2013 Moto2 and Moto3 Valencia February Test Day 3 Press Releases

Press releases from some of the Moto2 and Moto3 teams after the three-day test at Valencia:


The last Moto2 and Moto3 test day in Valencia occurred in a spring weather that has allowed to all the riders to improve a lot their performances. The only bad news is a crash between Luthi and Wilairot where the Swiss rider has recived the fracture to the right humerus and carried to the hospital to scan any other possible problem to the right shoulder, while the Thai rider has got a light cranial concussion.

Johann Zarco has finished this test in 10th position with 1’35.399 at 0.822 from Espargaro’s new track record. The Came Iodaracing Team French rider has continued to work on the set up of his Suter doing 78 laps, almost 200 in the three days, showing to have improve a lot his feeling with his new bike and making a good pace during the long runs.

Johann Zarco, Pilota Moto2 # 5: "I’m very satisfied of the results that we got in these three days of practice. With my new team we have worked a lot on the Suter, new for everybody, step by step without searching the perfect lap time. At the end we got a good lap time, improving it from November test but now I had to start again from zero after the winter stop, but the most important thing is that during the long runs I had a very consistent pace. We know that we can still improve a lot and we will contiune our work in Jerez next week ”.

Niklas Ajo successfully concludes first week of testing

Avant Tecno KTM rider feeling good after opening kilometres at Circuito Ricardo Tormo in Valencia.

14/02/13 - Circuito Ricardo Tormo

After two long months off a Grand Prix bike, Niklas Ajo had a first preseason test in Valencia that finished on Thursday. The Avant Tecno KTM rider made a positive return at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo with three days of testing. It was a positive feeling after the leg injury that he had in the winter, and the test allowed him to debut the KTM bike with which he will participate this year in the World Championship.

The Finn waited until 11.00 am in the morning to take to the track in Valencia. Finally avoiding the strong winds, Ajo waited for track temperatures to rise before his first laps. He put in 27 laps in the first session, improving his best time from yesterday to 1’41.609.

In the second session of the morning, exclusively for the Moto3 grid, Niklas continued taking steps forward on his return to the track, lowering his best time by 4 tenths. He stopped the clock at 1’41.250 after another 13 laps.

The preseason continues and, on Tuesday of next week, Niklas Ajo will ride at the Circuito de Jerez in three days of official testing.


1. Maverick Viñales (KTM) 1:39.299

2. Alex Rins (KTM) 1:39.585 +0.286

3. Luis Salom (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:39.669 +0.370

4. John McPhee (FTR Honda) 1:39.819 +0.520

5. Jonas Folger (Kalex KTM) 1:40.050 +0.751

23. Niklas Ajo (Avant Tecno KTM) 1:41.250 +1.951

Niklas Ajo

"I'm very happy with the results of these three days here in Valencia, because just three weeks ago I did not even know if I could ride for much time, as my leg hurt so badly. During these runouts I felt discomfort, but I was able to ride on all three days and I'm happy with how the bike is working, how the team is working and how I've gone on the KTM.

Everything went well, it is clear that times are not the best, but that is something we can work on at the next test, because now the conditions are not the best. It's the first time I’ve ridden the new bike and it is better than last year’s. Even with the base setting I had a good feeling, so from here on we can only improve."

Red Bull KTM Ajo riders leave Valencia after positive test

Salom, Khairuddin and Sissis finish three days of testing at Circuito Ricardo Tormo.


Red Bull KTM Ajo today concluded the first official preseason test of 2013, held in Valencia. Luis Salom, Zulfahmi Khairuddin and Arthur Sissis made daily progress with their new KTM machines and could assess themselves against the rest of the Moto3 grid. Luis Salom took the third best time in the combined timesheets from the three days.

Red Bull KTM Ajo’s Arthur Sissis was the first out on track at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo this morning, at 10:05am. He made the most of less windy conditions and higher track temperatures than on previous days, putting in 39 laps and becoming the rider with the most laps to his name in the morning run. Luis Salom and Zulfahmi Khairuddin decided to wait until temperatures rose further before riding. All three bested their Wednesday times, with Salom again in the top three behind Viñales and Rins.

In the second session, only for Moto2 riders, Salom dropped his pace to under 1’40 within two laps. Red Bull KTM Ajo focused on modifying the setup of the 2013 KTM in this session. Khairuddin and Sissis again lowered their lap times and were inside the top ten. Salom had a small crash at the end of the session on the final corner, and placed second in the session -0.418 behind Viñales.

The day concluded with a final session, contested only by Salom and Khairuddin. With 56 laps from the opening pair of sessions, Sissis put an end to his work whilst his teammates focused on setups.

Red Bull KTM Ajo will continue their preparation for the coming season with another Official Test, held from February 19th-21st.


1. Maverick Viñales (KTM) 1:39.299

2. Alex Rins (KTM) 1:39.585 +0.286

3. Luis Salom (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:39.669 +0.370

4. John McPhee (FTR Honda) 1:39.819 +0.520

5. Jonas Folger (Kalex KTM) 1:40.050 +0.751

12. Zulfahmi Khairuddin (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:40.564 +1.265

15. Arthur Sissis (Red Bull KTM Ajo) 1:40.918 +1.619

Aki Ajo

"I am very happy with the test in Valencia, because last week in Almería was more of a rollout and here we had some really good times. By the looks of things, Moto3 will be very hard this year, but I am happy with the work of my riders Luis [Salom], ‘Fahmi’ [Khairuddin] and Arthur [Sissis]. For next week, we are focusing on getting familiar with the bike and should be calm and convinced about what we are doing.”

Luis Salom

“I am happy, despite the two crashes over the three days. The team and myself have done a good job. This morning, on worn tyres, we were able to ride fast. In the afternoon I made a mistake on the approach to the straight, when using a new tyre. I lost the front and crashed. It’s a pity, because we could have put in a good time. With a tyre on which I had ridden race distance, we had two consecutive 1’39.6s.

I later went out to try a few things, but times weren’t the focus. We wanted to clear up a few things for the next tests. The feeling is very good, the team are doing a great job. Working with Aki Ajo is incredible and the bike is going really well. It is a big step forward.”

Arthur Sissis

"Today was a really positive day. We went out very early in the morning, tried some things and gained confidence with the bike. With the new tyres we could ride pretty fast. We had some reasonable times and I am happy, because I’m not normally fast here. Next week in Jerez we can do a little better, I think. The new bike has about the same power, but the bike is very good to ride. It is an improvement on last year’s. If we can find a good setup, it will be really fast.”

Zulfahmi Khairuddin

"It was a good day for the team and I think that it was the best of the three. The bike worked well and I am very happy with it. We have improved things with the bike over these three days, but I’m sure that in the future we can go even faster. I am happy in general and can’t wait for Jerez. We will try out new parts and weight distribution there. I think we need to keep putting in the kilometres in order to adapt to the KTM 2013. The bike and the team are working well.”


ASPAR Team ends Moto2 test on a high with Terol second fastest and team-mate Torres fourth

The final day of a three day test at Valencia proved to be the best in terms of the conditions, with spring temperatures and no sign of the winds that had dogged the previous two days. In the Moto2 class the lap times tumbled inside record pace with Nico Terol and Pol Espargaró taking their personal duel under the 1'35 mark, where they were joined by Julián Simón. Track action ceased at 5pm today, with the riders due to resume testing duties at Jerez next Tuesday.

ASPAR Team rider Terol could barely contain his delight after a being amongst the pacesetters throughout the test, improving his feeling with the new Suter 2013 and dropping his best lap time to a sensational 1'34.777 today - four tenths inside the best Moto2 lap at Cheste and a second quicker than his fastest effort yesterday. On the other side of the garage Jordi Torres made equally impressive progress, shaving 1.2 seconds off his best time from yesterday to clock a 1'35.084 and finish the test fourth fastest overall.

2nd Nico Terol 1.34.777 (53 laps): "We spent all day working with the new bike today and my feeling with it is very positive. I felt comfortable from the first lap and the lap times have been good. The difference to the old bike is not huge, it is just a little stiffer and gives the more rider improved feel and more confidence. We'll keep working at Jerez to get a bit more stability from the front end but other than that we are where we should be and now we just need to find a bit of race pace, with some longer runs on used rubber, because the start of the season is around the corner. Moto2 is always crazy but to start the preseason so strongly is great. I did a few laps in the 1'34s today, which was my objective so I am satisfied with that. The team have taken a big step forward, with my team-mate Jordi also performing to a high level. The potential of the Aspar Team this season is clear and we need to keep going like this."

4th Jordi Torres 1.35.084 (60 laps): "We continued to work on the new chassis today after trying lots of different things over the past two days. During the exclusive Moto2 session today we found our best setting and decided to push for a few laps to see what we were capable of. The lap times were great and so was the feeling with the bike. We kept pushing right to the end and found a way to smooth out the front end, which helped us deal with a few of the bumps in corner entry. The focus today was to try some different geometry settings to get the bike turning better. The conditions were better and that allowed us to go much faster. The overall feeling from the last three days is great and I was looking forward to it after a long winter. I love the new bike, the lap times are good and I don't think we could ask for much more than that at this stage. We are moving in the right direction."


Folger fifth fastest after taking 1.5 seconds off yesterday's best whilst Granado finishes test in 27th

The 2013 preseason pace stepped up a notch in the Moto3 class today at Valencia, where the lap times were some two seconds quicker than at the final Grand Prix of the 2012 season here in November. Perfect conditions certainly helped as Spanish trio Maverick Viñales, Luis Salom and Alex Rins signed off on top, with Germany's Jonas Folger and Scotland's John McPhee in close attendance.

After shaking off the winter rust on day one and trying out his new bike on day two, today was the time to find out what 2013 might hold for Folger. The MAPFRE ASPAR completed a marathon 81 laps, knocking a massive 1.5 seconds off his best time from yesterday as he rode right up to the red light at 5pm. Tired but satisfied with his effort, Jonas finished fifth fastest overall and some seven tenths off the best time of the day. MAPFRE Aspar team rookie Eric Granado was also busy, the Brazilian clocking 82 laps and also improving by more than a second.

5th Jonas Folger 1.40.050 (81 laps): "We did a lot of laps today and even though I am exhausted now it has been good because we have been able to test a lot of things. The bike is new so the more laps we can do to adapt to it the better. We tried lots of things with the set-up and were able to rule various solutions out, so even though we have a lot of work to do we know which way we need to go. It has been a very positive test, we're really happy with the way it has gone and we can't wait to get back to work again at Jerez next week. The difference with the new bike is not huge but it handles sweeter, it's more stable and that makes it easier to ride. The new clutch is awesome and the engine has a lot of power from the bottom up. We have improved by 1.5 seconds since yesterday after taking some big steps with the set-up and my riding. The potential of the bike is clear, we just have to keep working to make the most of it."

27th Eric Granado 1.41.526 (82 laps): "We have done a lot of laps today which is a positive thing for me because I need to adapt to the bike and to the category. I need to learn and there is no better way to do that than by completing laps. We spent the morning finding some new things out about the bike, working with the geometry and the front and rear suspension. We did some longer runs this afternoon, around ten laps at a time, and I managed to get a consistent rhythm together and learn some things from other riders. The objective is to learn and improve every time we're on track and I think we're doing that. We leave Valencia feeling satisfied because we've improved every day. It's only the first test and there's a long way to go so we have to take it step by step."


A three-day Moto3 test ended today in spring temperatures at Valencia, where rookie Lorenzo Baldassarri was joined on track by his new Team Go&Fun Honda Gresini colleague Niccolò Antonelli, who could only complete a handful of laps due to his recovery from recent shoulder surgery. It has been a tough few days for Niccolò, physically and mentally, as his rivals made progress on track whilst he was largely limited to watching from pit-lane. Baldassarri managed 73 laps and made gradual progress, which he will look to build on in next week's test at Jerez.

Niccolò Antonelli “It was a big struggle to get a few laps in here but I was able to verify that we'll be fast this year. The pain was unbearable without painkillers but it would have been too much of a risk to take any chances. It is going to be a long recovery but I am going to give my all to make it as quick as possible. Between now and the Jerez test next week I will be training hard in the hope I can get some more laps done and get a feel for the bike. It has been a difficult experience but it is part of racing and I am trying to take it as calmly as possible with the help of Team GO&FUN Honda Gresini.”

Lorenzo Baldassarri “ I think we have made a good debut and I have worked systematically on finding a feeling and improving. I am satisfied with my first outing in the Moto3 class and I think it has been very positive. I am getting on well with the team and that relationship will be crucial to our progress over the coming weeks. We have made a good start on setting the bike up and now I can't wait to get back on track next week at Jerez and take another step forward.”

Brad Binder and Danny Webb classified respectively 13th and 20th in their first practice for the 2013 Moto3 World Championship.

Fiorenzo Caponera (Team Principal) “Quite a few moments of confusion when both Moto2 and Moto3 shared the track... anyway, as far as our work is concerned, we are quite satisfied. Our lap times mustn't be considered as fully realistic – we have run 2012 bikes, while most of the others are already in 2013 configuration. We worked precisely to test different solutions to give the factory proper data to build the new chassis, that will be at our disposal in a near future. We have to wait for it to know what our real value is”.

Successful first test for Marc VDS trio

Valencia, Spain - 14 February 2013: The Marc VDS Racing Team's trio of riders - Scott Redding, Mika Kallio and Livio Loi - today concluded a successful three-day test at the Valencia circuit in Spain.

Conditions for the final day of testing were almost perfect, with the unpredictable wind and cold conditions of the first two days replaced by clear blue skies and warmer track temperatures.

Redding ended the test, the first of the new season for the Marc VDS Racing team, seventh fastest on combined times, having adapted quickly to the characteristics of the 2013 Kalex chassis.

Kallio was also satisfied with the progress made during the test, his first with the bike fitted with the additional weight required to meet the new regulations this season. The 30-year-old Finn ended the test 13th on the timesheet, but is confident that his position will improve next week in Jerez.

After struggling with set-up and gusting winds on the opening two days, Loi took advantage of today's better conditions to improve his lap time by almost two seconds, ending his first test as a Moto3 rider inside the top fifteen.

Scott Redding #45: 7th - 1'35.293

"We've had a steady test, working to get a good feeling with the new bike rather than pushing for fast lap times. The important thing for me is that we have a good understanding of how the 2013 Kalex compares to last year's version; where it's stronger and how it reacts to set-up changes. Next week we'll try to make a few more improvements, before working to close the gap to the top of the timesheet."

Mika Kallio #36: 13th - 1'35.769

"We missed about 0.3s at this test compared to the race here at Valencia in November. It could be the tyres, which was also a problem during the race weekend, but we will be able to confirm this next week at Jerez. I'm happy enough, but it's not until next week that we'll really be able to see where we are with respect to the other riders. Valencia is a strange circuit and one that isn't really suited to testing. It's been good to get back out on the bike, but the real work starts next week."

Livio Loi #11: 14th - 1'40.750

"The first two days were a bit of a struggle, as it was windy and we didn't find a good set-up on the bike. Today we switched fork settings and the bike was transformed. I managed to match my lap time from the CEV race at Valencia in the first session and continued to improve throughout the day. With more time I'm confident I could have gone faster, but I'm happy with where I finished today. Now I'm looking forward to next week at Jerez."

Michael Bartholemy: Team Principal

"This first test has been a good start to the new season for all three riders. Scott started where he left off last year and was immediately on the pace, while Mika adapted quickly to the additional weight he has on the bike for this season. Livio has learnt a lot these three days, both on track and off. He struggled with set-up issues the first two days but I'm happy to say, managed to work with his crew to make a big improvement ready for today. To finish his first test 14th overall is a good start to his Grand Prix career, but there's still a lot of work left to do before he gets his season underway at Jerez in May. Now we must continue to improve during next week's test at Jerez."

The 2013 Moto2 season kick-off at Valencia

The NGM Forward Racing Team has completed the three day testing at the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia for the first 2013 Moto2 test of the season. The riders: Simone Corsi, Alex De Angelis, Mattia Pasini and Ricky Cardús have all had a very good first impression with the Speed Up.

The test concludes with all four riders providing valuable feedback that assist in the refining of bike setups as well as assimilating feelings from the Speed Up. It has been a highly demanding test, which given the optimal weather conditions, has allowed the riders to perform many laps and make considerable progress.

NGM Mobile Racing team has certainly accomplished its job for this first test and will continue their work at Jerez de La Frontera circuit, where the next Moto2 test will take place in just a few days from the 19th to the 21st of February.

Simone Corsi - 3

“I’m really happy about how we started these three days of testing. We’ve worked hard with the team for try to understand which is our situation and where we have to intervene. Let’s see at Jerez what is our true potential, sure we have to work, but I know we will do large steps”.

Alex De Angelis – 15

"We used the first day just to get familiarized with the bike, while on the following days we wanted to do as many laps as possible to find more feeling with the front of the bike, since it has been the once things that we have had trouble with. We tested different configurations but we have yet to find the one that give me the confidence to push.”

Mattia Pasini – 54

“I’m really happy about how we started these three days of testing. We’ve worked hard with the team to try to understand which is our situation and where we have to improve. We will see at Jerez what our true potential is, we know we still have work to do but we also know that we have the potential to do perform well”.

Ricky Cardús - 88

“We have been able to take good advantage of these three days of testing. We didn’t focus on the laps-time, our goal was to adapt to the bike and understand what is good for us and what isn’t. We wanted to do as many laps as possible and improve as much as possible during these three days. Hope to continue to improve at Jerez.”


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