Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 79: Talking Brno, And What Happened With Maverick Viñales

MotoGP returned to another cracking race at Brno, and a tight finish between the top three. Neil Morrison and David Emmett sat down to talk about the race, and the fallout from it, on the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast.

We first talk about how close the race was, and how the battle between the Ducatis of Andrea Dovizioso and Jorge Lorenzo, and the Honda of Marc Marquez unfolded. We debate what this means for Ducati, and what it means for Honda, and how that plays going forward. We also talk about what factors created the close racing, and whether the tires are interfering with what some people regard as pure racing.

We then turn our attention to the Strange Case Of Maverick Viñales, and the disruption in the Movistar Yamaha garage after the race. We examine exactly how the rift between Viñales and his crew chief Ramon Forcada came about, and debate who is to blame in the whole affair. We also debate Yamaha's handling of the affair.

We finally take a quick look at the state of the championship, run down some of the things which caught our attention at the test, and talk about a couple of news items, including the growing role of European test teams, who will be Yamaha's test rider, and whether Dani Pedrosa will test for Honda or KTM next season. We take a peek at the 2019 calendar, and discuss just exactly how dangerous the Hermanos Rodriguez circuit in Mexico City is for motorcycle racing. We finish up as usual with our winners and losers.

Enjoy the show!


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