Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 183: Your Questions Answered

In the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, the crew answer some of your questions. Steve English, Neil Morrison, and Adam Wheeler take a deep dive into some of the burning questions on your mind. 

Among the questions answered: Is Valentino Rossi a spent force? Should he retire or is he still capable of winning? Should Honda sign Andrea Dovizioso to replace Marc Marquez if Marquez can't ride in 2021, or should they stick with Stefan Bradl? What happens to Suzuki now without Davide Brivio? Can they succeed and find a replacement? And finally, what is the value of a test team and how has it changed over the years? The crew explain how the importance of test riders has increased and expanded over the years.

Finally, Adam Wheeler gives a quick update on the Supercross season, how it is going so far and what to expect next.

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Wintertainment 2020 MotoGP Revisit Special

Each if these is a great 10 mins highlight cut of a race. I am going to knock them all out in a row to review and re-enjoy, feel free to join in a nice two plus hrs of the good stuff.


Spanish GP -

Andalucia GP -

Austrian GP -

Styria GP -

San Marino GP -

Emilia Romagna -

Catalan -

French -

Aragon -

Teruel -

"European" -

Valenthia -

Portuguese -

Good Podcast all three of you fine Blokes. Neil thanks for the mic fix! Steve, guitars/bass too?! Neil and drums?! Oh yeah. Here as well, love it. Esp making guitar/bass effects saved on a Boss GT-1, mic up drums, layer harmonies, all through a looper. Pandemic perfect. Maybe start w a click track metronome and the accoustic ala The Go Betweens? Gretsch guitar to match the 675R - British Racing Green almost (1st car? 1969 Triumph TR-6, restored age 15-17 on my own no guidance). 1st bike was a Honda C-70 at age 15. Bikes came in late here, straight into racing. Anyhoo, try drums mate. Took a conga on a stand (bass), strapped well a set of bongos (toms), a djembe (snare). Pocket full of two shakers, several harmonicas, et al. Stick for clacking the side of the wood drums. 

Thanks, great stuff. Rossi is wrapping up. It is hard to stop, like flywheel weight. His crafty adaptive will has been an asset. Valentino Rossi will be our first Alien post riding. Never before have we seen this juggernaut off the bike. It should be fun. And soon. SO hoping he, Gresini or Aqua announce 2022 Suzukis! Rossi could conceivably challenge for another win, especially in odd circumstance. His adaptive ingenuity trancends age. 

I think Suzuki can do fine post Brivio. He has established the program tip to tail and tone. There is a next chapter, no longer the wee factory w potential. His replacement, I see the P.R. aspect as less relevant than you Adam, and more the internal politics manoeuvering within an organization mixed and disjointed re racing prowess and resource allocation, growth mindset, and progressive. Get a person trusted by the execs above the racing dept with sway and might. Get. The. Resources. Keep. Moving. Forward. Does Renault F1 deserve Davide? Will he enjoy it? Is it working with...CARS?!


A bushel more could be said re the particular set of factors that have made testing teams outside Japan and real race pace test riders necessary. It is interesting and cool. Yamaha is about to make a (delayed start from the pitlane) big step here. Watch how it brings a ripple effect churning their project fwd. Their 2022 bike will sizzle where the 2020 bike smoldered.

KTM, what a joy to behold from helmet to boots. The more we can learn of the project the better. It was not possible what they just did. Yamaha and Honda have gone from an impenetrable dominant duo to looking like a slow to re-orient excessively chunky vessel. Both were mired in their own homegrown detritus. Suzuki and KTM have caught them. Ducati has some as yet untapped potential we can await should their fuse finally hit dry powder. 

Steve, don't just look at Bradl's season stats. Consider well his trajectory and how he and HIS bike finished the season. It looked a near miracle. That is just supposed to get backed and furthered. If there are more test rider needs because the screwed and blasted and infected humerus of The Marc has Bradl racing, look at temporary test help. Bradl chiseled his passport the hard way, not to be ever taken for granted! Even if just for the future if your test program w him. Marquez will return. Big bones heal, infections cure. He is still the skittle, and has found the limit, yet again careening past it. It is the script, and beware that both he and the Honda are in a new chapter. He will finish 2021 atop the heap, with a low crash rate. God help us. 


      Depending on Marquez's recovery, Rossi may also outlast him also. Think of all the riders who have come and gone during his tenure.  

When speaking about winning a motogp championship. Will Rossi win another race in motogp? He is living the nightmare of his words to Sete after Qatar '04. Rossi is synonymous with motogp. At least during the oughts. Not so much during the last decade, aside from '15. Yes, Rossi is clinging to his identity and fears what will become of him if he lets go of motogp. The VR46 apparel machine churns out a lot of dinero. Dovizioso? Will have to watch how things play out.