Thailand MotoGP Round Will Go Ahead As Planned

The Grand Prix of Thailand is to go ahead at the Buriram circuit as planned. Today, the FIM, IRTA, and Dorna issued a press release announcing that the Sports Authority of Thailand, the authority overseeing all sporting events in the Southeast Asian country, confirmed that the COVID-19 virus will not be a problem for the race, and it was safe to travel to Thailand.

The confirmation is good news for Thailand, but raises an issue with entry to the US for the race at the Circuit of The Americas. There have been reports that US Border Patrol has been refusing entry to travelers who have visited Thailand recently. However, unless the US Government issues official advice concerning travel from Southeast Asian countries, preparations will continue as normal.

The official press release appears below:

OR Grand Prix of Thailand will go ahead

The Sports Authority of Thailand confirms that the event, set for mid-March, can safely take place

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Following communication from the Thai government, the FIM, IRTA and Dorna Sports can confirm that the OR Thailand Grand Prix will go ahead next month. With the outbreak of coronavirus affecting a number of locations and events worldwide, the decision required official consideration as the situation in Thailand was monitored.

After consulting with the Ministry of Public Health's Department of Disease Control, the Sports Authority of Thailand has officially communicated, on behalf of the Royal Thai government, that there is no major risk, with the country having infected patients under care and strict preventive measures in place - resulting in the highest rate of fully recovered patients worldwide.

The FIM, IRTA and Dorna therefore confirm that MotoGP™ will be back at Buriram from the 20th to 22nd March for another spectacular Thai GP.


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As I'm Thai and I will be at Buriram during the Grand Prix weekend, I can say it's quite safe for the fans/travellers to attend the GP at the Chang International circuit.

Because tourisium is one of main industry that drives Thailand's economic so the goverments (the public health department) are working very hard to deal with it.

One important thing that you shoud do is always ware a mask when you using public transportations like airplane, bus, BTS, MRT, Taxi and so on. it is not just the covid-19 but it helps to protect you from common cold or influenza.

however, at the moment, it's quite difficult to buy or find mask(s) in Thailand (especially in Bangkok). it would we great if you guys can bring it from your country.

IMO, the warm weather can help a lot since the researchs confirm that the illness from viruses in our country is lowest during the summer period (March - May) so I think everone will be fine and enjoy the trip in Thailand :)

Nevertheless, As David's mention, it can be an issue at the US immigration for the US round but Dorna kwows it very welll so I hope they alredy have a solution to sort it out.