Ducati Press Release: Hayden Completes Jerez Test, Dovizioso Out With Neck Problem

Ducati's MotoGP team issued the following press release after the final three-day test of the year at Jerez:

Ducati Team completes 2012 testing at Jerez

The Ducati Team’s scheduled three-day off-season test at the Spanish Jerez circuit certainly wasn’t without its hurdles, but the team took them in stride and heads into MotoGP’s winter test ban with information that will be helpful as engineers do their development work on the 2013 Desmosedici.

Sunny-but-cold conditions marked the first two days, allowing Nicky Hayden to complete a full testing program on Wednesday and to post competitive lap times on Thursday, though a small crash robbed him of riding time when the track was at its best. On Friday, rain and wind made gathering much meaningful data impossible, though Nicky did a brief comparison between hard and soft rain tyres.

Unfortunately, new Ducati Team rider Andrea Dovizioso managed to turn just three laps on day one before he was forced to the garage with a strained neck that kept him off the bike for the remainder of the test.

The Ducati Team now begins an obligatory two-month break from testing, after which they will return to action at Malaysia’s Sepang International Circuit, where MotoGP’s first test of 2013 will take place February 5-7.

Nicky Hayden, Ducati Team

“Things didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped, but the test has been useful despite everything. On the first day, we struggled a little bit getting up to speed, but we improved somewhat yesterday. We were able to evaluate the new frame and swingarm, as well as a few new settings. Today, though, the weather hasn’t been kind to us. I did three exits in the wet, but it hasn’t been dry enough for slicks. It would have been nice to ride in the dry today, as we wanted to confirm a few things and improve our pace, but nonetheless, we got through some things and have a lot of information to work with. Thanks to the guys for all the hard work this year. Now we’ll look forward to February at Sepang.”

Andrea Dovizioso, Ducati Team

“It’s a shame about the problem with my neck. It’s something I had experienced at the GP in Malaysia, where I crashed twice, and in Australia, where I crashed once, and both times I had physiotherapy treatments and anti-inflammatory medicine. It re-emerged last week two days after a crash on my motocross bike, but the same treatment worked and I felt fine when I came to Jerez for the test. Unfortunately, it happened again after just a few laps, and this time we weren’t able to resolve it with physio and anti-inflammatories. It seems that the problem is probably bigger than we had previously thought, and I’ll have to undergo some further medical tests.”

Vittoriano Guareschi, Team Manager

“Obviously, we would have preferred that things played out differently, but in such cases, you have to just make the best of the situation and gather as much good data as circumstances allow. We continued the testing program that we started at Valencia, looking for confirmation on the frame and swingarm that we tried in the latter part of the season. Unfortunately, Andrea’s fluke problem with his neck was a setback, but Nicky turned some good lap times despite the tyres being at their limit in the cool conditions. Now we need to work at the factory over the winter in order to give our riders a competitive package at the first Sepang test in February.”


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This problem of Dovi's seems to be down to Spies. I recall that mid-season he asked for a chicken and some help to break his spell of bad luck…..I suspect he didn’t wish to get an unfair advantage, just drop the bad luck and get to be a pain in the neck for his faster teammate.
He obviously expected things to work a bit faster in the spirit world…….as they say, ‘be careful what you wish for’.
Let’s hope he didn’t also ask for ‘the fastest ****ing bike in the paddock’.
If I’m right, good, expletive-free, clear grammar has never been so important.

....Having second thoughts about riding the Pigati?
Did he really think he could do a better job than Rossi? After his first ride on it, i reckon he thought 'Vale is right, this Pigati does not turn or hold a line' ah shit i made a mistake, 'i will go speak to Herve and ask for my lovely competent Yamaha back'.
It just shows Casey's talent on that bike, that he could ride around all the problems that Pigati would not sort for him and it made the situation a whole lot harder for Rossi et-al to sort the faults and crack the code and turn it into a bike anyone could ride, i mean Nicky has been on it four years and never come close to winning on it but has only had not even a handful of podiums.
Everything has been changed on that thing except for the Vee angle of the engine.
Neil Spalding pointed this out a few months ago and virtually said they need to sort that along with the top engine mountings and it could be a winner but Pigati are very slow in realizing what needs to be done in the workshop.
Judging by the latest test i feel all four of the Pigati riders are in for a hard time come 2013 season.
The following year should start to reveal the changes made by Audi within Pigati but i also feel their patience may run out quick time if things don't improve fast.

I also feel Cal not getting the ride in favour of Dovi was a blessing in disguise, staying on the Tech3 is the best thing for him IMHO

When Dovi rides the Pigati, he gets a sore neck that is severe enough for him to knock testing on the head, then all of a sudden he is well enough to race Go-karts and Super Moto with the likes of Rossi & Biaggi etc and then proceed to go and win it.
Ooh i'd love to be a fly on the wall in the Pigati boss's office and listen to what they are saying to him about it cos i'm sure it wouldn't be polite English but more along the lines of a proper Italian style bollocking 'for sure' but anyway, get your excuses in now Dovi cos you are going to need every one of them in the coming seasons (unless you buy your way out of your contract like Melandri) or alternatively you could ask Vale to list all of his excuses and then make up some new ones...
I do find it strange that Dovi has not had a public bollocking from Pigati/Audi in the press though...
Anyone know any different??