Honda Press Release: MotoGP Team Gains Backing From Global Insurance Giant

Despite the gloom and doom about the lack of money in motorcycle racing, the Repsol Honda team has picked up another sponsor. HRC have announced that they have agreed a deal with international insurance broker Aon, which will see the brand appearing on the leathers of Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner. The deal grew out of the relationship which Aon already had with HRC through their insurance business, and has grown into a sponsorship agreement.

Below is the official press release from HRC:

World's Number 1 Provider of risk management and of reinsurance brokerage teams Up With MotoGP World Champions

Honda Racing Corporation is proud to announce a new partnership with Aon Corporation (NYSE:AON), the leading global provider of risk management, insurance and reinsurance brokerage and human resource consulting.

Currently based in Chicago but relocating the headquarters to London, Aon employs approximately 61,000 people in its 600 offices in 120 countries. In 2011, Aon was ranked as the largest insurance broker in the world based on revenues.

The partnership is due to the insurance relations between Honda Racing Corporation and the Italian SRE (Sport Recreation and Entertainment) division of Aon. For the 2012 season, the Repsol Honda Team riders, World Champion Casey Stoner and team mate Dani Pedrosa will have the Aon branding on the sleeves of their leathers.

"HRC are excited to begin this new relationship with Aon," said HRC Executive Vice President Shuhei Nakamoto. "We look forward to working alongside Aon to grow this sponsorship for the future".

We are very proud to be associated with the MotoGP World Champions and a brand as prestigious as Honda.” said Carlo Clavarino - Aon Italia CEO “ Aon and Honda share the same value: the importance of reaching the target, the value of the teamwork, the same sense of fair play. This sharing of values makes me happy for this new partnership and I forecast a great season”

The company operates in three major segments: commercial brokerage, consulting services, and consumer insurance underwriting.

Moreover, Aon has a specialised branch in Sport, Recreation and Entertainment which operates all over in the world.


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Particularly as Repsol have been screwed by Argentina and are unlikely to be feeling flush with cash right now.

I wonder how much benefit the team will actually feel as it sounds more to me like a businss deal kickback, they already 'work' together Honda and Aon, so it could be not much more than a bit of inter-business backscratching and willy waving.

Didn't another Japanese manufacturer recently lose their main sponsor? This wouldn't be a bit of raspberry blowing and salt rubbing into the wounded tuning forks at Yanahahaha?

Ooh, but didn't Yamaha just win the first race? Is this a well timed retort by big H?

As much as I love to see money pouring into motorcycle racing - the best sport bar none - I'd rather see the World's biggest insurance thieves, sorry, I mean thieves, d'oh! A company like Aon, getting behind Tech3, Gresini, LCR or a team who would really benefit and the teams that by way of the rules, actually take responsibilty for bringing the new talent through and whom provide many of the CRT entries - Repsol Honda Team Whiney wouldn't be my choice anyway.

It just occurred to me that not one manufacturer (and I'm talking Honda, Yamaha and Ducati) have put a CRT effort together, am I wrong to think that maybe they should/could? or is it just up to the privateer teams to ensure MotoGP lives on, so that Repsol Honda and We'reWorkingOnIt Yamaha can continue winning everything?

Thank the Lord for Herve, Lucio and Fausto et al.