Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 57: Flag-To-Flag Fun At Brno

With MotoGP back on track, the Paddock Pass Podcast also makes a return. Neil Morrison and David Emmett discuss a fascinating Czech Grand Prix at Brno. The race left us with plenty to talk about, not least because of the way in which Marc Marquez took victory.

First up, we evaluate Marc Marquez' victory, and analyze just how he pulled it off. We discuss the various factors that went into his win, the importance of strategy, and run through the options available to riders and teams in the event of a flag-to-flag race.

With the chaos which a flag-to-flag race inevitably creates, there were a couple of incidents in pit lane. Neil and David go over the options for fixing the situation, and evaluate the suggestions made by the riders for making pit lane safer during bike swaps.

Next, we talk about the aerodynamic upgrades various factories brought, and what effect they had. We evaluate the legality of Ducati's new package, and discuss the contrasting opinions of Maverick Viñales and Valentino Rossi on the new fairing brought by Yamaha. And as always, we finish up with our winners and losers of the weekend, who came out smelling of roses and who ended up covered in manure.

Enjoy the show!

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But I did miss you guys talking about Moto3. If not for Fenati's tenacity, Mir would be so far ahead the trophy would have his name already. I think his rides (and whole performance through a weekend) merit a lot of attention from now on.

As for the flag to flags, the idea I like the most is a reduced speed limit during races. Slower bikes would generaly make things less dangerous without having to add any more personel in the pits or alter the dynamics of the racing and strategic options.