Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 75: Lorenzo Does It Again At Barcelona

The Grand Prix of Catalonia in Barcelona may not have been a classic race, it did throw up plenty of talking points, and in the latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast, Neil Morrison and David Emmett discuss what went on at the race at Montmeló. We obviously have to start with Jorge Lorenzo's win on the Ducati, his second in a row and reminiscent of his years at Yamaha. We take a look at what changed for Lorenzo, and how he went from struggling so badly at Buriram to winning back-to-back races at Mugello and Barcelona.

Does Lorenzo's win put him back in the title race? We go through the list of candidates, and how much chance they stand of disrupting Marc Marquez' seemingly unstoppable march towards another championship. We also go over the tale of how Jorge Lorenzo ended up as Marc Marquez' teammate for 2019, and ponder whether he will be competitive on the Honda or not.

We also spend some time on the situation at Yamaha, and examine how they ended up on a losing streak of seventeen races. That discussion leads us on to talk about the test at Barcelona, and who brought what there, with one of the big talking points being the fact that Yamaha had almost nothing to test. Finally, we go over our traditional winners and losers of the weekend.

Enjoy the show!

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Is it credible to offer Jack Miller's view on this year's Honda MotoGP machine?  Quite clearly it is a major improvement on those of the past two years - even Cal Crutchlow has been able to win on it.  Miller can only comment on the B-equipment he rode in his three mostly fruitless years on a Honda.   What reason reason is there to believe that Lorenzo will struggle on the Honda in 2019?  Has anyone ridden the 2019 Honda?   Pay attention to the post-race tests at Valencia and find out which of the 2018 Repsol Hondas Lorenzo prefers.  My bet is he will love Dani Pedrosa's machine and feel ambivalent, at best, about Marquez bike.


Hi David,

I am an avid fan of your work and long time site supporter, so these comments are intended constructively.  I greatly enjoy these PPPodcasts but one thing really grates and it is particularly bad in this episode, which is the way you interrupt your co-hosts before they have had a chance to make their point.  Neil begins a well crafted and salient point about something and just gets smashed half way through his first sentence almost every time.  It just seems like you've got so much info in your head and you're so enthusiastic about it that it just can't wait to get out.  Then once paddock gate flies open there's an urgent rush of words sometimes in no particular order, and meanwhile your co-host has lost the opportunity to make whatever point he was making.  I feel the show would greatly benefit from allowing the co-hosts to more often say his bit while waiting a little longer and formulating your own addition to his point, rather than jumping on top of the beginnings of their observation.

Once again, 100% respect to you, your work, your writing and everything else, you are out there doing it and I am not, but this is my observation as a regular listener of the show.  The co-hosts on PPPodcast are so good that it is a shame not to be able to hear them finish.

Well put breganzane, I too have been frustrated by the interruptions at times, so thanks David for taking on board constructive criticisms.

These podcasts are very enjoyable and informative, always eager for the next instalment.