Rusty Writes: Tourist Trophy - The best way to learn in the off-season

This will likely appear to be a paid commercial for a video game. Sorry for that, but I assure you, it isn't. Rather, I beg your indulgence to consider one of the best ways to keep your mind racing while the sport is on its long hiatus. As I sit to write this, the game is at least a year-and-a-half old, and it was probably considered outdated when I started playing it just under a year ago. I insist that you trust me: this is much more than simply a video game with which you can avoid reality and otherwise escape being productive.

Tourist Trophy was a product developed, in conjunction with the last generation of Gran Turismo for the PlayStation 2 platform. GT4, like its predecessors, was the best vehicle dynamics simulation available (prior to PS3 and GT5) without a race team contract or a manufacturer's super-computer. This point alone, could be labored over for an entire column, and certainly has been elsewhere, so I will not do that here. Suffice to say, Tourist Trophy picks up in the GT4 world with a physical model for motorcycles that hasn't existed anywhere in the public. Said another way: to be any good at this, you must actually know how to ride and race at a rather cerebral level.

If you are already familiar with Gran Turismo, then I don't have to sell you any more than this. Better yet, if you are familiar with GT4, then you are already prepared for much of the circuits you will see in Tourist Trophy. And, if you are already a veteran - or even a novice - of TT, please read on and consider if there isn't more to do.

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A New Writer Joins MotoGPMatters

Over the past couple of months, we have had a little help from guest writers. First, Mike did a fantastic job filling in for me while I was away on vacation, and later, The Duke from Rumblestrip Radio sent us an excellent article on the single tire situation. And now, another writer will be contributing to MotoGPMatters.

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Qatar Night Race Receives Official Approval

When Dorna first announced that the opening round of the 2008 MotoGP season in Qatar was to be run at night, they were met with a great deal of skepticism. The fear was that the race would be too dangerous, with riders either being blinded by the floodlights, or else not being able to see the track well enough to race safely. To allay those fears, Dorna and the FIM, together with the MotoGP Riders Safety Commission, agreed to organize a test under night conditions at Qatar once the floodlighting had been completed.

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TV Schedule For "The Kentucky Kid" On MTV

The TV schedules have been posted on MTV's website for Friday, November 16th, and the Hayden real life show, The Kentucky Kid, will be screened at 10pm Eastern Standard Time, and repeated a few hours later at 2am on Saturday, November 17th Eastern Standard Time. If you were intending to watch it, then better set your VCR / DVR / TiVo to record.

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Phillip Island Faces "Upgrading" For Formula 1, But Ruin For Motorcycle Racing?

Reports emerged from Australia yesterday that the Phillip Island circuit has become a possible future venue for the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The option was mooted by Andrew Fox, managing director of the Linfox Property Group, the circuit's owners.

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Davies Out Of Ducati MotoGP Testing Job

When Chaz Davies was named as the replacement rider for Alex Hofmann in the Pramac d'Antin team for the last 3 races of the year, hopes were raised among British MotoGP fans, who have been longing for a Brit on competitive machinery in MotoGP for a very long time, and among US racing fans, who have been impressed by the young Welshman's pace in the AMA Supersport and Formula Xtreme classes.

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Valencia Post Race Test - Day 2 Times

Casey Stoner was fastest again during the final day of the first post/pre-season test at Valencia, ending the season almost as it started. Nicky Hayden put in yet another monster working day, running 92 laps, or 3 race distances, taking the 2nd fastest time, and showing that the 2008 RC212V already has plenty of potential. Perhaps the biggest surprise was Randy de Puniet setting the 3rd fastest time, settling in at his new team very quickly indeed.

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Nicky Hayden MTV Show Trailer: The Kentucky Kid

Ever since the announcement that MTV would be showing a reality TV show based around the life of Nicky Hayden, there has been much hand-wringing among hardcore MotoGP fans that the show might trivialize their favorite sport. Now that the show has been announced, and is due to be screened on MTV in the US on November 16th, speculation has started to rise to a fever pitch about whether the show will do the sport justice.

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Nicky Hayden MTV Show To Air On November 16th

It has been talked about for a long time, but finally it looks like being a reality. Today, MTV announced that they will be airing the long-awaited reality show based around Nicky Hayden's life in MotoGP. The show, unsurprisingly called "The Kentucky Kid," is a two-hour long special charting Hayden's claiming of the 2006 world title over the last two races of the season, and the ill-fated defense of his title during the 2007 season.

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