio #36: 3rd

"I am really happy to be on the podium because it backs up a solid top five in the first race and now I am in a very good position in the championship. It was a very difficult race because I knew Aegerter and Rabat would be coming to attack on the last lap and I knew we'd have a moment. I got clipped from behind but fortunately I stayed on the bike to get a podium. I'm a little disappointed because a small mistake at the last corner cost me second, but I'm still very satisfied. I didn't have the best top speed or the best front grip, but I could see that I could fight for the podium from the beginning. It has been a great weekend for the Marc VDS Racing Team and this result gives us a lot of confidence heading to Jerez."

Scott Redding #45: 5th

"I'm obviously disappointed not to be on the podium after starting from pole position but I salvaged fifth position out of a difficult race and now I am leading the championship and that's a great feeling. Before the race I knew we'd struggle with the tyres going off and that's exactly what happened. I went out there to win but after six laps I knew it was impossible. I guessed that Espargaro and Nakagami were out so I just used my brain and didn't push too hard to risk a crash that would have been very costly. It was a decent fifth and now I am leading the championship I need to hold it together for the rest of the year after a great start to the season."

Michael Bartholemy: Team Principal

"We certainly won't be forgetting our first trip to COTA in a hurry. Scott scored an amazing debut pole position and today he leaves leading the World Championship after a very mature ride. And Mika got a podium, which was a great way to end the weekend. Mika got a great start and was very aggressive in the first two laps to give himself a great chance of the podium. He then rode really fast while trying to conserve his tyres to stay in the podium places right to the end. He's now finished in the top five in both races and that is great for his confidence. After Scott's pole position we'd hoped he'd at least be on the podium. His strategy was to make a break and manage the gap at the front, but we knew he'd have some issues with tyre wear. He still did a brilliant job and he used his head to score some really important points. I'm really happy for the Marc VDS Racing Team and in particular Marc, who has given incredible support to this project. We are leading the World Championship for the first time and hopefully we can remain there."


MAPFRE Aspar Team rider claims first victory and circuit record at GP of the Americas -giving his team their maiden Moto2 win

The first Moto2 race at the Circuit of the Americas exceeded all expectations, and was the only contest in the three categories that make up the World Championship to stray from the script. Scott Redding pulled away from pole position on the grid, but was unable to break free of his rivals. Pol Espargaró suffered an ugly crash on lap 3, Redding faded inexplicably, and Nico Terol pushed through on lap 4 to take the lead. In the space of two laps he had established a clear advantage, with a 3-second cushion between him and his rivals. He won comfortably, with Tito Rabat and Mika Kallio joining him on the podium.

MAPFRE Aspar rider Nico Terol took yet another victory in America -a talismanic country for the Spaniard. A year and a half after his last victory (Aragon 2011, in the 125cc class) he topped the rostrum for the first time in Moto2. Terol's win is also the MAPFRE Aspar Team's first triumph in the Moto2 class. Indianapolis 2008 -also a debuting track at the time- was the scene of Terol's first GP win, and it was fitting that he should repeat the feat in Moto2 at Austin. He needed just three laps in order to get up to first, and the next four saw him riding in the 2'11s to break free. He set the fastest race lap on the sixth time around, then took his bike home for a memorable victory. He is now second in the World Championship, with 27 points.

Less fortunate was teammate Jordi Torres, who struggled in the race today with a defective rear tyre. Nevertheless, the Catalan fought to maintain positions and finally concluded the day 14th.

1st Nico Terol: "At the start of the race I was a little nervous, because I did not want to make any mistakes and was hoping for a good result. At the end, when I saw what I had achieved, my confidence soared. In Valencia I managed a podium on a wet track, but I had not been at the front in the dry before -let alone won a race. My first GP victory was in America, my first win in Moto2 has also come here, so I'm very happy, I wish I had more races on American soil! This circuit is very technical, but I felt really good throughout the weekend. I knew that the key would be the first few laps, so I tried to stay as focused as possible. I managed to keep calm and wait for my moment to push hard. Redding had some problems I think, so when I picked up on them I set a goal to get past him and open up a gap. I knew that I had good pace, so I limited myself to trying to keep it up. When I saw what my advantage was and how it was increasing, I enjoyed the race a little more. Throughout the weekend we did a great job, using worn tyres for the most part and looking to find a strong pace. That was one of the keys to the win today."

14th Jordi Torres: "This morning in the warmup session we made a couple of changes that allowed us to climb through the field and up our pace. That has made us highly motivated when it came to race time, but it seems that we had a problem with the rear tyre -it would not let me lean the bike over well. I had to do wonders to turn the bike in. At first I thought it could be a temperature problem, and that it would steady up as the laps went by, but it actually got worse. Then there was shaking on the straights too. I stayed up as best I could and tried to keep my position, and in the end I finished fourteenth. I saw at the end that the tyre carcass had dented. Dunlop are investigating this in order to give a diagnosis. We had a difficult day, but the team are very happy with Nico's win. I give my sincere congratulations to him; I'm so happy for him."

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