Nicky Hayden To Continue Testing At Mugello This Week

Nicky Hayden is to spend Wednesday and Thursday testing the Ducati GP12 at Mugello. The American is to make up for the time he lost over the winter, after injuring himself first at Valencia, and then riding indoor flat track at home in Kentucky. Those injuries limited Hayden's time working on the set up of his GP12 at the Sepang tests, and so the American is to spend the next two days concentrating on making up for lost time. 

The real test work will be done by Ducati's official test rider Franco "Iron Frank" Battaini. The Italian veteran is evaluating new parts for the GP12, and once he has given them the seal of approval, they will be passed to Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi for further evaluation, before being used at a race weekend. 

Below is the official press release from Ducati:

Nicky Hayden at Mugello to make up testing time lost due to injury

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Nicky Hayden will join the Ducati Test Team during the final two days of a three-day test at Mugello, with the goal of making up for time lost during the winter testing season due to injuries incurred at the 2011 Valencia Grand Prix and in a December training incident.

This will give the American the opportunity to carry out setup tests that he wasn’t able to complete prior to the start of the 2012 season. He’ll join official test rider Franco Battaini, who is already on track today as he continues his development work on the GP12. As usual, these updates will be tried by Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden during future tests.


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No disrespect to Senor Battaini but why isn't Rossi testing the GP12? Hayden and Rossi are faster riders than Battaini and the changes have to provide improvement at 10/10ths not 9/10ths. Based on the tires only testing limits in MotoGP this season and Rossi's performances so far I would think he would be champing at the bit to develope the bike every chance he gets! One could get the impression that Rossi is giving up.