Officially Official: Dovizioso Signs With Monster Tech 3 Yamaha For 2012

On the eve of the Australian round of MotoGP at Phillip Island comes official confirmation of Andrea Dovizioso's switch to the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team. As reported on Friday, Dovizioso has penned a one-year deal with Tech 3, lining up alongside Cal Crutchlow for 2012. Below is the official press release:

Tech 3 Yamaha and Andrea Dovizioso reach agreement for 2012

The Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Team is delighted to announce it has reached an agreement with Andrea Dovizioso for the 2012 MotoGP World Championship.

The 25-year-old brings a wealth of experience to the French-based Tech 3 Team having proven to be one of the fastest and most consistent performers on the grid since his MotoGP debut in 2008.

Five podium finishes, including four second places in 2011, have put Dovizioso in a fantastic third place in the World Championship standings with just three races remaining.

The Italian, who was 125cc World Champion in 2004 and twice runner-up in the 250cc class, will join Cal Crutchlow at Tech 3 for the hugely anticipated first season of the new 1000cc MotoGP era, which kicks off in Qatar on April 15, 2012.

Andrea Dovizioso:
"I'm happy to have reached this agreement with Tech 3 for next year and I want to thank Hervé Poncharal for the opportunity he is giving me. I am excited to become part of Hervé's squad and to be teamed with Cal. I am sure this new challenge will be exciting, motivating and fun. Now that 2012 is sorted I want to focus on finishing the season in the best possible way."

Herve Poncharal – Team Manager:
"I am delighted that a rider of Andrea's stature has decided to commit his future to Tech 3 and Yamaha. He is without doubt one of the fastest riders in the world who has proven on a regular basis that he is capable of challenging for the podium in MotoGP. I am thrilled that he trusts the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 Team to take his career to the next level and we can look forward to 2012 with high expectations. I am convinced that with Andrea and Cal we have one of the strongest line-ups on the grid in 2012 and both of them will demonstrate the potential of Yamaha's new 1000cc machine."


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Is he gonna get full factory equipment? If I was Yamaha, I would give it to him from the start and begin to gauge his performance potential on their optimum equipment...

If I were Yamaha, I would give all my riders full factory support. Of course, then I would have to listen to my sponsors moan.

I suspect he thought that if he stayed with honda next year would be his last chance on a factory bike, satellite or not and he needed to cash in. I'd certainly expect him to have to work a lot harder to achieve the same next year..Should push Cal on.
Having said that 2013 is a long way off in motopg, Yamaha could well be 3rd best manufacturer by then and I wouldn't bet against it.. Huge gamble but a great signing for Herve..

I think there tends to be very little difference between the Factory and Satellite Yamaha's early in the seasons (I think I remember Colin Edwards saying that). If Dovi is fighting for the championship early on I'm sure Yamaha will make sure he gets factory gear all year where possible.

I understand how Dovi must be pissed at Honda about his treatment but cutting off your nose to spite your face is never a good move. He is clearly the 3rd best rider in Repsol this year and also at a sponsorship dollars deficit to Simoncelli. To get offered a factory Honda (if he was) should have been enough to get his signature on a contract unless LCR couldn't afford it.

As far as Yamaha giving him some factory kit, dream on. Spies was able to get some small upgrades during his rookie season but he was destined for the factory team from his first day in Tech 3. Also wasn't Spies contract directly with Yamaha? Not the case with Dovi. What Dovi is is a sure thing for the top 10 results that Herve wants but Yamaha will never let Tech 3 outshine the factory team nor consider a veteran rider to cultivate for it.

All of the above was true for the 800cc regulations. There is a possibility that the 1000s will mix the grid up more but I don't see Dovi being one to benefit as much as Hayden or Spies. And the factory to satellite gap may not narrow to what it was for the 990s.


At 25, compared to 27 for Spies, Dovi is hardly a veteran. But his GP experience is definitely vaster for sure, which is an advantage, not the other way.
The thing is that he doesn't need so many updates, new rules for 2012 means Tech3 won't be getting the official bikes from the year before, the bikes will be really close at the beginning of the season.

If Dovi proves to be a match or even fairly close to Spies on the Tech3 I see nothing to prevent him from getting a shot at a factory seat the following year. With Pedrosa, Stoner, Simoncelli and even Marquez at Honda there is no way it could happen. But at Yamaha it is a possibility.

If anything, results this year show that on equal bikes it may not be a walk in the park for Spies in his duel with Dovi for a factory seat in 2013.
Between an underrated Dovi and a not-performing-as-well-as-expected Spies that will be interesting to follow for sure.

No matter how you look at it. From a factory Honda or even factory supported Honda to a satellite Yamaha. We have no idea how equal the bikes are before the season but we do know they are not the same and that the gap will grow. Against Spies Dovi will be bringing a knife to a gun fight. It is a lot to expect him to do well in that situation. Dovi will give Herve better results than he is used to but he will not be pushing the factory guys.

Dovi's been on a Repsol bike for 3 years now and has not been able to take a dry win. Spies, while not doing as well as expected, has taken a dry win in his first factory-ride season and seems to still be on the upswing while Dovi seems to have plateaued. Honda thought the same. Dovi will be an asset for Tech 3 but I doubt a candidate for any more factory rides. Has any rider ever gone the factory-satellite-factory route? Sete to Ducati is the only one that comes to mind and that didn't last long.