Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 80: The Austrian Episode, Now With Added Yamaha And Aprilia

Another weekend, another race, and another episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast. As they headed up the S6 motorway between Spielberg and Vienna, David Emmett and Neil Morrison stopped off at a service station for a cup of coffee and a quick spot of podcasting.

We naturally start off talking about the race, and how the Ducatis held off a hard-charging Marc Marquez for the win. We talk about Jorge Lorenzo's transformation, and just how much Marquez really wanted to win that race. We also discuss what it all means for the championship.

We then turn to two different manufacturers who didn't feature at the front of the race. We dive into the situation at Yamaha, from the strange apology issued by Yamaha M1 project leader Kouji Tsuya on Saturday night, to what Yamaha are doing to address their problems. We wonder if it will work, whether Yamaha will win a race again this season, and what it all means for 2019.

Next we discuss the meltdown at Aprilia, with Scott Redding criticizing the Italian factory extremely harshly, and Aleix Espargaro offering a much more polite, but equally withering critique of the lack of progress at the Italian factory. We ask where things are going awry, and how Aprilia can fix the situation. And we wrap the show up with our usual winners and losers section.

Enjoy the show!

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