Sky VR46 Fire Romano Fenati, Hire Lorenzo Dalla Porta

As expected, Romano Fenati has been formally released from his contract with the Sky VR46 team. The Italian was suspended from the team after an incident at the Red Bull Ring in Austria. That was a temporary measure, but it has now been made permanent.

Fenati was released for behavioral issues. The Italian had been abusive towards members of the team, and had not behaved in a professional manner. The incident in Austria was just the latest in a long line of breaches of behavioral conduct, which included confirmed reports of verbal abuse and unconfirmed and unsubstantiated reports of physical conflict. 

The Sky VR46 team have announced that they will be bringing Lorenzo Dalla Porta in to join Andrea Migno and Nicolo Bulega in the Moto3 team. Dalla Porta had strong results in the FIM CEV championship, and fits in with the ethos of the Sky VR46 team of bringing on young talent. The Italian will take Fenati's place from Silverstone.

What happens to Fenati is as yet unknown. His sacking has made him persona non grata with most of the teams, though there are rumors that Aki Ajo has an interest in the Italian. Ajo has had success in taming other wayward characters, making the team a good fit with Fenati. If Fenati is not picked up by another Moto3 team, his career in motorcycle racing could be in huge trouble.

Below is the press release announcing the cancelation of Fenati's contract:


Brno (Czech Republic), August 18th, 2016 - After the suspension at the Austrian GP, it breaks up permanently from Brno the relationship between Romano Fenati and the Sky Racing Team VR46. After three seasons of work and successes together, we wish Romano all the best for his future.

Sky and VR46 continue to work alongside the young Italian talents. Lorenzo Dalla Porta will join the Moto3 team, with Andrea Migno and Nicolò Bulega, until the end of the season. The guy from Prato, who made his debut in the World Championship in 2015 - after the experience at CEV - will be on the track from the Silverstone. There is no replacement for Brno.


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Fenati has the talent to win a championship. It is a real shame, unbelievable.

I have no words to express my disappointment with this outcome.

Four and a half years of Moto3 would disagree. Fenati is a great rider on his day but those days are too few, he is too inconsitent to win a title.

I'm disappointed as well. Fenati does have real talent but being a grand prix rider is still a job. You have to play by the rules. For the last three and a half years I've been waiting for Fenati to make consistent progress. He is more then capable of winning a championship but it would seem from the confirmed and unconfirmed information regarding this situation that he was his own worst enemy. :-(


He has p1$$ed on his chips.

Reading between the guarded verbiage, this was a freaquent occurence with the team and (speculative) fisticuffs with Uccio is gonna get back to the Boss......errrr, thereafter it's ciao ciao baby, especially since he's had form for that kind of stuff.

Getting sacked for no results goes with the sportindecision. Ripping up your certified, Wonka golden ticket for GP racing introduces a whole new category of nuggetry in hot-head pilots.

Future? Bet everyone lets him cool his heels for 6months (an opportunity for him to stew in his own juices and to get really desperate) then a player offers him a short term slave options!

Wow, it would be fantastic if Aki Ajo could welcome Fenati to his team, then improve Fenati's outlook and performance, especially considering the history between Romano and Niklas Ajo! I will always appreciate Romano for that stunt!

He will wise up, and realize what a gift he has that will allow him to ride motorcycles for a living, while being paid well - and that's besides the awesomeness of being able to work with, and learn from one of the greatest GP racers ever,Valentino Rossi.

He was probably 3-4 years away from being a MotoGP rider, so hopefully he'll realize that if he doesn't resolve his anger issues, he'll be added to the list of good riders that derailed their own career because they couldn't follow the rules.

The story I read on Marca, if true, described it as a very physical event involving him, his suspension tech, and the team manager.