Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 96: A Deep Dive Into Ducati's Swing Arm Spoiler

After the MotoGP Court of Appeal announced their decision on the legality of Ducati's swing arm spoiler, and ahead of this weekend's Argentinian round of MotoGP, Steve English and David Emmett get together to chew the whole thing over for another episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast.

Naturally, the decision on Ducati's spoiler is at the center of the episode. We take a deep dive into the whole subject, going through the process of what happened, and how the appeal ended up in Switzerland at the MotoGP Court of Appeal. We discuss how the rules are made in MotoGP, and what the whole thing means for the future of rule making in the series. We talk about why Ducati's spoiler was ruled legal, and why Aprilia's was not. And we debate how much of a factor Aprilia's Massimo Rivola, who joined from F1, had in the dispute ending up in the Court. Is this an F1 habit, or was this just an argument waiting to happen whoever was in charge?

After that, we take a brief look ahead at the next round of MotoGP in Argentina. Can Andrea Dovizioso hold on to his championship lead? What can we expect from Marc Marquez? Will the Yamahas be competitive? Or could Alex Rins get his first win in MotoGP?

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