Ducati MotoGP Press Release After Jerez Private Test

While the factory Marlboro Ducati team were testing in Sepang at the official IRTA MotoGP tests, Ducati's test team was taking part in a private test at Jerez, working on solutions to take to Qatar, a necessity given the worrying results at Sepang. Test rider Franco Battaini spent time trying out some electronic and chassis setup changes, under the watchful eye of Ducati Corse director Filippo Preziosi. Below is the press release issued after that test:


While the Ducati Marlboro Team were at the offical MotoGP pre-season tests in Sepang with Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden, Filippo Preziosi and the development team have been in Jerez de La Frontera in Spain, working with official team test rider, Franco Battaini, in a three-day test session that concluded today. While over-seeing the progress on the Andalusian circuit, Preziosi has remained in constant contact with the team in Malaysia, coordinating the work of the engineers to enhance the development program of the Desmosedici.

"Today was the final session of this three-day test in Jerez with the development team," said Filippo Preziosi as the day came to a close. "We worked through an intense schedule with Franco (Battaini), completing a series of software tests in close conjunction with the official team in Sepang: based on the feed-back from Valentino and Nicky, we carried the work forward on a parallel course which will allow us to provide concrete solutions for the next test in Qatar. We have also continued to work on the chassis set-up, gathering data which we will return to the factory with on Monday for comparison with that of Sepang. In Malaysia we have not finished in a position inline with our original target but this was also due to some back luck. After a promising start to the test, Valentino became ill and lost a full day on the track, forcing him to cram all of the remaining work into the last day. Valentino, Nicky and all the guys at the track were working flat out, and we are doing the same back in the factory. We are confident that by going forward with this same level of commitment, and staying focused on our objectives we will realize the potential that we know we have."


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Thanks for the update on the test David.
It's hard to be inspired by Ducatis press release although I don't doubt for a minute they have massive potential. Either playing close to their chests or stumped. I hope it's the former. Presiozi must have a good reason for continuing with the current bike, I'd love to know what it is. Is there massive potential hinted at by Casey at the tracks he destroyed everyone at?? and they are trying to unlock it?? If you work the duke theory back then on a good bike Casey should be expected to be way ahead of his team mate theoretically of course. I'm sure there is something in that but I don't know what it is and it doesn't mean it can be transferred to every track. Must be a major positive close by otherwise it appears vanity. Good luck Rossi and Ducati the racing needs you both.

Thanks for the accurate updates David. I think there is more than meets the eye. Is it possible, the reason behind the Rossi-Ducati merger being a huge marketing effort by the Bologna factory? I strongly suspect such an agreement exists, although it would be insufficient to lure Rossi, at this stage in his career. So there must be another reason. A huge advantage lurking maybe in the shadows? Or just plain misreading the data. Rossi never knew the bike before Valencia. Anyway I really believe he can sort this mess, but not in the short run. If he shines @ Qatar, I 'll have to make an icon of him --not so distant a possibility even at this stage. And it would be detrimental to racing if Honda and Yamaha were left to fight it amongst themselves.

Thanks David.

Stoner will be the champion. If not Stoner, Dani or Jorge, or maybe Sic...Dovi...Spies...you name it...any way, Rossi is finished.