Gresini Press Release After Marco Simoncelli's Funeral: "Diobò Quanta Gente!"

After the funeral of Marco Simoncelli at Coriano in Italy today, the Gresini press office issued the following press release:


'Super Sic' will have looked down on his funeral today and no doubt said: "Diobò quanta gente!" ("Good lord, that's a lot of people!"). "Did so many people really want to wish me well?" he would have added. The demonstration of affection towards 'Super Sic', tragically killed last Sunday at the Sepang circuit in Malaysia, was from another planet. Yesterday around ten thousand people came to say goodbye as he laid at rest in the Municipal Theatre in Coriano whilst today the number of people present in the small town and at the Misano circuit, where the events were shown on a big screen, was simply incalculable. The world of motorcycling flocked to be by his side as he was finally laid to rest. The funeral service was led by the Bishop of Rimini, Francesco Lambiasi, at the church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Coriano, where the body of "Super Sic" was carried by his closest friends in the presence of his family, the friends he spent so many happy times with, the team and other dignitaries from the world of motorcycling, World Champions from different disciplines of racing and sport, other personalities and his two most famous motorcycles: the Gilera that he rode to the 250cc World Championship and the Honda he raced this season. Outside the church, which could only hold 450 people, thousands and thousands more watched on two more big screens, with another in the Coriano town square. The most emotional moment came when the Vasco Rossi song "Siamo solo noi" was played as Marco's coffin was carried out of the the church of Our Lady of the Assumption to make its final journey. Goodbye "Super Sic", you will always be in our hearts.



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Goosebumps for the umpteenth time thinking about you. Ten thousand present in person, but millions at heart. Ciao Marco.

I often mocked the Dale Earnhart fans when they gave the "three" sign at Nascar races the year after he was killed. I beg forgiveness. I can't read an article about Marco without welling up. I didn't think that the death of a stranger could affect me in this way. He must have been very special.

There is no information at the moment, but it is safe to assume that there will be a minute's silence on the grid before the MotoGP race, and a lot of riders will be carrying or wearing a tribute to Simoncelli, in some form or another.

In what must have been a very difficult time. in unimaginable circumstances.
Showed he is a very remarkable man and an inspiration to us all.
rest in peace Marco #58

“Dolore, tante lacrime, una bara applaudita, pero dentro c’è un viso che sta ridendo e dice ‘Questo è il mio ultimo scherzo ma stasera sono a casa con voi, con Paolo, con Rossella, con Martina, con Kate.
La cosa più importante è che Marco tornerà a casa con tutti voi.
E' questo il miracolo che ha fatto oggi Marco Simoncelli.
Può diventare esattamente quello che avete sempre sognato. Diventa uno di voi nel vostro cuore. E quindi si celebra questa grande vittoria. La vittoria sulla morte di Marco Simoncelli".

"Pain, lots of tears, applauded a coffin, but inside there is a face that is laughing and says, 'This is my last joke, but tonight I'll be home with you, with Paolo, with Rossella, with Martina, with Kate.'
The most important thing is that Marco will go home with you all.
It is the miracle that happened today to Marco Simoncelli.
He can become exactly what you have always dreamed of. Become one of you in your heart. And so we celebrate this great victory. The victory over death of Marco Simoncelli. "

Claudio Costa.