Scott Jones Shoots Silverstone - Friday Practice

Valentino Rossi, pondering tire use

With CWM gone, the LCR bikes are looking prettier. Even Jack Miller's which was less encumbered by the troubled sponsor

For someone who looks set to abandon the Honda, Scott Redding looks like a happy man on it

The downside to winglets. You need a lot of spares

Marquez at Silverstone. Finding a way to be fast

Early morning ritual: roll the bikes out and help them roar into life

The King of England

Eugene Laverty was good here in WSS, good here in WSBK, so no surprise he is good at Silverstone on a MotoGP bike

Green and black, fighting colors

Keeping an eye on the competition. Not threat yet, but be wary of the future

Big skies. Silverstone is like Assen in that respect

The Maniac? Not so much nowadays, but fast nonetheless

Suzuki sweeper

The perils of missing sponsors. Need a lot of tape to cover them up

Total control, believe it or not


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