Cormac Shoots The Jerez Test: Fresh Starts On New Bikes

Testing means special testing helmets. Joan Mir's was one of the best. An important test if Suzuki is to regain the ground it lost

The brakes are one thing the rookies really have to get their heads around. Luca Marini shows Darryn Binder how it's done at Turn 6

Jerez is close to the Costa de la Luz, a stretch of coast beloved by artists for its light. November tests are motorcycle racing's homage to art

SRT becomes RNF, and new uniforms, albeit temporary. Andrea Dovizioso gets a big upgrade with a '22 spec Yamaha M1

The advantage of having a lot of riders is a lot of people to try the new stuff. Jorge Martin tries out Ducati's new aero package

Testing is about finding the limit. Just ask Franco Morbidelli

Jack Miller called it the "didgeridoo", the massive exhaust for the front cylinder bank, seen here on Pecco Bagnaia's machine

Engine test or distraction? It is the sort of thing you would put on to distract from something you don't want people to look at

Are you really a revelation if we already suspect you are fast? Enea Bastianini ripped up the test at Jerez on a GP21

If the fairing looks familiar, it's because you have seen something similar on the Ducati. Miguel Oliveira tests the new aero on the KTM

Most interesting aspect was the revised air intake, with hollow section around it. Improving turbulence around the boundary of the intake?

Maverick Viñales may have been hand over his winter testing crown, but he was still absurdly fast at the Jerez test. When it doesn't count.

Pol Espargaro was happy after the test. HRC have finally built a bike which is a fraction less likely to hurt you, badly.

Carbon goodness. But note the sensor on the frame, top right

Raul Fernandez set to work at Jerez with a point to prove, after losing out to his teammate in the Moto2 championship

The Moto2 world champion made up the gap to Fernandez, despite the fact that Remy Gardner was still riding with broken ribs

Fabio Di Giannantonio, surprisingly the best of the rookies

Luca Marini made progress in his first year, will have to step up in 2022

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Love of Bastiannini shared too! He is coming, methinks on Martin's tail. 

With THIS Ducati machine, still improving, and THESE riders in their stable...(dramatic orchestra of doom)! 

Pecco, then Martin, then Miller-Bastiannini wheel to wheel? Does Martin have consistency? Will Basti keep maintain his momentum? And what about the 2022 Duc vs 2021?

Duc could 1,2,3 the Championship?

2022 Top 5 + Rookie

Still open, feel free to add yours below with no repeats of previous picks...

Motoshrink: 1) M.Marquez 2) Bagnaia 3) Quartararo 4) Mir 5) Martin 6) Bezzecchi

Brian: 1. Bagnaia 2. Quartararo 3. Mir 4. Martin 5. Miller 6. Gardner

Ibis117: 1: Bagnaia; 2: Martin; 3: M.Marquez M; 4: Mir; 5: Morbidelli, 6: Fernandez

Apical; 1) Bagnaia 2) Quartararo 3) M. Marquez 4) Miller 5) Martin 6) Gardner

Cloverleaf "#1 plate": Bagnaia 2. Martin 3. Quatararo 4. Mir  5. B.Binder 6.Bezzechi

Curly: 1 Bagnaia, 2 M.Marquez, 3 Quartararo, 4 Miller, 5 Martin, 6 Fernandez

WW: 1/ Quartararo. 2/ Bagnaia 3/ M.Marquez 4/Miller 5/Mir   6/Fernandez

D999: 1: M.Marquez 2: Bagnaia 3: Quartararo 4: Miller 5: Mir 6: Fernandez

Powervalve58: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Mir, 3. Bastianini, 4. Marini, 5. Aleix Espargaro, 6. Bezzecchi

Peterday: 1) Bagnaia 2) Quartararo 3) Mir 4) Martin 5) Morbidelli 6) Di Giannantonio

Ivanhoe: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Quartararo, 3. Mir, 4. Miller, 5. Morbidelli, 6. Fernandez

Highside Specialist: 1. Bagnaia 2. M.Marquez 3. Quartararo 4. Mir 5. Miller 6. Fernandez

Poole Pirate: 1. Bagnaia   2. M.Marquez   3. Martin   4. Miller   5. Dovi 6.  Fernandez

Yud77: 1) Quartararo   2) Bagnaia   3) M.Marquez  4) Mir  5) Morbidelli  6) Gardner

St. Stephen: 1) Quartararo, 2. Bagnaia, 3. Mir, 4. Martin, 5. Dovisioso, 6. Fernandez

KN58: 1.M.Marquez 2.Bagnaia 3.Miller 4.Quartararo 5.Zarco 6.Bezzecchi

SP_won: 1 Bagnaia, 2 Quartararo, 3 Miller, 4 Martin, 5 M.Marquez, 6 Gardner

WaveyD1974: 1: M.Marquez. 2: Bastianini. 3: Morbidelli. 4: Bagnaia. 5: Quartararo. 6: D.Binder.

TZnRDracer: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Quartararo, 3. Bastianini, 4. Miller, 5. Morbidelli, 6) Fernandez

TheBoss: 1) Quartararo, 2) Mir, 3) Miller, 4) Bagnaia, 5) Zarco, 6) Gardner

Gerrycollins: 1) Miller, 2) Bagnaia, 3) Mir, 4) Fabio, 5) Martin, 6) Gardner 

daddyrat: 1. M Marquez, 2. Bagnaia, 3. Quartararo 4. Martin, 5.Morbidelli 6. Gardner

Rockhen: 1. Bagnaia, 2. Miller, 3. Quatararo, 4. Morbidelli, 5. M.Marquez, 6. Gardner 

You: ???

Nearly forgot. Cheers

1: Marc Marquez.

2: Enea Bastianini.

3: Franco Morbidelli.

4: Peco Bagnaia.

5: Fabio Quartararo.

Rookie: Darryn Binder.

Well why not eh ? Give another vote of confidence in the aging maestro. Bastianini is a fast boy and was doing things with the Ducati that were not unique but he wasn't dropping it despite looking like a hooligan. Peco, Franco and Fabio...who knows, that could be any order. Darryn, new, no idea, Champioship winning bike...why not it's only for fun.

I chose with the mind. Your picks look more fun. I love Bastiannini's bubbly demeanor off track and beastly yet clean riding on track. And I'm a big fan of Morbidelli. Picking Marquez (condition unknown) for the win and placing 33 and 21 in front of 63 and 20 cracked me up. In a good way, WaveyD. Laughing at my own seriousness... 


It is after all...for fun wink

I would add though that Gardner for top rookie is almost as big a risk as Darryn Binder. It's KTM. KTM have had a rookie win with Brad Binder and another follow up from Brad in 2021. However, both were very unique in the circumstances. Brno bumps and Styrian downpour. All of KTM's wins could be placed in a similar box with the exception of Portimao 2020...but then again maybe that fits too. Mugello was an unusual blip in 2021 and again strongly linked to tyre wear with the added ingredient of Oliveira. Remember the rookie friendly Yamaha ? Ducati had good rookies last year so the bike must....or was it the rookies ? Martin produced results that showed he is of the top notch brigade and so did Bastianini. They out performed all other Ducati at times. Even for Ducati these performances are probably the exception not the norm. Remember the rookie friendly Yamaha ? The Yamaha has become a bit of a black box over the last couple of years. Yes we know Zarco and we know Folger and we know Fabi....ahhh Fabio. Fabio obviously had an impressive rookie season but that was because it was Fabio...or would Fabio have struggled more on a Honda or Ducati ? Since that point we have no idea, there's not been a rookie sitting on a Yamaha for any length of time to make a judgement on whether the fabled friendliness of the bike is still there. Once the season gets going and the young'ns are feeling a little frisky, which bike is going to finish ? To be honest i think Raul will be the biggest non surprise of the year, he will be good...but based on the machines they must use i reckon Darryn Binder.

Enea...if he can produce Misano more often...ok i should have put him at the number one spot. Franco...if he can produce that exquisite riding of late 2020, he would beat anybody. Marc...why not ? At least it will be nail biting with him at the front.

The Bastiannini pick is REALLY interesting. He may be fast tracking himself forward right now! I am with you on appreciating him. I think Martin is a bit more rider but it isn't an easy call at all. The 2019 bike was WAY behind the 2021. But we don't know how his 2021 will fare against Martin's Factory fresh machine. I see Duc making more progress right now!! This should really worry everyone. I hope Yamaha has their eyes open. 

1: Marc Marquez. 2: Enea Bastianini. 3: Franco Morbidelli. 4: Peco Bagnaia. 5: Fabio Quartararo. Rookie: Darryn Binder.

Glad someone took Darren. Makes it more fun. He is a large guy, and big bikes may display his prowess and suit him. That bike though! Ouch. Times have changed SO much since Fabio Aqua Rookie thrived. He had the 2019 Blue bike that was not in the gutter. Yes Fabio did the business this season, but damn that bike is underpowered! Hmm. D.Binder looks a longshot to me, and by the looks of everyone's tips too. So glad we have a dark horse to cheer on as well!

Morbidelli seems the only wild move to me. Fun indeed! I am having fun really thoroughly processing the circus and trying to bloody win. The process FAR outweighs "being right" eh? 

Not so many of us chose Marc. It is a touchy subject, maybe even distasteful to directly speak of concern that he could possibly be at risk of career ending re-injury. So unfortunate, and something that we all just had to go through a year ago too. Last time, my focus was angry resentment of HRC continuing to make that bucking gravel monster. Now? My mind is eerily silent. Hard to even write about this now, you know? Grim. Have thoughts? As a group we may have to discuss what to do here if he doesn't turn a wheel on Sunday next year? Distasteful to say the least, and the decision would be made by people that didn't put him in their Top 5. Saw a reader post that Iker would go to LCR and one of theirs would go Factory. Ick!

Get well Marc! See straight to it buddy, we all are in support! What a roller coaster ride. Oofh! You are a rare treasure.

Right there with you WaveyD on consideration of the KTM (it is coming back on the good path and soon) vs Ducati (it is the bike, not just the riders, AND holy crap they have several great riders now too!), and the Yamaha question mark (I have them sitting still JUST due to the lack of motor improvement. Hate to rub it in, but 3/4 of us saw that coming. And now, about that Honda...

What is some of your thinking on Morbidelli? 

Peterday, the mind looks to be in and of the whole of you. Seriously, the large intestine and heart are cutting edge Western research right now. Our non-western friends are getting some traditional wisdom agreed with finally. Still a young science, and on the gas. I have my grandfather's psych books from medical school pre WW2. The shite in their is bizarrely primitive, even offensive. Anyhoo, maybe you know this in your bones? A V4 is winning 2022. Right? One has conscious rational thoughts about "why," but that doesn't really in-total prove it to someone. If your body isn't resonating and integrated, it is just a few thoughts. We think a lot of shite!


If the Honda is as good as I think it may be and Marc has limited development time Pol will be able to fit it to himself. A revolutionary Honda design with Pol on it could put himself in with a chance of podium every race. Toughest to leave out of my picks along with Franco. Just too many exceptional riders to narrow it down. Next year will be amazing....for Ducati.

I'm afraid the GP22 will be a significant step forward which leaves poor Enea on 2nd rate equipment again. He is gonna be a beast when he gets on factory Suzuki?

The gut indicated that Marquez would race the week after the Jerez crash. And in the aftermath of that debacle, the feeling down there was that his career was over. Mind is not always clear about these indications. And the indications tend to be topics people would rather not hear about. Intuition can be strange. Is it only observing of the knowing, or can creating be taking place also? (which is what the mind purports on occasion)

Fabio was a rookie in 2019 on a 2018 Yamaha. He then took a step up to the 2020 Yamaha for 2020. He didn't like the front end and he says that feeling returned with the 2021 bike. I'm suddenly not sure but Darryn will get the 2021 bike ? I think so. Fabio, Franco and Dovi will have the 2022 bike. So Darryn will be on this years championship winning bike with that championship winning front end feel maybe. Hard to say how any of the bikes will perform until they are on track in 2022.

Ducati have had the biggest engine for quite a few years now and it's not won them one championship. Ok ok ok there was Marc. For 2020 there was no Marc and 2021 Marc was out of the title picture but they were still beaten by the oh so slow inline 4's. This year Yamaha (Rossi excluded) have had an extremely good finishing record. Dixon had a DNF, Fabio had a DNF (after the title was wrapped up), Maverick rode out of Styria but there are no other DNFs. Considering the carousel of riders that's amazing. Ducati have been dropping the front like it's 2011 all over again. Fast yes, poles galore, wins aplenty but DNFs too. I think it's very difficult to know. The engine, aero and electronics are so so important but count for a lot less when the bike underneath goes astray. The times are very close and I think Ducati still do not have the bike under them. It might not kill their lap times but it does kill their races. Rookies usually crash more (except Marini), Darryn starts with a good bike for finishing races.

My thoughts on Franco is that he is less volatile than a lead brick and if he can find form on the 2022 bike in the factory team, with full fitness, he will produce an astonishing season of consistency in terms of performance. If he can do that, given how tight the field is, then you can place him at the top. I just threw Marc up top because it's exactly where he should be if it wasn't for the fragility of the human body. I threw Bastianini up there because he looks so bloody great riding sometimes. Flamboyant Italian rider on an Italian has to be written somewhere....aha it is...abovelaugh


D.Binder gets two of the Factory 2021 bikes and a big spares bin wheeled over from the Blue garage from the Valencia weekend. 

My question is what this "A Spec" (customer) bike's engine will be. Morbidelli got a newer engine that also fit his frame as I recall, sometimes they are hybrids. 

Quartararo requested his 2020 chassis w the latest engine/electronics etc upon arrival in the Factory Team. It was declined, and he quickly came around. There was development on rear drive out traction on that bike, especially for varying conditions. 

Now, Fabio is focused on getting more engine. He better have flexible and moderate expectations unfortunately!

As per Rins, the new Suzuki is making lots of significant steps. One major one is the post freeze engine, which has more outright power from the box before sorting. And they are sorting. Guintoli says he and Tsuda are SUPER busy. Aero, chassis, electronics. Mir may be coming fwd?

The Ducati was, I thought, the best bike of 2020. 2021? Same bike base (notice the Customer bike was a 2019?) and stepped out ahead another big step! Yes, Pecco thrived. But ALL their riders did, and said the bike was developing really well. And, the same is being said right now AGAIN with evolution of this 2020 beast. It does NOT have an identifiable weakness. There isn't a bogey track. It gets in corners great and rails. It is easy on tires! And then look at their rider roster. Then count the number of 2022 bikes and data/development. Test program? Heck, let's just put EIGHT 2021 - 2022 bikes out there, and the older bikes can even get some Evo parts sifted down! It's the same bloody menace of a machine! In a V4 era. (Theme from Jaws low piano of doom)...

I don't have any inside information but I do not believe JM36 will be switching to front wheel drive. Interesting thought, though... :-))

If i remember right Fabio wanted his 2019 chassis...whatever that was but supposedly a 2018 Yamaha...maybe A-Spec/+/-. He had no confidence in the 2020 chassis. He found, to his delight, the front end feel of his 2019 bike returned with the 2021 chassis. The main point being he had the front end feel he wanted. Might be completely unrelated to any previous chassis, the tyres were different in 2019.

2020, Yamaha 7 wins - Ducati 2.

How on earth is Jorge Martin top rookie ? 4 DNF and 4 points 8 rounds of 18. Is it rider or bike ? I think it's very difficult to say anything other than it is rider and bike. 8 rounds maximum points total available 200.

Fabio 278 (1 DNF = max possible -25 points)

Peco 252 (-50)

Mir 208 (-50)

Miller 181 (-100)

Zarco 173 (-75)

Binder 151 (-25)

M.Marquez 142 (-200, including 4 DNS)

A. Espargaro 120 (-125)

Martin 111 (-200, including 4 DNS)

I know it doesn't work like that, some of the DNF make a difference of a few or even zero points but look at Brad Binder go. Both of Peco's DNF were from the lead. I don't know anymore. Oliveira looked the faster KTM rider for much of the season ?...94 points 5 DNF.

Yamaha had a crazy season and with the exception of Rossi nobody was dropping the bike even though it was complete mayhem. So under normal circumstances, Jorge and Enea not being normal anything i think, the Yamaha is the better bike for a rookie. Now lets watch DiGi and the Happy Mondays prove me wrong.


1. Bagnaia, 2. Quartararo, 3. Bastianini, 4. Miller, 5. Morbidelli. And rookie.. Fernandez

Welcome Gerry!

This is yours, and the other previous for your partner, yeah? Can they pop in here and confirm the username they want us to call them? (OK that I put them in as "TheBoss?")



Congrats, Cloverleaf! Are you gonna wear the #1 plate this year? I hope Fabio does. '22 gonna be a stonker!

Cloverleaf is sharp. Enjoying getting to know everyone more deeply and explore our sport together. For u stance he and I both agree on Miller having zenithed and are taking Martin as leapfrogging him. We both thought it was a tough decision chewed on for a while. What was it like taking Martin over Miller? Think his consistency is coming? He is a little looser than some. 

(Stuck the #1 plate on him Cloverleaf, sure he hates the attention but he'll have to hope Ivahoe isn't as much of a cheesedong as me if he wants it gone...Hah!).

Yours are interesting too Brian.

1. Bagnaia 2. Quartararo 3. Mir 4. Martin 5. Miller 6. Gardner

Pecco is the clear favorite. But inline 4's for 2 and 3 is brave. Mir and Suzuki look to be taking a step eh? Bike came together right at the season close, plus more motor is here as riders say. But damn, the Ducati swarm may just stomp on he and Quarty. 

And no Marc at all? 

Gardner - I agree on equal machinery. But, as WaveyD says above, the Orange bike has just been off of the front group and then some. It feels weird to say that a Rookie should be on a Duc eh?! The old career killing bizarre "One guy can ride this" NASA missile is now the every man's bike. Aero, shapeshifter, tire management tech, flickability, huge motor still. Red's time. And the rate of change has been fast, eh? 

Do you think your #2 and #3 picks were more safe, bold, measured deliberation, or horsesense? 


I chose Fabio and Joan for their consistency. Fabio will find a way and Joan will be 4th or 5th every race. I have a feeling Pecco gonna check out early and often. Martin won't get full factory technicians, will be testing things that don't work and maybe falling off again. Jack has peaked, imo too, but he is at a level where his bad is gonna 5th and he may win 1 or 2. Remy I think is more cerebral. Raul will go very fast but unless he's another MM he will miss some races while he explores what is the 'limit' and what is beyond the limit but manageable and what is gravel.

Aah, Marc. I don't have hope for him over a full season. The shoulder, the arm that still looks askew, the vision thing and one more knock on the head could be a lot worse than season-ending. I wish him well in that I wish him no harm. And, really, Honda just made him what he wanted. I remember I watched one of his earliest practices with my son and told him, "If he keeps riding like that he's gonna fall off hard. And if he doesn't he's the greatest I've seen since Freddie Spencer." And he is but now he has fallen hard. It'd be a sad way to go but so was Freddie's with the arm pump. I have to admit to being happy if his WC count stays as it is. He isn't worthy of tying or passing the next in line, imo.

Cheers, Shrink,,,you've done a lot to help this feel like a community and the quality of commenters is outstanding from the standpoint of outstandingness. And that's without Jinx who edifies us all when he deigns to bless us with his treatises. We are gonna have a great season next year. Even closer is hard to imagine but that's what I see. Take care.

"JINX, please report to the white courtesy phone, JINX, please report to the white courtesy phone. It is the off-season and your party is waiting for you in the lobby. Attention please: can the Inline 4's win it next season without more motor in this era where more power is getting to the ground via aero and auto rear squatting devices? Thank you."

Just imagine the data they'll collect with all those different riders. Could lead to a period of dominance until Honda recover.

Take one look at KTM. It takes one bad egg to be laid by the great chicken in the sky and the title is out of reach for another another year another.

But Orange also has "the grand frame factory" churning at full tilt, and Dani et al calling for particulars then running them in. The early season frame change came quick, made improvement, and impressed me even with the mild progress. Their in house project machine is incredible. Chassis AND suspension. The only mystery to me is their laptop geek squad. Anyone have insight re the KTM electronics engineers? If no I can research. 

And every frame redesign comes closer and closer to twin spars wrapped around the engine...just like everyone else. They held out to do it their way as long as they could but there is a formula and it can't be bucked. I do admire their determination but sometimes I think their ambitions outweigh their talents. But it never outweighs their pocketbook,,,woowhee, they do spend.

Ok. I'll ask.  What's that sensor on the upper right side of the frame?  Temperature?

I wondered if it measures flex in the spars. They put different carbon fiber pieces on the aluminum to change the stiffness and they must want some way to measure it. Just a guess.

Hard to say what it's for. That is just a box + aerial attached with velcro. The cable running down under the fairing could be going anywhere.

The salad dressing used to be pre-mix. The now have a variable dressing mix injector so near the end of it has ground pepper and runs leaner.

Did you know the ride height device also re-disperses the olives and cheese chunks?

The thing we REALLY aren't talking about is the elephant schlong in the room sticking off the back of the Ducati. Sheezus! What the heck?! Craziest exhaust ever award. Jack was nice to say didgeridoo, all I've got is in your face aroused phallus. Put some clothes on! There are children around. We know you are the alpha bike already, sheesh.

You too mate!

Remembering literally experiencing the throes of motorcycle cornering on track when it was coming together. In a very real genuine way, asked myself "if you could never corner a bike again or never have sex again, which would it be?" Had to think a while, and opted for the racing. When 'in it." That changed...I think?

It is THAT amazing, eh? Peak experience of being alive. 

Microdosing enhances the latest experiences. Started the day before your recommendation on this site.

Another coincidence? Or a higher intelligence at play here.

sorry , also late ;-)

1. M Marquez, 2. Pecco, 3. Quarty, 4. Jorge Martin, 5.Morbid  6.! Remy

Here are my picks

1/2 Pecco/Jack to close to call

3/ 4 Quatararo, Morbedelli again to close to split

5 Marquez that would be Marc, once Honda make it easier to ride it will completely flummox Marc

Rookie Gotta be Remy Just cox I'm an aussie



Welcome! Be sure to connect w Apical, are you two near each other? He gets everywhere.

Gardner - amazing rider! Loving even more that it is Wayne's kid. But he is on the KTM. Hmm, (sigh). Just look at how overtly angry Fernandez was to be stuck on it rather than stay in Moto2, win it, and be the contract buyout goal of every Manu.

If wishes were dishes, we'd all break them like a Greek of those two kids gets on a 3rd top kit Suzuki. Instant acclimation and excellence. Top Rookie pick right there for SURE. What do you think of my Bezz/Duc pick? (Cloverleaf too).

Remy has good representation here even though he is Orange. Speaks well of Herve's garage btw too, very supportive of the kids.

Well g'day Rockhen, hope the weather is good for you. too much rain for me lately.

I am in the southeast corner of Oz. Between the Monaro & the coast. Some good riding roads around here.

Feel free to get in touch,  If you are visiting or travelling through let me know.

Pecco looking a bit better than Jack recently, coach Casey may help Miller go quicker, we'll see.

On 2021 form Fabio Q looks better than Franky Morbidelli, but FM21 did have a bad season this year. Good luck to both.

Howdy 'shrink. I do get around a bit but I've been staying closer to home lately. 12 months since I have done a track day.

Hoping KTM will be a bit closer to the top in 2022, Aprilia to. KTM with 4 bikes and four good riders should make progress.

Those teams with only 2 bikes on the grid will continue to have a disadvantage. Suzuki and Aprilia, what is the go there?

ASBK at The Bend, then not much. New Zealand SBK etc is up in the air as well. May not run until March 2022, usually helps get me through the off-season.

At least we can ride. Commiserations to those in the cold north.


too old to ride anymore knees and hips aren't very cooperative these days, I just love watching the racing, the speed, the slipstreaming, the four wide into single file round first or second corners ala Mugello or into the hairpin  at the Island, best spectacle in the world


Located in the Macedon Ranges, about 75km north-west of Melbourne. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for yellow dukes :), although it feels like a long time since I've been at a track, enjoying the spectacle from the comfort of the recliner

Picks are:

1) Pecco 2) Marc 3) Fabio 4) Mir 5) Miller R) Remy

Pecco just seems in a good, confident place right now. Marc I think will start slowly but come on strong as the year goes on. Fabio, this may seem a bit "panic stations" but I just get shades of 2014 when Marc won 10-in-a-row and was seemingly untouchable, then starts binning it after the championship was wrapped up, and that kept going into 2015.... IF Yamaha don't bring more speed we may see more mistakes from Fab. Miller and Remy, gotta just cos I am also an Aussie, and I really like em.

I remember Wayne on what must have been one of his first outings on the NSR500 in a local series of sprint races held late Nov-early December 1985 (Swann Series I think it was called?). That was wild Honda. I'm hoping Remy's extra weight will help with wrestling the KTM into submission like how his father tamed that Honda.