Press Release: Alex de Angelis Tests Forward's Suter BMW MotoGP Machine

With Colin Edwards back home in Texas, NGM Forward Racing's Moto2 rider Alex de Angelis - a man with MotoGP experience, having raced in the class in 2008 and 2009 - has been drafted in to continue work on the Suter BMW MotoGP CRT bike. Here's the press release from the team:

MotoGP test at the Vairano di Vidigulfo circuit

The Vairano di Vidigulfo circuit, owned by the specialized magazine Dueruote & Quattroruote, has been the chosen place by the NGM Mobile Forward Racing team to test their MotoGP/CRT before the Jerez GP. The team has counted with rider Alex De Angelis as test rider of the team’s CRT. Alex De Angelis has been chosen as the test rider due to the fact that he is already engaged with the team in Moto2 and has been very eager to contribute to the development of the bike given that Colin Edwards is overseas resting before the Jerez and Estoril GPs.

The team has tested a new version of the electronic system. It has been a very positive test, some of the outcomes of this test will be already implemented at the Jerez GP next week. The only negative point of this test has been the impossibility to complete the 100% of the established program for the test due to the bad weather conditions.

Alex De Angelis - Test rider MotoGP Suter-BMW bike

“I am very happy to have been considered by the team, Suter and BMW to participate in this test to develop the CRT. The test has been shortened due to the bad weather conditions; we have not been able to do many kilometers, but nonetheless it has been very exciting to ride a 1000cc bike, it was thrilling and very excited to be on such a fast bike. We have worked on the development of the electronics of the bike, which we do not do in Moto2.

I hope I have been able to provide the right feedback to the team, Suter and BMW, in order for them to develop it in the right direction. I would like to thank the team for this opportunity. I remain at their disposal to collaborate in future tests. “


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I would have thought it more likely that Colin will continue to race alongside an up and coming rider until he retires.

As long as he's enjoying the challenge, I can't see CE being moved on very easily!

As you can see in SBK, age is not the factor it once was. And in GP going to 4 strokes compared with 2 strokes and their nasty powerbands forcing more highsides, it's not the factor it was prior either.

Colin was the first CRT bike in QP and the race in Qatar. Don't see any reason for him to relinquish his seat when he is beating the better Aprilia machines. This is the first time in GP's where Colin gets to develop the machine he is riding and he is reveling in the challenge, and doing well. Expect him to be in the same seat next year, especially if he finishes the season as the #1 CRT rider.