Cold Conditions Force Radical Overhaul Of Schedule At Aragon MotoGP Weekend - UPDATED

The cold conditions at the Motorland Aragon circuit have forced Dorna to radically overhaul the schedule for the remainder of the weekend. After suffering extremely low track temperatures, despite a delay of 30 minutes on Friday morning, and after discussing th events of practice in the Safety Commission and with the teams, the decision was made to move the entire schedule roughly an hour later than originally planned.

On Saturday, the sessions all kick off an hour later, with Moto3 FP3 at 10am, MotoGP FP3 at 10:55am, and Moto2 at 11:55am. The break between Moto2 FP3 and qualifying for Moto3 is 20 minutes shorter, Q1 for Moto3 starting at 13:15, 40 minutes later than originally planned. FP4 for MotoGP follows at 14:10, with Q1 at 14:50 and and Q2 at 15:15. Qualifying for Moto2 starts at 15:50.

Warmup on Sunday is pushed back by an hour and twenty minutes, while all of the races start an hour later than originally planned. Moto3 warm up starts at 10:00, Moto2 and 10:30, MotoGP at 11:00. The Moto3 race starts at 12:00 noon, Moto2 at 13:20, and MotoGP at 15:00. All these times are local, and the quickest way to convert those times is to go to the Aragon schedule page on the website, and click on the "Your Time" radio button, if it is not already selected.

This is the second update to the schedule so far this weekend, and it may not be the last. Next weekend's schedule, where the MotoGP race is due to start at 13:00 local time to avoid a clash with F1 at Portimao, could also seen changes. It would be smart to set DVRs manually, and hold off for as long as possible.

The new schedule is below:

Saturday October 17th
10:00 10:40 Moto3 Free Practice 3
10:55 11:40 MotoGP Free Practice 3
11:55 12:35 Moto2 Free Practice 3
13:15 13:30 Moto3 Qualifying 1
13:40 13:55 Moto3 Qualifying 2
14:10 14:40 MotoGP Free Practice 4
14:50 15:05 MotoGP Qualifying 1
15:15 15:30 MotoGP Qualifying 2
15:50 16:05 Moto2 Qualifying 1
16:15 16:30 Moto2 Qualifying 2
17:10   Red Bull Rookies Cup Race 1 (15 laps)
Sunday October 18th
10:00 10:20 Moto3 Warm Up
10:30 10:50 Moto2 Warm Up
11:00 11:20 MotoGP Warm Up
12:00   Moto3 Race (19 laps)
13:20   Moto2 Race (21 laps)
15:00   MotoGP Race (23 laps)
16:30   Red Bull Rookies Cup Race 2 (15 laps)

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So MotoGp will be after Moto2 and 3. Hope the Dunlop rubber doesn't cause any problems.

The MotoGp race will be starting at  midnight Australian time. I may have a little lie down before the races start.