Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 58: Ducati's Domination Post-Silverstone

The latest episode of the Paddock Pass Podcast is out. In it, Steve English, Neil Morrison and David Emmett take a look back at the Austria and Silverstone races, and discuss the big issues that came out of that race.

First of all, we go over the changes made at Ducati, and how the spec software is allowing Andrea Dovizioso to shine. We also reference the MegaRide software, which is a part of Ducati's long-term focus on tire consumption. And we have a quick word for Jorge Lorenzo and his progress.

We chat about the step forward Yamaha have made, and discuss what impact that could have on the championship. Unfortunately, this was recorded just before news of Valentino Rossi's injury broke, so we did not discuss that. We did talk about Honda, and the amazing lap which Marc Marquez made at Silverstone, then talk about the effect his engine blowing up will make.

We also went over the Moto2 and Moto3 championship, and finish up with our winners and losers for the past couple of races.

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