Scott Jones, Ducati Corse

Scott Jones At Valencia: The Rain In Spain Falls Mainly On Friday

Moving, leaving, staying. Big changes coming after this weekend.

The Beast. Marquez' fast and aggressive nature got him into trouble again on Friday

Cal Crutchlow skating through the damp at Valencia

Scott Jones Down Under: Shooting Race Day At Phillip Island

An Australian champion on a Repsol Honda: Mick Doohan turned some laps at Phillip Island for the fans

Cal Crutchlow was not going to let anything as petty as a bout of bronchitis slow him down on Sunday

Never give up

Scott Jones Down Under: Shooting Phillip Island On Saturday

King of the Island

One fast rookie: Bradl has been impressive on his MotoGP debut at the island

Jorge Lorenzo found some speed on Saturday. But will it be enough to stay ahead of Pedrosa?

Scott Jones Down Under: Friday Photos From Phillip Island

Two more races, and it's over

Two more races and it's over. Pedrosa willing.

The Mack is back, and he's all too familiar with the taste of humble pie

Casey Stoner: Elbow Down

One of the great things about working with David at MotoMatters is that doing so gets me to some amazing places, now and then in position to grab an image that really means a lot to me. From time to time, one of those images resonates with others as well.

Last year at Catalunya I happened to get Casey Stoner dragging his elbow around Turn 5, and as soon as that shot appeared on this website it began an amazing journey. It's the only work of mine that has approached something that might be called 'viral' in how it spread around the world. 

Before long I was hearing from new Twitter, Facebook and other fans, but also from Alpinestars, HRC and Repsol Honda, Bridgestone, and even from Casey himself, who asked for a copy of the image. His mechanics put the photo on their laptops as desktop wallpaper, and some of them are still using it. When I spoke to Adrianna Stoner and used the image to introduce myself at Silverstone, she said, "Oh, that's your picture. We still get it emailed to us about every five minutes." 

Scott Jones' Misano Adventure, Part Two: The Sun Returns

Blue skies. Not something we saw much of the first couple of days at Misano

Two days of testing and a revised chassis saw a marked improvement for Valentino Rossi

Andrea Dovizioso, forty miles from home

Scott Jones' Misano Adventure, Part One: Lost To The Rain

Happy Families? Happier after a podium at Misano, that's for sure

Maverick. Motorcycle racer

Racing Blu? Some liked it, others didn't

At Home With Scott Jones: Race Day Photos From Laguna

Not bad for a first timer

Lorenzo looked like he had it in the bag. But then he didn't

Start the shark music

At Home With Scott Jones: Saturday From A Foggy Laguna

Easy rider. Well, not that easy.

Stefan Bradl's trackday at Laguna paid off. He hasn't had to waste a session learning the track

Michele Pirro, soaking up the glorious NorCal weather

At Home With Scott Jones: Friday From Laguna

Laguna baby!

Elevation. Laguna Seca has it

Nine more, and we won't be able to see this any longer

Photographer's Blog: A Story of Racing Portraits

I've been thinking a lot lately about what advice and help I can give other photographers, largely because I'm leading a photography seminar two weeks before the MotoGP round at Laguna Seca. In addition to technique, camera settings, and workflow secrets, I'll also be talking about the 'mental game' of photography, and one of the ideas of this aspect of getting interesting pictures is overcoming shyness and having the courage to take risks.

The above portrait of Romano Fenati and his father, Claudio, is one of my favorites from 2012, and I'd like to share its tale, both for those who are interested in a behind the scenes MotoGP story, and also for my fellow shooters who enjoy occasionally finding photography-related comments in this space.

Photographer's Blog: This is No Sport for Old Men

Sometimes the guy in 6th place gets there with such style that his story is more compelling, more inspiring, and more enjoyable than the victor's. For me, the biggest story of Silverstone 2012 starts at least as early as Donington in 2008. James Toseland showed up to his home race in his rookie G.P. year to find the expected amount of media attention. It seemed in the days leading up the race that Toseland was on every front page in the country, and it also seemed impossible for any literate person in the U.K. not to know he was the local boy in the coming race at Donington Park. Not shy on courage, Toseland wore the English flag on his shoulders, literally, by appearing on Sunday in custom white leathers adorned with the red cross of St. George. 

What unfolded as the race began was painful to watch, even as a foreigner. Toseland charged into the first turn at Redgate and crashed. He gathered himself and his bike up and continued on, far behind the race for the victory, but was cheered as he made his lonely way from grandstand to grandstand. At least local hopes for a good result had not been made to suffer for long. 

Scott Jones At Silverstone 2012: Race Day

You spin me right round, baby

Moto2 - the battle for second. No quarter asked, none given

Jorge Lorenzo is looking fearsome so far this season

Scott Jones At Silverstone 2012: Qualifying Shots

You put your left leg in ...

What makes Silverstone so challenging is having to brake so hard as you tip the bike in. Jorge Lorenzo demonstrates the proper technique



Scott Jones At Silverstone 2012: Friday Photos

Fastest Ducati rider of the weekend so far: Nicky Hayden

Crutchlow had a bad day on Friday, then a worse day on Saturday. No luck at home for the Englishman

Big skies at Silverstone

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