Rossi Prolongs With Yamaha - Stays In MotoGP For 2008 Season - Updated

Yamaha has announced that Valentino Rossi will be staying with them for the 2008 season as well as 2007. The contract was announced to put a premature end to speculation that Rossi could once again leave MotoGP to race four wheels, either in Formula 1, or, much more likely, in WRC Rallying.

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Phillip Island Testing, Day 1 Times

MotoGP testing resumed to day at the Phillip Island track in Australia. And once again, the times showed up a bunch of surprises. Biggest surprise of all is the name of the fastest rider: Aboard the bike which seemed to be permanently lodged at the very tail end of the field in 2006, it was Alex Barros who set the day's fastest time, with a 1:30.6.

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Two Absentees At Phillip Island Test - Kawasaki And Yamaha Missing

Privacy is a precious commodity. And an increasingly rare one, as technology allows ever greater scrutiny. And it seems as if some MotoGP teams sometimes feel the same way. This seems the only plausible reason that both Kawasaki and Yamaha have decided to pull out of the upcoming MotoGP test at Phillip Island in Australia.

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The Hayden MTV Show Approaches Reality

According to the US magazine RoadRacerX, MTV's reality TV show based around Nicky Hayden got one step closer to reality this week. The pilot episode has been finished, and is due to be screened to focus groups, before MTV executives finally make the go-no go decision on whether to put the series into production.

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The Michelin Conundrum

The tire situation in MotoGP presents us with a rather puzzling situation. French tire maker Michelin has dominated MotoGP for many years now, taking every championship since 1992. Bridgestone has only started to compete seriously since the introduction of the four-strokes in 2002, and is now starting to be a truly competitive force. But Michelin continues to dominate the class, taking 13 of the 17 races last year.

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Some Wild Predictions For MotoGP In 2007

As the winter test ban draws to an end, and the teams start heading out towards Sepang for the start of the MotoGP pre-season, it's time to gaze into our crystal ball and see what the future holds for MotoGP in 2007. But this is not yet the time for balanced discussion, calm comment and objective analysis of what has happened and what is to come. It's too early for that. So instead, here's some wild and unreliable guesswork, based on pure speculation and gut feeling. It's time for my

2007 MotoGP Predictions:

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MotoGP Table Game: Almost Like Being There

Imagine the scene: It's June 10th, 2007. You and all your MotoGP fan friends are gathered around your TV / computer / video ready for the Catalunya GP from Barcelona. You have a fridge full of cold beer and good food, a room full of company, and a body full of adrenaline, in anticipation of the spectacle to come. Then, the local nuclear power station explodes and showers you with radiation. But far, far worse than this, you're going to miss the race. What are you going to do?

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Team KR's 800 cc KR212V To Debut At Sepang Test

That outstanding source of MotoGP news,, is reporting that Team KR's KR212V will debut at Sepang, during the tests to be held there from 22nd to 24th of January. Kenny Roberts Senior's team was the last of the teams competing in the 2007 MotoGP championship to present the bike, and the KR212V has been the subject of some speculation.

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