Marc Marquez Breaks Arm At Jerez, Surgery Scheduled For Tuesday

Marc Marquez has fractured his upper right arm in a highside during the Jerez race. The Repsol Honda rider was flicked off his bike during an epic comeback charge through the field after an earlier mistake in the race. He fell badly, and examinations in hospital at Jerez found a fractured humerus.

The Spaniard is to have an operation to fix the bone in Barcelona on Tuesday. However, it seems unlikely that he will be fit for the next race on Sunday 26th July, with the potential of losing 50 points in the championship. How soon he will return after that is also uncertain. A defense of his 2019 MotoGP title now seems almost impossible.

The official press release from Repsol Honda appears below:

Marc Marquez suffers broken right humerus in Jerez

A fall at Turn 3 while fighting for the podium has resulted in a broken right humerus for the reigning World Champion, who will travel to Barcelona for surgery.

After mounting an incredible comeback in the Spanish GP, Marc Marquez suffered a high side at Turn 3 and came down heavily on his right arm. As a result, the eight-time World Champion has suffered a transverse diaphyseal fracture to his right humerus. MotoGP medical staff have confirmed there is no other serious head or thoracic trauma but will remain under observation for 12 hours.

Marquez will travel to the Hospital Universitari Dexeus in Barcelona on Monday, July 20 and is aiming to be operated on by Dr Xavier Mir and his team on Tuesday, July 21st.

Recovery time is as yet unknown, the Repsol Honda Team will provide an update after the operation.


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On the same corner Doohans career finished.

Possible nerve damage as well. Could this be the end of a career...

I guess if you push at 100% on every corner sooner or later it will bite you.

That fall was the definition of self inflicted injury! There is a difference between having a super human desire to win and just lashing out. And it's not the first time that he has done that. hopefully this will be a lesson and will result in him becoming trully the best motorcycle racer ever.

I don't get your point. How was he lashing out? He was pretty clean this time didn't smash into anyone. 

Really? You are going to rejoice in his injury? Is that the price of supporting #46?

Seeing a sportsman injured like that is horrible. 

positive and hope for the best. Permanent nerve damage overthere is rare

MM , probably the fastest GP racer we've witnessed , however I've always felt his career will be cut short by a horrific injury , I was watching live and I told my GF , he was in the ragged edge and there was a distinct possibility of a crash , especially with the new Michelin's and the RCV. This Fabio kid seems the real deal , unless I missed it , he had no scary moments during the race .

Marc has always frustrated me. For no other reason then he's so damn good all the time. I think today we saw Marc at his absolute maximum. Kenny Robbers said he knew he could go over 100% for three laps. I think that's what we saw here on a completely different level. Marc knew what he could do but pushed too hard too early and lost it. His save was epic and his resolute determination to not give up is worth celebrating. Marc rarely crashes and walks away. He's always trying to get the bike back up and pushing for any points he can get. 

It's that determination that has him splitting hairs between his incredible abilities on the bike and being a little too aggressive with other riders (example Qatar 2015). Not much of the overly aggressive with other riders today. Instead, we got treated to a charge up through the field only Marc could have pulled off. I think that charge took absolutely everything from him. Once he got up to the top guys he had to push that bit more and after flirting with the limits of physics and his abilities for well over 10 laps it was too much. We don't see high sides that often dew to electronics but if the rider is trying to get on the throttle too hard and too early these things can still bite. 

I feel a little strange as I don't want riders to get hurt but Marc has been able to do the impossible for so long a little piece of me has been wanting him to face true outside adversity from other riders in MotoGP. I hope he's doing alright and comes back strong but I'm excited to see where this championship will go and how Marc given the state of things will face this challenge.

Damn excited to see what Fabio can do with this new confidance. Also, Binder isn't looking much like a rookie to me. That guy is fast out of the gate and will only get better with time. Feels like 2010 all over again. Hopefully, I'm not speaking too soon but maybe the men that can beat Marc are finally arriving.  

I'm not a Marc fan at all, but I want him on track. I want to see him roughed up, but not injured. His charge through the pack today was uncharacteristically clean. The difference between greatness and failure is razor thin. It's easy to judge in hindsight but if he did take those kinds of risks, he wouldn't be who he is. I hope he is healthy and back on track soon so I can commence rooting against him. Get well soon.

Reminds me of Argentina and all the bad behavior he did there.  He makes a big mistake which puts him in the rear, he is like a bulll that sees red and becomes his own worst enemy.  I was talking to the tv saying "cool it or you'll bin it".  Just trying to do too much, if he would have settled for the podium, for 3rd, no issue.  Now he's damaged his body yet again.  He's already had surgery on both shoulders.  Sometimes you just have to settle for the podium or even 4th vs. risking chunking yourself.  I've said this for many years, Marc may be the greatest ever, if he doesn't do himself in enough times and end his career early.  Saw it coming after he went off and saved it.  Damn shame.  Self inflicted and to use a tennis term, unforced error.  A costly one.  But knowing Marc, he'll be back on the bike next weekend.  Now he'll have to ride conservatively.  Don't want part 2 ending your career.  

I didn't mean to say that MM lashed out at anyone (I don't think that he has ever done that). What I meant is that at times he cannot control his what I would call, probably harshly and unfairly, sense of entitlement. The first place belongs to me and nothing and no one can stand between my current position and that first place. And will throw a tantrum if I cannot get what I want. Now if anyone could be allowed to have a sense of entitlement, for sure MM would be one of the first in line. But, sometimes circumstances conspire against you and you need to accept the situation and make the most of it. Surely there must be a way to combine your burning desire to win with a bit of cunning for a better word?

Everyone on the grid is there to win. They all have the same sense of entitlement. You need it to get to and compete at this level.

I have mixed feelings on this. On one hand Marc has achieved what he has because he is willing to push to the ragged edge. On the other, as you say, sometimes it pays to think about the bigger picture than to be win it or bin it all the time.

But Marquez would not have achieved everything he has with a sheep's mentality. His only mistake was never learning to fully control it.

...that it's simply his nature, the will to win, and he has the talent and skill to do something about it. To watch him make his way through the field after "Save #267" and bend that RC213V to his will was simply magical. Watching some of the lines he took was amazing. And he made it work...until suddenly it didn't.

To make things clear, I'm neither a MM93 nor a VR46 fan.

I had high hopes for JL99 to tame the RC213V like he finally did the Ducati, but it wasn't to be. So I have high hopes for FQ20, his race at the front looked very composed and without drama. Let's see how the rest of the season goes.

And, to a lesser extent Aleix Espargaro on the "new" Aprilia RS-GP. Although judging by practice and the first race, that hope for the Aprilia may be a bit of a tall order.

....this time Maquez crashed. 

If there's one rider worth watching even when he's completely alone on the track it's Marquez. How many times have we see him being absolutely outrageous (!!!) and sealing the win, race or championship or even just keeping the bike in the race like his save today. I hope that part never changes and i applaud him for doing it because it's absolute pure gold to watch. Hope missing a race or two makes even more determined to show off. Sometimes i have hated the way he races with competitors. Today i thought he overtook pretty clean.

I told my son when I saw Marc in his first practice in Motogp, "Riding like that he is gonna fall off too often and get hurt or if he doesn't he's the greatest of all time". I guess it's both. It's a shame, I'm not a MM fan and I detest Honda but I really wish he wasn't hurt. Get well soon, Marc. Hey, Honda, I'm gonna have fun watching you and Aprilia duke it out for 5th.

Many of the aformentioned comments are what I would contribute. Thanks to all for putting feelings into words. Yes, a bit of Argentina here (Marquez was in "take no prisoners" mode), only the passes were not quite as hard. It's almost like he slides off with yet another save of the decade dirt tracking a motogp prototype through the gravel so that he can give himself a 20-30 second disadvantage on purpose. This way he can show just how badass he is with a second per lap in the pocket. The power of the unconscious. I cannot count the number of times that Marquez has highsided onto his face and the thought rises up "he's done for sure now" only for him to crawl away and podium the next day. How many lives does Gumby have? Wouldn't be surprised if he races next weekend. Would be shocking in a way, but almost expected. And that goes for Rins, too. He looks to have picked up a serious injury that forced him to cradle and carry his helpless arm around like a newborn infant. That's humbling. An injury that would limit "regular people" to the point where they couldn't tie their shoelaces for a month or wash their hair by themselves for two. These modern-day gladiators really dance with the devil for our entertainment. They must love it or they wouldn't do it.

We should see Rins next weekend. If he were here today and fit I have him in 4th. Jack 5th. Not sure re exact gaps, but pretty sure about the spot.

We may not see Marc at Round 3 or 4. Would love to be wrong, but he got hurt pile driving the ground Gold Helmet style. Then nailed by the bike. Then another hit in the gravel. ALL to that upper right quadrant.

If the right shoulder makes it out okay it will be another Marc skittle miracle. He has been amazing and shall again. Unless it was one Honda-plus-corazon induced dice roll too many.

Marc doing what Marc does is exactly what has broight him to the level he's at. Every MotoGP rider knows that injury is part of racing. It's never a matter of if, just when. 


It's easy to say that he pushed too hard and that he should have been happy with fighting his way back onto the podium. But, ANY other rider would have barely made in back into the top ten let alone back to third with 4 laps to spare. 

There is no other way Marquez would have it. Dozens of riders have broken collarbones, arms, legs, ankles, ribcages and backs and they weren't pushing nearly as much as Marquez was. 

Like Marc just posted on Instagram "I hope you enjoyed the comeback" 

Heck yeah!!! 

The only guy that can beat MM is....MM! If he didn't prove, up to the point he crashed, that he's in a different league..... is there ANYONE in MGP that could go from last to 2nd (I'll concede 2nd to him) like that? Of course not! I'm sure (almost) that he's gonna miss a race or two, which makes this shortened season VERY interesting. 

Heal up FAST MM....

Haven't seen Honda's presser. Do you have a link? "That's what we pay them for.", I'm guessing

Vale started from the back in Valencia and ended behind only 93, 99 and 26. I suspect people wouldn't be so impressed if they had seen Freddie Spencer back in the day. He was Marquez before Marc was. Fast Freddie was dominant and demoralizing to other riders, too. Wayne Rainey may have been the greatest with a full career. Mick Doohan purposely made the Honda more difficult to ride so he could dominate the other Honda riders by a larger margin. Kenny Roberts demolished the field for 3 years as soon as got there. MM93 is great and is leaps ahead of everyone not named Quartararo but he's not unprecedented. I sure hope Marc is well soon; he is amazing to watch...then I hope he finishes 6th in the championship

What goes around comes around. Anyone else see that the corner Marquez flew to the sky was also the same area of the track that he and Rins came together at the end of fp3? Is this a coincidence? Energy follows thought combined with emotion?

Decided to meditate on this and guess what understanding consciousness imparted?

It's the bike's fault...

What a ride from Marc! I was holding me breath the whole time. 


I broke my right arm in a fast dirt crash that looked a lot like how Marc landed. My right humerus (not a all funny) was broken from a blow on my right shoulder from behind. The way his arm flailed at the end of his tumbling and also the way it looked like he could still use it was exactly my experience. I could move it, I could raise my lower arm, but I could not lift my elbow at all. I had sheared the ball joint off the top of the humerus. 


Hopefully his recovery will not be as long as mine, 3 months. And we can pray that he has not damage the shoulder joint, mine was good only due to the way my bone broke. However the small amount of scar tissue in the shoulder joint took 6 months of Physio to get over.

I hate crashing. I hope Marc learns from this!

I have never been- and will never be - a MM supporter; he is a dirty and dangerous rider but he is the stuff of legend and i hated seeing him roll through the gravel and stop clutching his arm. New right away that was a break. His save earlier in the day and subsequent tear through the field - cleanly for a change i might add - was simply amazing.  Hoping no nerve damage as being discussed on other sites. 
If he could have settled for 3rd he would likely have been a 9x World Champ by the end of the season. 


Outside of the 200mph mugello crash during his rookie season I can't think of another as punishing since he's been in the premier class. Truly terrifyingly. Sad to see so many devistating injuries to start the season, wishing mm, rins and cal all a speedy recovery. 

Stoo blaming Marc.

Stop referring to the old news of the argy-bargy era that ended WHEN? Go look. I will call it to a moment if that is helpful.

Marquez and his right shoulder are F*CKED and HRC are responsible.

His created perception is now his reality. His ability to intimidate and play mind games with his opponents is grounded in their knowing one way or another that Marc will come through on them - their well being be damned. 
i would love to see your opinion of when the barging stopped and i will point you to instances just last season 

And Honda no more did this to Marc than Toyota does it to me if i get in a car accident. Marc has led the direction of development for this bike for years and so he knew what he had to play with - weaknesses and all and he ignored what that corner tried to teach him early in the race  


"I hated to see him break his arm..... but he deserved it"

These two sentiments are incongruent and it's clear which of them you actually believe. Man suffers a potentially career ending injury and your first instinct is to explain your hatred for him and why he had this coming. Disgusting and shameful.

Dislike of someone while acknowledging their talent and being sorry for their injury are not exclusive of one another. You missed all the comments i made in my post and in no place did i write or allude to his deserving it so save the proselytizing please 

Wrote about The Marc's turned corner on dangerous riding and argy bargy passing in 2018. The pivot moment was him running the field from a penalty putting him back rearward. He nearly hit a rider passing on the inside of a right hander. He waved in apology immediately. Emilio Alzamora, closest to us in a small group seated and looking to the right, half rose from his chair YELLING at the tele in the garage.

Toned it down several notches. So comments can too.

Marc doing what Marc does is exactly what has broight him to the level he's at. Every MotoGP rider knows that injury is part of racing. It's never a matter of if, just when. 

It's easy to say that he pushed too hard and that he should have been happy with fighting his way back onto the podium. But, ANY other rider would have barely made in back into the top ten let alone back to third with 4 laps to spare. 

There is no other way Marquez would have it. Dozens of riders have broken collarbones, arms, legs, ankles, ribcages and backs and they weren't pushing nearly as much as Marquez was. 

Like Marc just posted on Instagram "I hope you enjoyed the comeback" 

Heck yeah!!! 

Every rider tries to get close to what he considers to be the limit and occasionally gets over it. Marc just manages to get even closer. Others are not going slower because they are not willing to take the risk. They just can't narrow their margins any more.

Marc Marquez comes off as the neighborhood bully and every track is his playground. He owns the apexes and if you are in his way - get off! It is his reputation of winning 6 championships out of 7 that gives him the right to this mantle. Marquez rides like a reformed bad boy who has learned to manage his demons. He has "improved" his behaviour over the years: he makes less or no contact when passing other riders. They also tend to veer off of their intended course at a less divergent angle.  The only way to subdue him is by winning. Which he dares anyone to try every single race. 

Yesterday's display at Jerez was clinical precision, yet does not quite compare to the sublime perfection Rossi demonstrated during the early years of Motogp. In my opinion, of course... 

I see alot of "it's Honda's fault", nope. Honda and Marquez have held hands developing this bike. They both knew they were creating a situation where only Marc was gonna be able to ride this thing and they were both fine with it. The bike that he's racing (for better or for worse) is his own making and he understood it's limitations when he lined up.....shoulda rode to those limitations. His all encompassing desire to win (not a criticism) sometimes clouds his mist and all that. But you're gonna get the bad with the good with a talent like his. Besides, once you line up, the time for pointing fingers is over....either you win or you don't on what you brought.

This makes sense, but only within a very partialized perspective.

Responsibility only exists within one's role functioning. Perhaps look at a simplified organizational chart? Whose role is responsible for what? Who is underfunctioning? Who is overfunctioning? How is that directly related?

This process can be valuable clarification. Victim blaming falls away. Accountability arises.

Where we see negligence, we can also expect abusive processes. Everywhere, including here. Just the way of human nature unfortunately.

Why did Maverick go rather suddenly after Summer Break 2019 from a long period of desperately despondent to content agreeable collaborative focus? Blue people fulfilling role functions more than adequately. Why is Jack favored at Duc? He is too. Et al. It isn't just going one way, or just at Honda.

Interesting to see all sentiment. If Marquez ended second he would be a hero and now he is treated as a zero. I think it is a bit strange and old habit of him to lose his temper and give 150 %. We all know next week is another race and that the season is short. But he could have known that he would be faster then anyone else... So blowing it one time almost and second time for sure (apart from the moments op pushing in between)... you cannot say it was his most strategic race. Without pushing too much he could have win this race easily... i think. Maybe too much excitement after such a Corona period? But at the same time I have to say it was great to see how much faster he was then the rest... amazing. And I read a lot about not being a fan, etc etc. Without Marquez yesterday we would have a quite boring Motogp race

Marc Marquez tips it into turn 3, rides over the curb.

Cut to Valentino Rossi sitting in his pitbox.

Cut back to M.M.93 in the gravel.

How many times have we not seen the action live. So we get a good shot of the back of Uccio's head? Or Lyn Jarvis not smiling? Or Keanu watching the action that we don't get to see? Not happy Carmelo!

STRONGLY seconded. There are times the action is so absorbing as they all tip into a corner and it looks like the pass will work or won't it.../cut to someone looking up. Why would anyone do that? Plus there has to be great action farther back in the field but, nope, not ever gonna show any of that even though these are all the best riders in the world. The TV production, quite frankly, is the worst I have ever seen of anything. Show the live racing! That is all.