2008 Brno Warmup Times - Stoner Fastest, Hayden Sits Session Out

Nicky Hayden took no part in proceedings during warmup, electing to sit out the session to spare his heel injury. He is likely to race. Casey Stoner was in obvious pain from his wrist, but that didn't stop him from stomping all over the opposition again.

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Misano MotoGP Race On Speed In US, Not CBS

The fact that four MotoGP races are being broadcast on network television in the US is great for the profile of the sport, but not so good for regular fans. For it means searching about on schedules to find exactly when the race is going to be broadcast.

Fortunately, there's the TV Racer website, which was evidently created to cope with exactly this kind of problem. And it tells us that the Misano MotoGP round is to be broadcast in the US on Speed, rather than on CBS. Broadcast time is 11pm EDT. So set your DVRs accordingly.



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2008 Misano Qualifying Practice Report

The weather has been a factor at just about every race so far this season, usually by being treacherous, changeable and unreliable, so the relief with which several days of calm, predictable and warm weather is being greeted is entirely understandable. With no exceptionally cool mornings, or dry days followed by wet days, teams and tire makers are glad to be able to work consistently on a setup, and getting ready for the race.

Casey Stoner would probably be fine without the setup time. Stoner was back to his old tricks in the free practice sessions, taking just 4 laps to get onto the top of the timesheets, and relinquishing that position only very briefly during all three sessions. So it was hardly a surprise to see Casey Stoner taking provisional pole on his 3rd lap out of the pits, and cracking into the 1'34 bracket - faster than anyone but himself had been so far this weekend - on the next lap.

By the end of his first run, Casey Stoner held provisional pole with a lap of 1'34.763, nearly half a second ahead of the rest of the field. Stoner was once again exerting his authority on the rest of the field, and setting the mark to measure the rest of the field by.

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2008 Misano FP3 Times Day 2 - Stoner Dominates, Fiat Yamahas Follow

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'34.365  
246Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'35.0760.7110.711
348Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'35.1600.7950.084
47Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'35.3620.9970.202
55Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'35.4251.0600.063
62Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'35.5201.1550.095
765Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'35.5341.1690.014
856Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'35.5491.1840.015
914Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'35.6281.2630.079
1015Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'35.7391.3740.111
114Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'35.8021.4370.063
1224Toni ELIASDUCATI1'35.8531.4880.051
1352James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'36.0471.6820.194
1450Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'36.0891.7240.042
1569Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'36.2031.8380.114
1633Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'36.2731.9080.070
1713Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'36.9572.5920.684
1821John HOPKINSKAWASAKI1'37.3462.9810.389

Circuit Records: New circuit (alterations at Turn 3)

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2008 Misano Day 1 Roundup

The first day of practice at Misano took place under a hot Italian summer sun, heralding what looks like the first race weekend with completely predictable weather conditions for a very long time this year. No prizes for guessing who as fastest in both sessions, as Casey Stoner did what he always does: riding out of pit lane to the top of the timesheets.

There can be no doubt that Stoner is fast - during the afternoon session, he was once again regularly nearly a second clear of the field - but there's a problem. The Australian opened an old injury doing something as innocent as adjusting his back protector. The injury he aggravated was his scaphoid, the bone in his hand, a common racer's injury, and incredibly painful when riding. The injury didn't seem to slow him in the afternoon, but it may cause him problems over the full length of a race.

Valentino Rossi was 2nd fastest, though still 4/10ths behind the champion. Despite the gap to Stoner, Rossi was confident they could pick up the time he is losing through the 4th and final sector on Saturday, putting him in place to race.

Next fastest is Loris Capirossi, with both Suzukis quick after trying a new chassis. Capirossi is only a tenth off Rossi, and on current form, could be capable of staying with the two title contenders.

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2008 Misano FP2 Times Day 1 - Stoner Up To His Old Tricks, Rossi Following

John Hopkins chose to sit out the session again, presumably as a result of the pain from his rib injury.

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'34.806  
246Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'35.2240.4180.418
365Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'35.3770.5710.153
414Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'35.6200.8140.243
57Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'35.7430.9370.123
648Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'35.7660.9600.023
715Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'35.8611.0550.095
85Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'35.9131.1070.052
956Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'36.1001.2940.187
1052James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'36.1051.2990.005
1169Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'36.1891.3830.084
122Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'36.2191.4130.030
134Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'36.3561.5500.137
1424Toni ELIASDUCATI1'36.4251.6190.069
1550Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'36.6191.8130.194
1633Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'37.0962.2900.477
1713Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'38.2393.4331.143

Circuit records: New circuit

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Hopkins Misses Misano FP1 Due To Rib Injury

John Hopkins' absence from the first session of free practice at Misano was down to a rib injury he picked up at Brno. Hopkins woke in pain, after having displaced the rib again overnight. Hopper elected not to have pain killing injections, but instead, to sit out FP1 and try riding this afternoon.

He is currently receiving treatment from his personal physiotherapist, Dean Miller.

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2008 Misano FP1 Times Day 1 - Stoner Fastest, But Only Just

John Hopkins did not start.

Pos.No.RiderManufacturerFast LapDiffDiff Previous
11Casey STONERDUCATI1'35.422  
25Colin EDWARDSYAMAHA1'35.4240.0020.002
315Alex DE ANGELISHONDA1'36.1450.7230.721
448Jorge LORENZOYAMAHA1'36.3750.9530.230
546Valentino ROSSIYAMAHA1'36.4641.0420.089
669Nicky HAYDENHONDA1'36.5181.0960.054
74Andrea DOVIZIOSOHONDA1'36.6021.1800.084
87Chris VERMEULENSUZUKI1'36.6081.1860.006
952James TOSELANDYAMAHA1'36.7401.3180.132
1056Shinya NAKANOHONDA1'36.8831.4610.143
1124Toni ELIASDUCATI1'37.0991.6770.216
1214Randy DE PUNIETHONDA1'37.1961.7740.097
1365Loris CAPIROSSISUZUKI1'37.3551.9330.159
142Dani PEDROSAHONDA1'37.3801.9580.025
1550Sylvain GUINTOLIDUCATI1'37.5342.1120.154
1633Marco MELANDRIDUCATI1'37.6692.2470.135
1713Anthony WESTKAWASAKI1'37.9292.5070.260

Circuit Records:

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Hopkins Out Of Misano?

Only 17 men took to the track at Misano on Friday morning, with John Hopkins absent from the proceedings. There is no news yet of a reason for his absence, though Hopkins' broken ankle which is still healing after his crash at Assen would seem to be the obvious answer. We will keep you up to date as soon as we find out what is going on.

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2008 Misano Preview - History In The Making

In most countries, the place you put a race track is somewhere nice and quiet, a long way from civilization - or at least neighbors who might complain. You may, like the Ricardo Tormo circuit in Valencia, locate it a couple of miles from the nearest town, and well out of earshot of the local residents. Alternatively, like Donington, you may choose to situate it under the flight path of a regional airport, to ensure that any noise problems are rendered irrelevant by the air traffic overhead.

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Pedrosa To Get Bridgestones In 2009

After three disastrous races in a row of Michelin, news stories on riders complaining about the French company's tires are as common as discussions of the weather in England. So much so that another story about tires barely generates any interest at all.

Unless, of course, that rider in the story is Dani Pedrosa, and the person complaining about the tires is Masumi Hamane, president of HRC. Neil Spalding interviewed the HRC boss after the race at Brno for the Spanish weekly magazine Solo Moto, and in this interview, Hamane gave his biggest hint yet that the factory Honda team will switch to Bridgestone next year.

"As an engineer, I don't understand how Michelin can make so many mistakes three races in a row," Hamane told Spalding. "We're sure Michelin is working hard, but we've had problems at the Sachsenring, Laguna Seca and here (Brno - MGPM)" he continued.

Worse criticism was to come. "We want to find a way to solve this problem, but it looks like they don't think they've found the reason for the mistakes, what's more, they certainly haven't been able to convince us," Hamane told Spalding. When asked if they would support a switch to Bridgestones for the factory team, Hamane was curt: "Yes".

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American Honda Won't Fund Ben Spies In MotoGP

Ben Spies progress into MotoGP, a path that looked so easy at the beginning of the year, has stalled, or so it seems. After Suzuki first failed to provide a third bike, and then decided to concentrate firstly on retaining their current rider line up, Spies had turned his attention elsewhere.

Reports started to surface about a possible link up with Honda, and especially a seat at Gresini. But the problem was Spies' salary demands, his expectations inflated from riding in the extremely well-funded AMA Superbike championship. With the AMA series in disarray after the takeover by the DMG, and the manufacturers looking likely to either pull out of racing in the US or set up a rival series, the US distributors suddenly seemed to have a surplus in their marketing budgets, and the press put two and two together, figuring that American Honda could well be interested in picking up the tab for Spies' salary. Nicky Hayden's impending departure from the Repsol team to Ducati was thought to have forced the issue, with American Honda wanting an American on a Honda in MotoGP.

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Keep Up To Date With Our Silly Season 2009 Overview

With Silly Season become more and more ridiculous by the day, there is an obvious need for a clear guide to exactly what is going on. With many of the deals being rumored either educated guesses, clouded in uncertainty, or transparent bargaining ploys, that's not easy, but that won't prevent us from trying.

So to try and make sense of it all, we now have a page up, listing all of the deals and rumored deals so far. We shall endeavor to keep this as up to date as possible, so you have a single source for all of the movements in the MotoGP market, but right now, that's a pretty tall order. You can find the page at the following URL:


Leave comments, tips and suggestions there, for anything we may have missed.

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Suzuki Close To Deal With Capirossi And Vermeulen

Another couple of pieces in the MotoGP rider merry-go-round may be finalized this weekend. According to reports over at Motorcycle News, Suzuki is likely to extend Loris Capirossi's deal this weekend, and is close to renegotiating a deal with Chris Vermeulen. Capirossi is likely to be the first deal to be officially announced, as Paul Denning, Rizla Suzuki's team manager, told MCN "to all intents and purposes Suzuki and Loris want to move forward," which could mean an announcement could be made this weekend in Italy.

Vermeulen's case is a little more complex. Both the Rizla Suzuki team and Vermeulen himself are keen to continue the relationship, but after Vermeulen fell short of a performance requirement which would have guaranteed a new deal, Suzuki in Hamamatsu, Japan and Vermeulen have been haggling over financial terms. Reports say that Suzuki has offered Vermeulen less than half his current salary, something which Vermeulen is understandably unhappy with. But Vermeulen is known to be very keen on staying in MotoGP, despite having several options in World Superbikes next year, reportedly including an offer of the factory Ducati. As a result, Vermeulen may be looking at accepting the pay cut, but seeking an improved package of performance-related bonuses.

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