Suzuki Press Release: Bautista Back In Spain, Walking Again

A press release from Rizla Suzuki with an update on Alvaro Bautista's condition:

Bautista back in Spain and taking steps towards recovery

Publish Date: Friday, March 25, 2011

Rizla Suzuki's Álvaro Bautista has returned to Spain to begin his recuperation as he starts on the road to recovery following the broken femur he suffered at Qatar last weekend.

Bautista broke his left femur in a huge high-side crash at Losail on Friday 18th March and undertook an operation to insert a metal pin into the bone on the following morning in Doha. The surgery was a success, but Bautista suffered some minor complications as he developed Compartmental Syndrome, which occurs when pressure within the muscles around the injury builds to dangerous levels. This pressure can decrease blood flow, which prevents nourishment and oxygen from reaching nerve and muscle cells and hampering the healing process. Bautista had to have a second small operation to open a surgical cut in his leg to relieve the pressure and the wound was left open (covered with a sterile dressing), as the Spanish star was then transferred by medical plane back to Madrid to receive further treatment.

Bautista was immediately examined by Dr Angel Villamor upon his arrival in Spain and another small operation was conducted to close the wound. This procedure was a success and the pressure around the injury has now decreased, which enabled Bautista to take his first few tentative steps on Thursday with his physiotherapist.

Rizla Suzuki's Spanish star has no confirmed date for his racing return to the MotoGP arena, but Bautista will be doing all he can to be back amongst the action as soon as possible. His first target is to be present at the Spanish Grand Prix to support the team on Sunday 3rd April, as he aims to return to full fitness as quickly as he can.


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The dopamine hit is so strong that one simply dismisses such trivialities as broken bones, snapped ligaments, strained muscles and abraded skin. After 15 on and off years of road racing I final broke bones for the first time as a forty year old a few years back (Pelvis and Radius). I always thought I'd cry like a school girl and swear off road racing forever once this happened. No way, back in that saddle as soon as possible. It is human nature to be drawn to things that thrill (yet endanger) us.

...but thank God that you are. Otherwise, marriage would be extinct. :)

Seriously, though, back when I had a three-wheeler, I broke my arm, and my neighbor had to rush me to the emergency room. When my parents came into the ER, the first statement from my mouth wasn't, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!", but "PLEASE don't sell my three-wheeler!" The day after I got out of my cast, I went out and compound-fractured my left leg EXACTLY THE SAME as Rossi's. In fact, when the dust cleared (literally) after my crash, I wasn't in any real pain. What I didn't know was that my tibia and fibula were sticking up out of my leg like a road sign that someone has hit with their car. I moved my arms experimentally, to make sure that they were not broken, since I had just gotten out of my cast. Then, I stood up, and went I took my first step (onto my left leg), the TOPS of my tibia and fibula were aiming one direction, while the BOTTOMS were facing another direction altogether. When I stepped onto my left leg, it squashed down like stepping on a loaf of bread...and it was THEN the pain started. I definitely know what it's like to not experience the pain immediately. The first person toot it to me was policeman, who turned WHITE and said, "Oh my GOD." That didn't boost my morale. At ALL.

Three hours later, my leg was back in one piece, with no evidence of it ever having been broken, but that's another story for another day...

Oh, and we sold the three-wheeler after that... :)

I had compartment syndrome in 07, took longer to heal which delayed my rehab by about a month. That month was enough for my muscles to shrink, which further increased rehab time. Plus it left mw with slight nerve damage in the lower leg. I feel for him, bad luck. Hope he comes back ,but it wont surprise me if it takes till july or august.