Paddock Pass Podcast Episode 9 - Flyaway Madness: A Look At Phillip Island And Sepang

The Paddock Pass Podcast is back again, this time with a bumper episode looking back at the Phillip Island and Sepang races.'s own David Emmett is joined by Neil Morrison and Tony Goldsmith, both of whom were present at two of the most significant races in recent history. They bring their tales of what went on there, and a discussion of the atmosphere before and after the race.

The usual trio is joined by Jensen Beeler, editor in chief of Asphalt and Rubber, who gives his unique perspective on the events at Sepang, and, as a trained lawyer, gives us a rundown of the legal aspects of Valentino Rossi's appeal to the CAS.

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Very happy to have this today but a minor complaint:

The audio file is too big to download from over cellular, Apple says.

Other discussion podcasts I listen to that are ~90 minutes are only about 40MB.

Might think about upping the compression.


Entertaining podcast David. One thing that wasn't mentioned was something a commenter brought up, which was MM pitboard in Aus at one point:

"With 9 laps to go, Marquez's crew shows him this pitboard: (EXACTLY this pitboard)


So I use my stopwatch and check who was "+1" a bit before the pit board. That’s the gap back to Rossi. Why would Marquez care?"

Also, could you outline exactly what qualifies as good porn?

Easy, riders have their pit crews notify them of riders behind them so they know if that rider could be a challenger for any upcoming corners. If they are close then the leading rider may need to change his line and ride a more defensive path rather than the best/fastest corner line. It's very common, and good, strategy. Those riders who have famously not ridden defensively enough once they get in the lead are Biaggi and Pedrosa. Both seem to consistently ride that perfect line only to be stuffed by someone making a more desperate or aggressive maneuver. I blame it on 250 riding styles that requires a most deft approach as they didn't have the grunt to accelerate like the larger bikes. Those riders that have learned to change their riding styles after moving to the big show have done considerably better although Dani seems to have finally adapted more recently. JMHO

Yes I understand how gaps on the pitboard work.

What this commenter was pointing out is this specific pitboard with 8 laps left point out 0.3 secs back to Lorenzo, which is completely normal, but then mysteriously, a "+1", which around lap #19 is when Iannone and VR were about 1 seconds back. So the question is, is it typical for MM pitboard to show two gaps? If not, why would he care about the gap two positions back in this race?

Wonderful. The podcast streamed fine over my weak cell signal. Makes work much more pleasant.

Excellent Podcast Guys,
Really enjoyed it. I'm a life long fan of racing, regardless of who I may follow/favour and I don't agree with Rossi's reaction to what I see as definite provocation from Marquez.
But to get back to the conspiracy (so called) of Marquez trying to make sure Rossi doesn't win the championship, you never discussed Iannone's comment in Thursdays Pre Event press conference that he also felt that Marquez was toying with them in Philip Island, he was in a good position to be able to judge that scenario and he agreed with Rossi on that point, that Marquez was playing games even though he went on to win the race!!!
Regardless of the events that followed in Sepang, which are now infamous and Iannone though friendly with Rossi certainly raced him hard and didn't give up a position in the race in PI, so surely Marquez was up to no good and has an agenda against Rossi, while I love to see both riders race at their best I cannot stand the unsportsmanlike attitude of Marques in particular, 'petty' comes to mind but also Rossi for the reaction to that provocation. Would be interested to hear your comments on that, was surprised it was not discussed as it leads directly to Rossi's case with CAS in my opinion?

I've been checking the site regularly since podcast 7 silently begging for the next instalment. Particularly in light of recent developments. Haven't even listened to it yet but thank you in advance. Feel like a little boy on xmas eve.