Marc Marquez' Austin Engine Terminally Damaged - Down To Four For Rest Of Season

Marc Marquez has already lost one of his engines from his allocation of five for the season. The engine in the bike Marquez was forced to park against pit wall during qualifying at Austin can no longer be used, Marquez admitted to

The engine problem occurred during Marquez' qualifying run at the Grand Prix of the Americas in Austin. As Marquez was about to start a hot lap, he saw a warning light come on on the dashboard of his Honda RC213V. The world champion had been told by his HRC engineers that if he saw that light, he was to stop as quickly as possible, which he duly did. The problem forced him to sprint back to his pit box, leap on his spare bike, and race out of the pits for a last-gasp dash for pole. It resulted in a spectacular lap, which gave him pole position, from which he went on to take a convincing win.

The engine from that bike was taken from Austin straight to Japan, where HRC engineers examined it as best they could, without breaking the seals. After the press conference at Jerez, I asked Marquez if he had heard whether the problem was with the engine or the gearbox. "I don't know," Marquez replied, "but we cannot use it any more."

That leaves Marquez with just four healthy engines with which to complete the season. That should normally not be a particular problem. Last year, Alvaro Bautista lost two RC213V engines in the space of four races, leaving him with three engines to complete the season. Bautista completed the last ten races of the season using just two engines. Marquez' engines should be reliable enough to get him to the end of the season without being forced to take an extra engine, and incur the penalty of starting the race from pit lane. But it will mean that his crew will have to be slightly more conservative, in terms of engine wear and revs, saving laps from time to time. It also means that Marquez cannot really afford to lose another engine.

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In a time like this it would be ideal to take out the extra engine. If we say that Marquez are hampered by his little finger there is a big chance that his best result tomorrow is 6th ( 2 Factory Yamaha, 2 Factory Ducati and Carl infront of him ). 6th place is 11 points.
If he strarts from the pit there is a big possibility he will be at least 10th ( 5 points ) or better.

If he has to take out the 6th engine when he is fighting for the win he will lose maybye 10 or more points instead of 5-6.

Rossi did it at Aragon when he needed a new engine to fit the new chassis.

Rossi did it at Aragon because he needed the new chassis. He had nothing to lose, no shot at the championship, and was working to test and develop a bike with which he could be more competitive. (It didn't work, of course, but still).

Marquez is still very much in the running for the championship, and he doesn't know for certain that he needs a new engine. If they do it correctly, they will probably manage to the end of the year without a problem. Why throw 5 or 10 points away which you may need at the end of the season? Bautista did 10 races with just 2 engines last year, Marquez should be able to manage it.

I dont think he will take out one engine. I am just saying that this is a "loophole" in the rules.
Wasnt there a rumour that this engine had a higher rewlimit to stay with the ducati in Quatar ? If so there might be some other tracks that Honda has "use" for an engine with higher rewlimit and the one they had has blown...

Or I am just waiting for tomorrow :)

Marquez is stuck with 4 engines for the rest of the season, but the Ducati riders have 12. Should Ducati win the championship, they've not got a lot to shout about, have they.