Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 196: And We're Off! A Look Back At Qatar

MotoGP is back, and the Paddock Pass Podcast crew have a race to sink their teeth into. Steve English, Neil Morrison, Adam Wheeler and David Emmett gather to discuss what happened in the season opener in Qatar.

There is a lot to talk about, and we take a deep dive into how Maverick Viñales won the first race of 2020, how the Ducatis fared, what happened to the top speed of the bikes, how Joan Mir salvaged what might have been a bad weekend and more. We take a brief look at Moto2 and Moto3, and we give our winners and losers for the weekend.

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Good one! Going to have a 2nd listen, thanks again.

I try to avoid shite drama off track, but going to comment this time. Do I love Valentino Rossi? Yes. Have I also loved Marc, Casey etc? Yes. Do I respect Vale when he says shite like "some riders don't respect their rivals" and calls out Binder for an aggressive non-contact single pass on him? Absolutely not. (Did I love the Rossi - Stoner Laguna contact free cage fight? Yes!).

At least there can be praise for Rossi properly identifying Binder as his rival at Qatar last weekend. Rossi was dropping from his draft/tow begotten grid position, and Binder was working to do the business. 

Vale, if you mouth off in an egoic entitled manner, you paradoxically bring uncomfortable consideration. Are Binder and Rossi rivals? Or are they just passing each other briefly, the promising kid on a rising fresh bike showing tail to sunsetting yesterday's top dog? Do your talking on track mate, and you better deliver now. Ironically, spouting inane hypocritical shite again off track brings interest in your retirement time rather than sympathy. So go win a race, like Binder did last year (his rookie yr on a challenging bike, perhaps like the Ducati may have felt for you after those Hondas and Yamahas). Tough talk, you are welcome, please wrap things up with class, dignity and a strong performance we can celebrate.

I think he would be making a general comment about Binder. He is aggressive but so far i don't see him doing anything that goes too far in my opinion. Aggressive is the game these days, if the fangs aren't out you'd get eaten. Must be tricky playing that game without much experience in the class. I remember him having a similar go at Zarco after the US GP 2017 i think. Prophetic ?