Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 10 - Reviewing The Showdown Drama

If we thought the events at the MotoGP race of Sepang could get no more dramatic, we were very wrong indeed. The final MotoGP race of the season turned into a drama of epic proportions, on track especially after the track. 

On Monday,'s David Emmett, Roadracing World reporter Neil Morrison and top Asphalt & Rubber photographer Tony Goldsmith sat down to discuss the events leading up to the race, the Grand Prix itself and the fractious aftermath. We give our opinion on the actions of Valentino Rossi, Marc Marquez, Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo, and talk about what the protagonists all told us. We also look back at a mammoth season, featuring some of the most astounding race MotoGP has seen

Finally, and on a much cheerier note, we take a quick look at the Moto3 season decider, how Danny Kent finally won the title he had been chasing all year, and how Miguel Oliveira's heroic chases left him coming up short, but still with his dignity.

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As always, the last minutes of the show feature outtakes which are not suitable for sensitive ears or a working environment.

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Loving the podcasts, I enjoy them so much, dense with info and informed opinions, thank you David.

I find the comments about Marc not wanting to interfere with Lorenzo due to the championship, not wanting to make any risky passes, fascinating. How convenient for Lorenzo as Rossi received no such courtesy at neither PI or Sepang.

You think Rossi demanding he not interfere and race direction indicating that not interfering is the sporting thing to do had nothing to do with Marquez's change in outlook? By not interfering, he was doing as he was instructed by the interested parties. What is the problem with that?

Well said, I was going to comment on the exact same part of the podcast. I understand you guys not wanting to get embroiled in the feud or take sides but your views appeared to me very narrow. I tend to trust my gut and my eyes and what they told me was that Marquez was not racing in his usual fashion, it's too convenient.

It was also clear to me post race that he was lying based on his exaggerations and body language.

And yes you can see by my handle I'm a Rossi fan, but I agree with him getting the penalty. What I don't agree with is controlling races to decide a championship and the last race threw up some serious questions around that.

I think the one of the mains points was that even if you think MM was messing with VR, it doesn't follow that MM and JL were colluding to control a championship. If it was happening the first assumption should be that it was simply personal between MM and VR.

That whole show seemed rather anti Rossi. I'm suspecting the camera angle showing MM tipping in to Rossi was never seen by the hosts.

If that were the case, I'd largely agree with their assessment, but having seen that, I can't agree with what I'm hearing

I'm a general fan, NH69 was my fav I suppose and I'll admit to liking Rossi a fair bit, but I'm certainly no fanboy of any particular rider.

We saw the overhead camera angle, but our interpretation of it is different. I believe (and I suspect so do Neil and Tony) that Marquez was trying to judge when to turn in. Rossi's riding at that point was erratic and extremely unusual, both men were going very slowly, and were well past the usual turn in point. At some point, Rossi had to turn his bike in, but Marquez couldn't turn his in until Rossi made his move. Marquez was trying to judge when to do it, and got it wrong. But it was Rossi who put them both in that situation through what the rulebook defines as irresponsible riding. His actions led to Marquez' crash.

At a guess, I have seen that incident around 50 times, from various angles, and my opinion of it hasn't changed.