Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 162: Mulling Over Misano Madness

The San Marino Grand Prix at Misano threw the 2020 MotoGP championship yet another curveball, producing the fifth winner in six races and the fourth first-time victor in the premier class. On Tuesday, the Paddock Pass Podcast crew gathered remotely to chew over the events of the weekend. David Emmett and Steve English talk to our man on the ground, Neil Morrison, about a wild Misano weekend.

We start off with Franco Morbidelli, of course, the Italian taking a well-deserved win, but cover so much more. We talk about the VR46 Academy, and what it means for Italian racing, and Valentino Rossi's legacy in MotoGP. We talk about Rossi's teammate, Maverick Viñales, and discuss where he went wrong in the race, and why he is so fast in practice and struggles so badly in the race.

That leads on to a debate of what happened with Fabio Quartararo, and what went wrong for the Petronas Yamaha rider at Misano. We talk about the strong race of Pecco Bagnaia and Joan Mir, and how they ended up on the podium. We take a glance at Ducati's 2021 line up, and their options.

We go through all the other talking points of the race weekend, and end up with our winners and losers.

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Thanks a bunch, fellas.

Rossi understands how fruitful the dynamic of giving back, or giving thanks, can be. He feeds off the enthusiasm of the young students he mentors. This guy is having fun!

Viñales suffers from stubbornness - the inability to trust in the guidance of others. This is a stumbling block of the mind. If he could move past this, set the identity and unwillingness to be wrong aside, he would be a threat. All riders, like the bikes, have their strengths and weaknesses.  

"Michelin's rear tire and Marquez' absence has created this unpredictability, this uncertainty..." - Neil Morrison. For sure, the question could be proposed, "who is to say that Marquez' DNF and injury in Jerez was not because of the new rear Michelin rear tire?" But, uncertainty seems to be the mode of cause and effect in 2020. It's not just limited to Motogp.

Let us not forget that Bagnaia's 2nd place at Misano came at the VR46 playground. Waiting to see the results over the next couple of races, especially Barcelona, is a prudent choice by Ducati Corse (Dall'Igna).

Bring it...

Great podcast as usual, gentlemen. My winner for the weekend would be Valentino Rossi -- not for his race result (which was still pretty impressive), but for the incredible success of his VR46 Academy riders, with four of the six podium places on offer in the top two classes. His hard work toward a permanent legacy seems to be doing very, very well.

That’s what I’ve been doing. The Pod was fun. David and Neil’s post discussion comments - if others switched off before them, do listen next time, they are delightfully unguarded - suggest they enjoyed the revised format too. Steve’s contribution raised key issues, kept the discussion on track, avoided repetition, optimised David and Neil’s respective contributions, provoked a bit of friendly jousting and generally kept the very best of good order. More please. I’ll be seeing you on Patreon shortly.