Press Release Update On Karel Abraham: A Concussion, And Probable For Motegi

After being kept in overnight for medical checks at the hospital in Alcañiz, Karel Abraham was released on Monday morning after being diagnosed with a concussion. Abraham, who crashed out on the first lap, suffered a blow on the head, probably as a result of being hit by his own bike. Abraham returned to the Czech Republic yesterday for further medical checks at the hospital in Brno. He is expecting to race at the next round of MotoGP in Motegi. 

Here's the press release from the team with more details:

Karel Abraham returned to the Czech Republic, further medical checks awaits him in Brno

Karel Abraham, who suffered nasty crash on the first lap of the Gran Premio de Aragón, was released from hospital in Alcañiz. Then the Cardion AB Motoracing rider returned to Brno in the Czech Republic for further medical checks. His participation in the upcoming Grand Prix of Japan should not be jeopardised.

Starting from the third row on the grid, Karel Abraham crashed out on the first lap of the race. "Despite the fact that the start is usually one of my biggest weaknesses, this time I started quite well and stayed in the middle of the field. Honestly, I can not tell what happened before the crash," Karel Abraham, who spent yesterday's evening under observation in hospital, said. "All happened too fast."

Cause of Abraham's crash during which the Cardion AB Motoracing rider hit the ground, lost his visor and then was hit by his motorcycle in the helmet, probably was a touch with another rider. Twenty one years old Czech rider walked away from the gravel with help of track marshalls and then underwent a series of medical checks in a nearby hospital in Alcañiz. "Fortunately, I have nothing broken, only a slight concussion."

"I‘m glad I didn't suffer any serious injury, but I'm disappointed with the way I ended this race weekend. I produced one of my best performances in the qualifying session and made a promising start to the race, but then I crashed. I want to leave behind this race and focus on the upcoming Grand Prix," he added.


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I thought RdP had to run wide because he had been coming up behind Karel (not within touching distance) and had to swerve towards the gravel to avoid hitting him. It didn't look like Karel had come into contact with anyone.

The Elias/Capirossi mixup though... that's another story! Such great sportsmanship from Elias as he waited to see if Loris was ok, too. That was nice to see.

Couldn't really tell who the other riders involved were from the helicopter shot at the start, but from what I could see he got squeezed out when two bikes came around him on either side and then the small gap closed up with him in the middle. Just a racing incident really. Hope Karel heals up quick!

I don't have access to the video footage on to view and verify it, but some people on the Internet insist that the Gresini bad boy played a part in Abraham's crash.....

I'm fairly sure it was actually Elias that tagged Abraham, as the pack fanned across between turn 1 and 2. (Though in no way intentionally just a compression of bikes and lack of room)
The overhead shot isnt very clear, I only noticed it was Elias as i followed him from the lights going out when they replayed the film later in the race, as i was interested in how the hell he managed to be in 7th halfway round the first lap!