BMW Press Release: Marco Melandri Expected To Race At Magny-Cours

The BMW World Superbike team issued the following press release updating Marco Melandri's status after his nasty crash at Portimao:

BMW Motorrad Motorsport: Update on Marco Melandri

After returning home, injured BMW Motorrad factory rider Marco Melandri underwent further examinations in Italy.

Munich, 26th September 2012. After his heavy crash in Sunday’s first race at Portimão (POR) and preliminary examinations at the local hospital, BMW Motorrad factory rider Marco Melandri returned home to Italy on Monday. During the last few days he has undergone further medical examinations. These checks confirmed the good news that Marco has no internal injuries. But they showed that in addition to the painful contusions he suffered on his back, the Italian cracked the tenth and 12th ribs on the right side of his chest when he was hit by another bike while lying on the tarmac after his fall in the beginning of the race.

Marco will now rest over the forthcoming days before heading to Magny-Cours (FRA), where the final round of the 2012 FIM Superbike World Championship will be held from 5th to 7th October. According to the team’s doctor, Dr. Vincenzo Tota, the injuries will not prevent him from taking part in the last races of the season. The whole Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport wishes Marco a quick recovery.

“After Sunday’s crash I feel better day by day although my back and right side still feel sore,” Marco says. “When I watched my crash on TV, it really looked confusing. I do not want people to think that I wasted the races for nothing. Actually when I was on the bike, it was simply impossible for me to do any different, as I did not see Max. I really hope to be fit for the final races in Magny-Cours. I simply want to jump on my S 1000 RR, have some fun and finish the races in the best possible way and position.”

“The two ribs are not linked to the sternum, so they are not involved in breathing that much. Even if they are broken, it is not so painful,” explains Dr. Vincenzo Tota. “Another positive thing is that they are not misplaced. It is not a total fracture, but more a small crack. Marco now has to rest and avoid stress to the area. For the race weekend we will apply a taping to reduce the range of motion of the chest. Therefor it will not be painful and will be easy to handle.”

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Well, maybe then that's why he made so many late passes on the inside of other riders; he simply does not see they are there.
But joking aside, it can very well be that he was looking far left into the corner and therefore did not notice Biaggi, but I think you should have a bit wider view, especially in the first lap. Still, I was not in his position, so I can't be sure of what he could and could not see. And I am not a WSB rider.

Anyway, good that he is not hurt too bad. I hope he will be there at Magny-Cours. He is definately one of the guys that made the 2012 season.

...understand Marco's run of bad form. Having seen it with two different sets of commentators, I can't remember which one said this, but one of them asked, "Does ANYBODY want to win this championship?" Over the last few races, it HAS almost seemed that nobody wanted to step up and take it. That said, at least now one person is left having made the least fatal errors, in the person of one Massimiliano Biaggi.

It was AWFUL to see Tom Sykes' engine grenade on him (shoulda been using Royal Purple! ;-)), but again, I'm just at a loss as to how Melandri could make such rookie mistakes. Maybe he didn't "should've" won the championship, but he certainly could've won it all. The most baffling couple of things Marco did were the first lap crash this past weekend, and THE most baffling was crashing out after being made aware that Biaggi had himself crashed out. In F1 terms, Marco should've ridden an "Alain Prost"-style race, gaining points when it mattered, but not taking unnecessary risks. Instead, he ran an "Ayrton Senna"-style race, with a "win-it-or-bin-it" mentality...and he binned it.

Worst of all, BMW should've had their manufacturer's title, too, but that seems to have gone down the tubes, as well. Still, I give them full marks for going from fledgling entrant to nearly manufacturer's champion in such an incredibly short time. Oh, the wise man once said, "In order to finish first, first you must finish."

It seems that both series have lost their photo-finish endings this season.

No matter; next season will be MUCH MORE interesting and competitive...