2013 Jerez Moto2 And Moto3 Test Day 2 Press Releases

Press releases from the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the rained-out second day of testing at Jerez: 


The heavy rain fallen on Jerez Circuit has complicated the Came Iodaracing test day. The team, considered the bad condition of the track, has decided to stay in the pit to avoid Johann Zarco to take useless risks.

It was in any way an useful day because Came Iodaracing technicians worked a lot with Suter staff to improve the setting of the bike according to the informations that Zarco give to them yesterday.

JOHANN ZARCO: "Today it rains for all the day, we have planned to test just during the Moto2 dedicated hour but the rain was very heavy during that period and it was useless taking any risk with those conditions. We are working looking to Qatar race and I'm sure that weather conditions will be very different! In spite of everything my team continued to work for improving the bike for the next days where I think we can get good results".

Lot of testing for RW Racing with new exhaust system

A brand new exhaust system meant a lot of work for RW Racing GP on the second day of the Moto3 test in Jerez. The new Akropovic exhaust system for the Kalex KTM of Jasper Iwema and Jakub Kornfeil arrived only monday evening in Jerez. Yet the second of the four days test seemed to be lost by torrential rain in the south of Spain. Iwema (33 laps) and Kornfeil (48 laps) nevertheless got out to test and did a big deal of work.

Although the wet circumstances made it difficult, RW Racing GP had much work to do. The new exhaust system - the same as the KTM factory team has - had to be set up and many different things had to be adjusted. It was important to ride as much as possible and get a good feeling with the bike. In between the sessions for Moto3 the technicians could do their job.

Because of the bad weather not every one was out on the bike. With the first race in Qatar in just a few weeks in mind, many teams did not want their riders to take the risk of crashing in the wet. The time sheets and results therefore don't have much meaning.

Team manager Jarno Janssen: "These conditions are difficult. Not everybody is riding and you don't know what the ones that are on track are doing: giving all they have got or just cruising around. For us it was important to ride to set up the new exhausts. Both Jakub and Jasper are strong in the wet and that makes it a usefull day in the end. The forecast for tomorrow is a lot better. We still have much to do, so we need a few good and usefull days.''

Jasper Iwema: "The new exhaust feels good. Besides the testing for that it was good for me to ride in the rain. Every year there are a few wet races. Last year I was 7th in the wet in Le Mans. It just is important to get as much feeling as possible with the bike.''

Jakub Kornfeil: "We have tested what had to be tested. And we got the confirmation - again - that I can be strong in the wet. I only did 8 laps in the last session, but I did set the 5th fasted time while everybody out was trying their best. I am satisfied, but look forward to riding in the dry again tomorrow.

Rins tests in the wet, whilst Marquez waits for Wednesday

Rain hits second day at Jerez, with Alex Rins trying out new parts on a wet track. Alex Marquez opts to stay in the garage.

As forecast, weather conditions at the Circuito de Jerez were not optimal for riding, with strong winds and heavy rain at the Spanish track. Alex Rins used the day to evaluate some new parts prepared for the test by KTM, whilst teammate Alex Marquez elected to wait on better conditions tomorrow.

Upon arrival at the circuit, the weather on the Iberian Peninsula impeded most riders from carrying out their workload. Just 6 Moto3 riders took part in the first runout, and it wasn’t until the second session –after 2pm- that Alex Rins decided to go out on track. The Repsol rider completed 15 laps and was second fastest, with a time of 1’56.765. He was 0.283 off timesheet-topper Jack Miller.

In the third session, Rins stayed in the garage. The test continues tomorrow, with a third day ahead

Alex Rins

1:58.765, 15 laps, 66 km.

"We wanted to go out in the morning and try some new settings in the wet, but in the end we decided to wait and see if it would stop raining. It did, and it served us quite well. We have been working with new parts that KTM have brought here and, although we could not improve on the time set last time out in the wet, we were close. We are pleased with the improvements we've made to the bike. I am very happy, because both the team and KTM are working very well."

Red Bull KTM Ajo prepare in the wet

Luis Salom, Arthur Sissis and Zulfahmi Khairuddin carry out wet weather work in Jerez.

19/03/13 - Circuito de Jerez

The rain at Jerez was unable to completely halt the progress of the Red Bull KTM Ajo riders in the final preseason test. Luis Salom, Arthur Sissis and Zulfahmi Khairuddin skipped the early session at the Spanish track, but in the afternoon they were out for two wet sessions –from which they drew positive conclusions.

The Circuito de Jerez welcomed the Red Bull KTM Ajo trio with torrential rain, obliging Luis Salom, Arthur Sissis and Zulfahmi Khairuddin to stay in the garage during the first session. Conditions were unrideable and only six Moto3 participants attempted to put in laps.

In the afternoon the rain eased off for the Moto3-only session. Arthur Sissis went out early on his KTM, and quarter of an hour in he was followed by Zulfahmi Khairuddin. Luis Salom decided to wait until midway through the session to begin his day. Sissis was the most comfortable in the run, riding amongst the fastest on track.

The Red Bull KTM Ajo trio were back out for the final two hours. Despite winds of 31km/h at the start, Salom, Sissis and Zulfahmi Khairuddin took their best times of the day. They were, respectively, third with a 1’57.963, fourth with a 1’58.796 and seventh in 1’59.796.

Fine weather is forecast for Wednesday’s third day of the final Moto3 preseason test.


1. Jack Miller (FTR-Honda) 1:57.627

2. John McPhee (FTR-Honda) 1:57.801 +0.174

3. Luis Salom (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:57.963 +0.336

4. Álex Rins (KTM) 1:58.765 +1.138

5. Arthur Sissis (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:58.796 +1.169

11. Zulfahmi Khairuddin (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:59.615 + 1.988

Luis Salom

"Today we had rain again, but in the end we did a good job. The truth is that I had a fever yesterday and I had a bad night last night. Despite this and having to ride on a wet track, everything went well. In the morning we did not think we would go out all day, but in the end I could ride round a little. I'm happy, because we improved session by session. In the end we were third fastest and close to the top. We are doing a very good job as a team."

Arthur Sissis

"I had a good feeling from the start, I think on my second lap I put in a really good time. Throughout the day I have been improving and we have made a step forward, trying different configurations. Some have given us better results than others, but we have made significant improvements. At the end of the day it was hard, because it was very windy and the asphalt was drying out. In short, it was a day of difficult weather conditions, but I'm very happy with the work carried out."

Zulfahmi Khairuddin

"Today's weather was not very good. We had wet conditions all day and I rode with the wet tyres. Compared to the last test we did here, where it also rained -we found some improvements and the chassis worked really well. I hope that tomorrow we have dry conditions, because I'd like to do a long stint. I'd also like to work more on the bike in better conditions than today."


The unwelcome arrival of rain for the second day of the final test of preseason at Jerez saw both Team GO&FUN Honda Gresini Moto3 riders opt not to ride. Niccolo Antonelli and Lorenzo Baldassari will now hope for better conditions tomor row as they aim to get some track time with their new 2013 engines and finalise their preparations for the new season.

Niklas Ajo makes first wet weather run of 2013 preseason

Avant Tecno KTM rider completes 7 laps on a day of intense rain at Jerez.

19/03/13 - Circuito de Jerez

Inconvenient weather conditions again affected the plans of Niklas Ajo in Jerez. Just like on the three previous days of testing at the track last month, rain dominated the day this Tuesday. Despite this, the Avant Tecno KTM rider still went out, riding for the first time in the wet this preseason.

Torrential rainfall in the early morning meant that only six Moto3 riders took to the track. Niklas Ajo opted to not take too many risks in conditions that made the surface practically unrideable. It was not until the third and final session that he decided to test out the wet asphalt, ending the day with a best time of 2:02.043.

Testing will continue tomorrow, with the penultimate day of the preseason. A sunny day is forecast at Jerez.


1. Jack Miller (FTR-Honda) 1:57.627

2. John McPhee (FTR-Honda) 1:57.801 +0.174

3. Luis Salom (KTM) 1:57.963 +0.336

4. Álex Rins (KTM) 1:58.765 +1.138

5. Arthur Sissis (KTM) 1:58.796 +1.169

20. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno KTM) 2:02.043 +4.416

Niklas Ajo

"I was only able to do seven laps today, because I was trying some gearbox pieces. The track wasn't completely wet, as the wind dried it out, so it is hard to draw any conclusions from these conditions. It didn't make much sense to do any more laps, as the strong wind, varying rain, etc meant we couldn't learn much. Riding in the wet is always different, and it isn't possible to get a special setup. You have to race in whatever, and adapt".


As predicted by the local weather forecasts the rain moved in at Jerez today, hampering Team Honda Gresini Moto2's progress on the second day of the final test of preseason. Ratthapark Wilairot managed to complete 22 laps in order to gain confidence with his bike in wet conditions and was able to make a positive first evaluation of the new Starlane electronics. The team are now hoping for better conditions tomorrow so that they can complete their testing programme in the dry.


Doni Tata Pradita made the most of the inclement weather at Jerez to complete a handful of laps and get some vital experience of riding his Suter Honda in the wet before the start of the new Moto2 season. The test, which was a virtual washout, also provided an ideal opportunity to try the new Starlane electronics. The Indonesian rider may not have done many laps today but it was important that he made some small steps to improve his feeling with the bike in wet conditions. The forecast is for better weather tomorrow.


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