Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 15 - Answering Listener Questions

The Paddock Pass Podcast is back for another episode, and this time, we are answering questions sent to the @PaddockPassPod Twitter account.'s own David Emmett is joined by Steve English and Neil Morrison to answer questions on a very wide range of subjects.

We cover a lot of ground, from hosting a race in Indonesia, to the future of Alex Rins, to how Ducati will fare against Honda next season, and whether Andrea Iannone can win at Qatar. We give our view on the changes to the World Superbike format, with races on Saturday and Sunday now, and also confess to owning rider merchandise (some of which we even paid for out of our own pockets). We take a brief look at whether the term GOAT has any meaning in MotoGP, and who our candidates for it would be. And we consider whether Valentino Rossi will be treated any differently than in previous years by his rivals.

Thanks to everyone who sent in a question, and our sincere apologies to those whose questions didn't get answered. We will be doing this more often, and setting up an email address to send your questions to. Until then, you can reach us on Twitter with your questions and feedback.

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I really enjoy spending time with the fellas here. Thanks SO much for doing this!

No, golf is not a sport, it is a religion. And a better one is Motorcycle Road Racing. I like to say that becoming a good psychotherapist readied me to be a shoddy motorcycle racer. Which prepared me for the Tibetan Buddhist equivalent of seminary. One trancended what it was to die via trancending the pliable limit.


P.S. no, I don't think there is anything left to be said or read about anything not happening on track or re bike development during the off season. An old man has a hand on the trophy. It is no longer his. I hope he gets it next year as the greatest of adaptors, and those that can finish up a race as good as the best of them. His whole life is a race.

Marquez is a beauty to behold. Any tainting he gets from attack of the outgoing GOAT will have just gotten his helmet shined NICELY for the battle to come. We will see it all on track next year. Save your words.