Emergency Subscriber Podcast: Talking Through The Ramifications Of Canceling The Qatar MotoGP Race

David Emmett talks you through the cancellation of the MotoGP race at Qatar. How did it come about, what made it inevitable, and what happens for the Qatar Grand Prix weekend. Also, what happens next for MotoGP, and how might the corona virus affect next few races. Finally, how does it affect how the series plays out, with some factories coming into Qatar with strong momentum after the test, and some still struggling.

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What do the travel restrictions into Qatar mean for the WSBK round there in two weeks? If the teams go directly from Phillip Island to Qatar will that prevent them from being locked out? Will Qatar's suspension of visa sales at port-of-entry still affect WSBK teams?

Thailand postponed now as well.  Was announced this morning approx 6.40am GMT......

is there any truth to the rumour that the coronavirus has mutated into a form that targets only some bike riders called the michivirus. It seems that this virus affects some more than others and results in frustration and disappointment sometimes anger. People have been warned to stay clear of those affected and shielding or averting eyes is the recomended course of action. 

Hi David - just to add a fact from an organiser standpoint.... Dorna has just issued a directive that no guests may enter the paddock from the VIP terrace on the first floor (and I assume vice versa). VIPS will park in the public and enter the vip area via the Bridge

Ordinary one event paddock guest passes will also not be honoured.

This is to prevent possible spread back to qatari citizens from potentially infected people in the paddock.  now as I understood It, the whole reason the moto2/3 teams are permitted to race is that they have been in Qatar for enough time for the symptoms to manifest. So the presumption is that they are not infected. Of course if they are, spread via the paddock would seem a small element considering the opportunities to spread in the hotels, restaurants, souks, etc.  So not sure how much good this prophylactic will do apart from piss off our customers.

Only one of our four staff has been able to make it there.  Sadly last week I was in bergamo with agostini (who I presume has also skipped Qatar !) so I am ruled out, as is one of my Italian staff, and another colleague who has an ordinary cold, but is afraid he will end up in a white room in Hamad hospital for a fortnight...

given that half our customers have cancelled, 1 staff is more than enough for a rapidly deteriorating programme. Anyone up for dune bashing in Qatar?

if you are in Doha, give us a shout