Phillip Island MotoGP Race Shortened Again To 19 Laps After Problems In Warm Up

After the Bridgestone tires used in the warm up at Phillip Island displayed more problems, Bridgestone has advised Race Direction that their rear tires cannot be guaranteed to last even the distance the race was shortened to last night. The race has been shortened again, to 19 laps, with all riders having to come in before lap 10. The official statement from Race Direction follows below:


Following further problems during the morning warm up we have been notified by Bridgestone that they are unable to guarantee safety of their rear slick tyres beyond 10 laps. It has therefore been decided to make the following changes to the MotoGP class race in the interests of the safety of the riders.

1. The race distance will be 19 laps.

2. Every rider will be required to enter the pits and change to his second machine with fresh tyres at least once during the race. In normal circumstances this means that the rider must change machine only at the end of lap 9 or lap 10.

3. No rider is permitted to make more than 10 laps on any one slick or wet rear tyre. This means that a bike/tyre change before lap 9 will require a second bike/tyre change to finish the race.

4. The above procedure is valid for a dry race or a race that starts in wet conditions. Clearly in a wet race the rider will change to a bike with wet tyres.

5. If the race is started in dry conditions and it then rains the race will be stopped with a red flag. The restarted race will be for the number of laps required to complete 19 laps but with a maximum of 10 laps and a minimum of 5 laps.

6. Riders using “Factory” and “Satellite” machines will be required to use the “hard” option tyre (B51DR). Extra quantity will be allocated by Bridgestone.

7. Riders using CRT machines will be required to use CRT “hard” option tyre (B50DR). Extra quantity will be allocated by Bridgestone.

8. The pit lane speed limit zone will be extended both on entry and exit, and the exit route to rejoin the track will be marked by a white line in the runoff area. Crossing this line whilst rejoining the track from pit lane will result in a penalty.

Race Direction

20th. October 2013

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I hate to say it, but this is why some people are meant to run or ride for teams and not capable of doing other things in life. Can we count laps? It would appear to be no. Yes, Marquez will still win the championship but what a joke.

WTF was MM counting on?

Actually, more interested to see if they comment/worry about the fact that MM decided he could take the racing line in the first corner after his bike change. Now that was the closest and most stupid move to a major accident I have seen in a long while.

19 laps? Change bikes after 9 or 10? If this was virtually any other track people would be screaming that it needs to be pulled, but Phillip island can apparently pave with sharpened glass, and that is ok.

Are you serious??
Attacking one of the best tracks on the calendar with the best surface? Please read some rider comments, you know, those guys who actually put their lives on the line for your entertainment. They basically all say that other circuits should take an example of how they resurfaced this track. Smooth, no bumps, grippy, a rider's dream. The problem is with the tire manufacturers and the lack of testing and not the track!!
Instead of spending millions on getting the last HP out of an engine and optimize electronics, maybe MSMA should spend a few 100K's on testing a little more before they risk these riders' lives!! Every track, especially after resurfacing should be tested and approved before they organize a race.