Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 18 - Reviewing The Sepang MotoGP Test

The Paddock Pass Podcast is back again. The latest episode sees David Emmett, Neil Morrison and Steve English get together to discuss the MotoGP test at Sepang, at the start of the month. 

The test gave us plenty to talk about. There was Loris Baz' massive crash, the return of Casey Stoner, a dominant performance by Jorge Lorenzo, and Honda continuing to struggle badly. We also talked about Suzuki's new bike, and how much of an improvement that was for Maverick Viñales and Aleix Espargaro. And of course, we also cover the Michelin tires in depth, as well as discussing what the spec or common software entails, and the effect that the combination of these has had so far during testing and could have during the season.

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SO much great info, no stone left unturned, and no fluff or drivel.


"...the Honda riders each have their own frame."

This is news to me and not sounding quite right. How many different frames were out there at any given time last season? I know MM93 and DP26 chose different frames from the (3?) options at any given time, and that MM93 was able to kick up some opposition to the 2015 stiff-as-a-rock and get back on the old one when he demanded it. But that seems SO different from each rider having their own frame. Even satellite riders? Can you please say a bit more?

Other things to chat about but won't.
Cheers mates, and thanks!