Dani Pedrosa Fractures Collarbone, Out for Flyaways

Dani Pedrosa has suffered more bad luck at Motegi. For the second time in his career, he has crashed there and broken a collarbone.

The Repsol Honda rider suffered a huge highside at the end of the afternoon FP2 session, being flung high into the air at Turn 11. The Spaniard immediate got up holding his collarbone, and was taken on the back of a scooter to the medical center. There, he was diagnosed with a fractured right collarbone.

Pedrosa is to fly back immediately to Spain, where he will undergo surgery to fix the collarbone. Officially, the Repsol Honda team have only ruled him out of Sunday's race at Motegi. However, it is extremely unlikely that the Spaniard will return before Valencia. Dr Xavier Mir, one of the official doctors for MotoGP, told Spanish reporters he did not expect to see Pedrosa back until the final race of the season.

The Repsol Honda team will not need to find a replacement for this weekend's race at Motegi, though as it is at Honda's home circuit, one of HRC's two test riders could step in. The most likely candidate to take Pedrosa's place would be Hiroshi Aoyama, who replaced Pedrosa in Austin, Argentina, and Jerez while the Spaniard was recovering from surgery to fix an arm pump problem. If Pedrosa misses both Phillip Island and Sepang, then Honda will be forced to use a replacement.


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Feel very sorry for the guy. Felt like he was really starting to be a contender again. Get well soon!

... must have the most gnarled, twisted collarbones in the world. How many breaks has it been now? Five? Six? More?!

Get well Dani :/

 Poor Dani just when things coming together another collarbone, if he didn`t have bad luck he`d have no luck at all

A sad day for a true MotoGP gentleman and for us who has appreciated his fighting spirit over the years, overcoming various broken bones and severe armpumping issues. I soo wanted him to have sucess at Motegi....


Any word about the cause of crash? Michelin's irregularity taking its latest victim maybe? Such a bad season for Dani, it was going upwards recently only to be thrown to the dumps once more. Hopefully he will have a speedy recovery. If only he had a little bit of Eugene's luck...

Also, it's been confirmed that Hiroshi Aoyama will step in for this race.

Poor guy - he can't seem to catch a break - After acting like a complete gentlemen during last season's debarcle, he finally gets up to speed on the michlens this year, wins a race and now this. If it wasn't for bad luck, he'd have no luck at all as they say.

Bummed for Dani, he deserved better.

Anybody have an updated copy of that old image of him in the pit garage with illustrations of the injuries he has sustained during his career thus far?

To see how unlucky dp is. Year after year after year it just doesnt stop. Get wel soon dani.