Indy Mile Canceled After Stage Collapse At Indiana State Fairground

There are a lot of reasons to go to the Red Bull Indianapolis MotoGP round, but one of the highlights is surely to take in the Indy Mile flat track race at the Indiana State Fairground. One of the most visceral experiences you can have as a motorcycle racing fan is to stand at the side of the track as a pack of rumbling V twins thunder past at high speed, and the event is a huge favorite with both the fans and the MotoGP riders and team members. 

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Ducati Building Aluminium Chassis As Parallel Project

Ever since Valentino Rossi ended the first Valencia MotoGP test in lowly 15th place on the Ducati Desmosedici, one-and-three-quarter seconds behind fastest man and former teammate Jorge Lorenzo, there have been calls for radical changes to Ducati's MotoGP machine. Those calls have only intensified as the season has progressed, the switch from the GP11 to the GP11.1, the destroked version of Ducati's 2012 MotoGP machine, having brought little improvement until a few key parts were introduced at Brno. 

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Bridgestone Press Release: Tohru Ubukata Evaluates The New Tire Rules And 2012 Tire Testing

Bridgestone issued their usual post-race press release, wrapping up the race and the test which followed on Monday. The press release had plenty to cover this time, as the new tire regulations were introduced (complete with a third choice of front tire), and a new, less stiff tire for 2012 was tested on Monday. The press release follows below:

Czech Republic Grand Prix and Official test debrief with Tohru Ubukata

Round 11: Czech Republic GP – Post-race debrief

Automotodrom Brno, Tuesday 16 August 2011

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Filippo Preziosi Debrief Transcript: "Today's Test Was About Ducati's Future"

Shortly after lunchtime at the MotoGP test at Brno, journalists were given an opportunity to talk to Filippo Preziosi, Director General of Ducati Corse and the engineering genius behind Ducati's MotoGP project. Naturally, the question of a traditional twin spar chassis came up, as well as what Ducati was testing on Monday, both questions that Preziosi deflected rather gracefully. But he also talked about the role of the Bridgestone tires in development, and why he would dearly love to be able to race a twin in MotoGP. 

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2011 Brno MotoGP Test Round Up: All Hail The Thousands!

We'd been waiting for it for a long time - longer than we had initially hoped for, after the planned 1000cc test at Mugello morphed into an 800cc test, the Brno test taking its place - but finally, we got to see the 2012 MotoGP bikes out on track, in public and undisguised. Honda and Yamaha pitted their latest creations against one another in full view of the public, and the results were not quite as expected beforehand.

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2011 Brno MotoGP Test Final Times: Stoner Fastest 1000, Lorenzo Fastest 800

Casey Stoner was the fastest of the 1000cc riders at the end of the one-day test at Brno, the Repsol Honda rider putting in a fast lap at the end of the day to get close to the pole record of the circuit, but coming just a couple of hundredths short. Stoner was expected to be fast - this is his third day of testing on the 2012 Honda RC213V - but the big surprise came from the Yamahas, both Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies getting within a couple of tenths of Stoner's time on their first outing on Yamaha's 1000cc MotoGP machine.

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2011 Brno MotoGP Test 4pm Times: Little Change, But Elias Improves

The timesheet at the MotoGP test at Brno has seen few changes since this morning, with most teams now working on a general development direction rather than trying to post a fast lap. Ben Spies was immediately faster on the 1000 than he was on the 800, can came off the bike seriously impressed at the work that Yamaha had already done. Nicky Hayden is very pleased with the GP11.1, finding it a great improvement over the GP11, and  was nearly two-thirds of a second faster on the new bike than on his old bike.

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2011 Brno Post-Race MotoGP Test Times At 10:15: Stoner Fastest On 1000 Honda

Casey Stoner is so far the fastest man on track at the post-race MotoGP test at Brno, the Repsol Honda rider already circulating under his fastest race lap time on the 1000cc RC213V. Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies are 2nd and 3rd fastest, the Yamaha riders still on the 800cc Yamaha M1, testing a new engine. The Yamahas are ahead of the Ducatis, Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden running back-to-back comparisons between the GP11 and GP11.1 version of the Desmosedici. 

Times from 10:15 am local:

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2011 Brno MotoGP Sunday Post-Race Round Up: If We Didn't See The Future Today, We'll See It Tomorrow

Race day turned up plenty of surprises at Brno, some good, some bad, and some, well, just surprising. The three races turned up a tense duel, a full-on fairing-banging barnstormer and, well, a MotoGP race with a surprise podium, and proved that the layout of the Brno circuit is one of the very best in the world.

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