Ducati Wrooom Wednesday Press Release: Filippo Preziosi Talks About The GP12

Below is the Ducati press release issued after Filippo Preziosi presented the changes to Ducati's Desmosedici GP12 to the media at Madonna di Campiglio:

Filippo Preziosi explains technical aspects of the GP12

The second day of the Wrooom Press Ski Meeting at Madonna di Campiglio saw Filippo Preziosi (Ducati Corse General Manager) inform the international press regarding the technical aspects of the Desmosedici GP12 that Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden will ride in the upcoming test at Sepang (31 January – 2 February).

"As is the case every year, it's a pleasure to kick off our season in such a nice setting as Madonna di Campiglio," Preziosi began before providing a brief summary of the work schedule that led to the assembly of the GP12, currently taking place in Borgo Panigale. "Over the recent months, we followed an intensive, consistent test program, which culminated with the two-day post-race test in Valencia. By analyzing the data-acquisition information, the riders' comments and the setup sheets, we defined the target values for the new frame geometry. Now, with Jeremy (Burgess), Juan (Martinez) and our riders, we'll work at the track to define the bike's base setup so that we can then proceed with the customary development work that's typically done during winter testing, with the goal of starting a trend of improvement in terms of competitiveness. Normally, it takes two years to complete the process from the calculation stage, to design, to component construction, to test-bench ‘shakedown,' to track testing, to racing. By compressing this process down to a span of just months, we've accepted a challenge that we know will be very difficult, but we believe it's possible. All this is thanks to the extraordinary group that includes Valentino and Nicky, who last year agreed to a number of tests that often affected their performance, as well as our team, our designers and our sponsors—in particular the Title Sponsor, a partner that has always been steadfastly at our side. Ducati is a company that has already faced significant challenges in the past, and I'm proud to be a part of it."

Tomorrow, Wrooom will be dedicated to the Ferrari drivers, so Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden will have the chance to enjoy Madonna di Campiglio before the final day, featuring the kart and auto exhibition with the riders and drivers on the town's frozen lake.


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He said "90% of the bike is new" in the motogp.com interview. If he is serious I can't imagine how they are going to fight for podiums with such a machine, even after an entire regular season of "development riding". This sounds disastrous, no??!!

Just to clarify something...why aren't Rossi and co testing right now? I thought the testing ban was lifted. Or is that only during the season?

The winter test ban still holds. Outside of the winter test ban, the riders can test as much as they can, but they can do nothing until January 31st.

When the testing ban is over, can the teams with their GP riders test at any track they like?
Even ones that are coming up during the season?