Get Taught To Shoot Motorcycle Racing By Top MotoGP Snapper Andrew Wheeler, And Eat His Food Too

If you've ever bought a program at a MotoGP race or marveled at the photos in motorcycle magazines, the chances are you have been admiring the work of Andrew Wheeler. Wheeler is one of the top photographers inside the MotoGP paddock, and his work has graced the pages of books, magazines and adverts all around the world. He is one of our favorite photographers inside motorcycle racing, matched only by our very own Scott Jones.

Now is your chance to be taught some of the secrets to taking perfect shots of motorcycle racing. At the Phillip Island round of MotoGP in Australia, Andrew Wheeler is offering a one-day seminar on how to turn your photos from racing snaps to works of art you will be proud to hang upon your walls. His infectious enthusiasm and passion for his profession will help you to achieve the goals you are aiming for as a photographer. As an added bonus, Andrew will also be cooking, and as someone who has stayed with him on a number of occasions, I can attest to the fact that his cooking would not go amiss in a restaurant with a Michelin star. 

The press release containing information on the event appears below:


Photography seminar and dinner in San Remo, Victoria, Australia

MotoGP photographer Andrew Wheeler is offering a one-day intensive photography class aimed at photographers who enjoy motorcycle racing, and is designed to help both amateurs and professionals who already have a solid understanding of their equipment improve their skills. It is also aimed at photographers who wish to create images using techniques and ideas that have brought Mr Wheeler to the forefront of motorcycle racing photography.

This intimate seminar will take place on Wednesday October 12, 2011 at Phillip Island, prior to the MotoGP race. The experience also includes dinner cooked by Andrew Wheeler and the location host Paul Stafford.

For more information on pricing and how to sign up for this seminar, please contact Andrew Wheeler at or call +1.831.539.3324


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This is hands down the best news I have heard since my ex girlfriend said she was leaving!

I came across this a couple of weeks ago - and jumped at it. So all signed up and salivating. Shall be heading down to PI all the way from Hong Kong!. Scott said he won't be there though - sad, as I would've loved to actually meet him - and not just know him through Facebook.

Just the year when I'm not even going to P.I. and I sold up all my dSLR and telephoto gear! Sounds like a really great opportunity though.

I'd be really interested to hear how MotoGP photographers feel as far as not being able to spectate and really follow the race, since they're always focussed on taking photos. Or maybe they do follow the race as well? I always found that I could never follow the race or really take everything in while I was peering through a little hole in a box...

I actually had a 1D which has a decent sized viewfinder, but it still really felt the same. I'll still take photos around the pits and other places but I'll just be enjoying spectating for the future...