Repsol Media Video: Casey Stoner Talks About His Path To The World Championship

In the week ahead of Casey Stoner's final race at his home circuit - in MotoGP, at least, though the chances of seeing the Australian at Phillip Island in a V8 Supercar in the next few years are strong - the Repsol Media Service issued a fascinating video in which the 2011 World Champion goes over his motorcycle racing career (and his hobby, fishing) using a few old photographs. The video sees Stoner talk about his path to international racing, his reasons for leaving Australia to race in Europe, and the loss of his trophies to termites. Stoner also talks about his 2011 championship - though, unsurprisingly given that the video was produced by Repsol, there is no mention of his 2007 title - and his joy and surprise at being able to wrap it up at home, and on his 26th birthday.

The video is show below, and includes Spanish subtitles:


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Termites and untold trophies. Thumbs up to the journo's and photographers for saving some fond memories for him.

Still cant believe he is going to retire at the end of this year. Such a huge talent. It almost feels similar to the realization that I'm never going to watch Marco race again. And let me be perfectly clear that I am absolutely not comparing the tragic death of Marco to Casey's early retirement. As Casey's retirement is a great loss to the sport, Marco's death is a loss on another scale all together. I'm only speaking to the fact that I will never again get to witness the greatness that each of these two men displayed on the track. Selfish I know, but its a loss felt none the less. I'll savor these next couple races watching Casey. Something I took for granted watching MS. I just assumed I would see him for years to come.

On a local news clip today, he was asked about the possibility of a comeback.

He gave the well known reasons of not liking the direction the sport is headed and not enjoying it because of that but then added... there would have to be a lot of changes before I would even consider it.

That's not even remotely close to a maybe, but it is an indication that if circumstances were to change, he might possibly consider it.

However, I wouldn't be holding my breath on that one.

Hopefully he'll come out with an authorized biography in the next few years.

By the way I think it's funny how he adds the phrase ..."to be honest" when he starts out a response. As if there was another way for him to answer.

What a loss for the sport.Hoping against hope that he comes back
after a couple of years.

It is interesting to hear Stoner comment firstly about the loss of Lorenzo for the 2011 race as being the major factor in his mind - still - with regard to his success last year at P.I. The sportsmanship and camaraderie on the podium this year has been palpable and a credit to all involved. Nobody at P.I. this year will forget that Marco was up there on the podium last year as well nor fail to reflect on just what is at stake for every rider every time they go out on track.

It is sad that some segments of the 'fan' community seem incapable of exhibiting the same sort of respect for some riders that the riders generally show to each other - moments of extreme emotion excepted. It would be nice if a little of the grace that Stoner displays in this video towards his closest competitors would rub off.

Why was Casey not allowed to compete in the Australian Moriwaki cup ? Too young ?