Scott Jones' Texas Adventure, Part 1 - Austin Rain

Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink

Ducati's mysterious winglets had a small chunk ground out of them at Austin

Ecstar Rockstar

Everybody's least favorite spectator watches Cal Crutchlow go by

Diehard fans? Diehardest fans!

200 races. That's a long time in Grand Prix

Making the rain go away

The rain tires stood up pretty well to the beating they get at Austin

It was wet on Friday. Properly wet

So wet that some bikes had problems with screens fogging. Yamaha drilled holes in the bottom of their screens to try to clear them

Bradley Smith had probably his best weekend in MotoGP at CotA

One roasted Aprilia fairing. Those exhausts get hot

The exhaust ports on the Honda exit to the rear, so Honda seeks exhaust length by making the pipes snake

Look out world, here comes #04

Did I mention it was wet?



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What's that dog doing there on the outside of the track in Photo #4?

That's BowBow Barkbera waiting for a tow...all due respect to Hector.