Jorge Lorenzo To Miss Brno And Austria, Return At Silverstone

Jorge Lorenzo's recovery is proceeding slower than hoped for, and will be forced to miss the next two MotoGP rounds. The Repsol Honda rider fractured two vertebrae in a crash at Assen, an injury which came on top of the battering his back took in a crash at the end of the Barcelona test two weeks before that.

After Assen, Lorenzo went back to his home in Switzerland to recover, and spent a week in a back corset to help the fractured vertebrae heal. But that process is not going as fast as hoped, and so Lorenzo has agreed with the Repsol Honda team that he will not take part in either the Czech round of MotoGP in Brno, nor the Austrian round at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg. 

Stefan Bradl is to take Lorenzo's place in Brno and the Red Bull Ring. The German was already scheduled to appear as a wildcard at Brno, ahead of the crucial test on Monday at the Czech circuit. Bradl is currently in Japan, preparing to take part in this weekend's Suzuka 8 Hours endurance race. 

Lorenzo is scheduled to make his return to the Repsol Honda team at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone at the end of August. 

The press release from the Repsol Honda team appears below:

Jorge Lorenzo to return at Silverstone

After suffering fractures to his T6 and T8 vertebrae during the Dutch GP, Jorge Lorenzo has elected to continue focusing on his recovery and will return for the British GP on August 25.

Jorge Lorenzo and the Repsol Honda Team have agreed it is best for Lorenzo to miss both the Czech and Austrian rounds to continue his recovery and avoid any further risk of injury. Having spent the summer break working on his recovery, Lorenzo’s condition has improved but he is still in some pain and his movement on a bike remains restricted. Silverstone has been set as his new objective for returning to riding for the Repsol Honda Team.

In his place, Stefan Bradl will again ride the RC213V in Repsol Honda Team colours. The German had been scheduled to wildcard at the Czech GP, but will now fill in for Lorenzo as he did at the Sachsenring.



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I’ve had huge respect for Jorge from when he wrecked his ankles at Brno ( I think) after a huge high side about 10 or so years ago, and even more after Assen 2 or 3 years back. So for him to be sitting out these races, the injury must be very, very painful indeed. I hope he heals well, whatever the outcome.

The minimum recovery time for a fractured vertabrae is 8 weeks, most people need 10 and that's just for the bone to heal and harden ignoring physio. Silverstone will be a few days over 7 weeks since Jorge's crash, so Jorge is going to be lining up with the bones not fully healed. The last twelve months of Lorenzo's life has been a cycle of injury, rushed recovery, premature return and further injury. At what point are Honda (or Jorge's management) going to do the right thing and make him sit things out long enough to fully recover? Really he should not be on a GP bike until the flyaways, in an ideal world not until Valencia. This is needless risk taking.


You would think Honda would want to protect their investment more. On a purely cynical level you would think Dorna would be more antsy about this too. Whatever disclaimers or insurance they think they have I'm sure the British, Italian and Spanish legal systems are not forgiving of allowing a man with a recently fractured spine into a motorbike race should the worst happen. 

I fear this may be it for Jorge. I have been a big fan over the years. I was surprised to hear/read recently that he is considered one of the least fit riders in the paddock. If true, this together with the scaphoid might just be the knockout punch as far as coming to grips with the Honda. I wouldn't be surprised if he retires this winter.

^ Not any time soon. Jorge is in his prime but (still) on a bike that is not an easy fit. He recovers from injury quickly, and is still very vitally thriving. Witness his "glove throw down" early this season re his prowess. Same last year after winning on the Duc.

JL99 is no way near done. These injuries aren't career enders. He will finish the season w strong finishes.

The guy you are thinking of may be Vale?

Vale loves racing, Jorge doesn't. I remember a few years ago just before the Austin race, Dorna did a fluff piece where Jorge rides around in an american hot rod with the car builder. The builder asks Jorge if he dreams about motorcycle racing. Jorge responded, "when I dream about motorcycle racing it is a nightmare". Like Stoner, Lorenzo has talent, that doesn't mean either of them enjoyed racing at this level. Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you like it. I hope Jorge comes back this year for a win or podium, unfortunately, I do not see it.